According come the USA Rice Federation, tool Grain Rice is usually defined as a shorter and more comprehensive Rice“that is about two to three times as long as that is wide.” The typical solitary grain of tool Grain Rice measures in between .19 inches come .25 inches long (5mm to 6 mm) and also the grains space slightly glassy and also translucent.

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Medium grain Rice has an typical Amylose content of just 12% come 19% which renders it less starchy 보다 Long grain Ricebut not actually really really starchy or very sticky. We choose to think the it, since it is already a tool grain, as additionally being a “medium” ~ above the stickiness scale as well. Depending upon the source, tool Grain Rice is classified together a Starchy Riceor an ext frequently as a Sticky Rice.

Japonica Riceis periodically used interchangeably with the term medium Grain Rice, which deserve to be purchases as Brown medium Grain Rice or White tool Grain Rice.


Rice harvesting season in phibìc America is generally early or mid-July in beforehand planting areas such as California, where many of the tool Grain Rice is sown and grown. Part Rice farmers space able come reflood their areas after their first harvest and accomplish a partial second harvest or "ratoon" chop from the stubble that the first.


Medium grain Rice grows well in temperate and mountainous regions. Watch the General Rice Resourcefor broad Rice farming information.


In the U.S., medium Grain Rice is get an impressive principally in the Sacramento flow Delta of north California. It is additionally grown come a lesser extent in The South. Tool Grain Rice account for around 25% of U.S. Production. All U.S. Rice is developed in irrigated fields, achieving few of the highest yields in the world.

Both White and Brown tool Grain Rice room categorized into “Grades” (official U.S. Standards collection by the Secretary that Agriculture) by the Rice growers prior to it also moves on come the Rice dealers. The standards space principally based upon the cleanliness that the White Rice, that is purity (whether or no they space intermixed with other varieties), and also the wholeness the the Rice Kernels.

White medium Grain Rice has actually 6 typical grades: Extra an intricate Rice (U.S. No. 1), fancy Rice (U.S. No. 2), Extra selection Rice (U.S. No. 3), an option Rice (U.S. No. 4), tool Rice (U.S. No. 5), and also Sample grade Rice. Brown medium Grain Rice only has 4 conventional grades: Extra an elaborate Rice(U.S. No. 1), an elaborate Rice (U.S. No. 2), an option Rice (U.S. No. 4), and also Sample great Rice.

See clever Kitchen’s General Rice Resource for much more Rice production information.


The mass of the modern-day Medium grain Rice varieties are derived from Asian Rice, an ext specifically Japonica Rice.

The most acquainted varieties of tool Grain Rice include: Japanese Rice,Sushi Rice, Bomba Rice, Calasparra Rice, Calrose Rice, Carnaroli Rice, Arborio Rice, Vialone Nano Rice, Valencia Rice, and also Spanish Rice.


Medium serial Rice is generally available in both prepackaged containers and also bulk bins. When purchasing Rice, always check the expiration day as Rice deserve to go bad if stored also long.

If you are buying tool Grain Rice in bulk from a bin, make certain the vendor has high volume and that the Rice bin is, and also has been, properly covered: friend don’t want any surprises in your purchase. While picking your Rice (in bulk or in packages), keep an eye out for any type of signs of humidity which can destroy Rice. Also, shot and purchase as few broken seed of Rice together possible. Your last dish will likely be a chaos of overdone and underdone Rice if you chef with broken grains and whole grains: broken grains are smaller than totality grains and the two sizes won’t cook together uniformly.

Finally, if you space conflicted, for budgetary or philosophical reasons, around buying Organic, you may want to provide in here and also buy necessary Rice. The reason is that research suggests that domestic non-organic medium Grain White Rice has 1.4 come 5 times an ext arsenic than organic medium Grain White Rice from Europe, India or Bangladesh.

If you space buying Brown tool Grain Riceyour choices will tend to be more limited. Again, we cover the specifically, in the Brown tool Grain Rice resource but will certainly cover the highlights here.

Because the tool Grain Brown Rice maintain its Rice Bran(and Rice Bran Oilwhich deserve to go Rancid) we don’t introduce purchasing tool Grain Brown Rice from bulk bins. We space willing to trade a bit of the price break for greater longevity and also quality at chef time.

When to buy Brown Rice, constantly check the expiration date. Time results Brown Rice much more severely than it does White Rice.


How friend store medium Grain Rice will depend on whether you have a Brown medium Grain Riceor a White medium Grain Rice. Us cover the special, of each type of tool Grain Rice in your own resource sections however will cover the highlights here.

White medium Grain Rice is a dried Grain. One unopened container of tool Grain White Rice will keep practically indefinitely in a pantry in ~ room temperature, in the refrigerator, or frozen.

Brown medium Grain Rice is a different story since of the Rice Bran Oil (which deserve to go Rancid) that is contained in the Rice Bran the hasn’t to be milled away. Brown medium Grain Rice has actually a much shorter shelf life than White Rice and requires a small different handling and also philosophy come maximize your yield and also value. With medium Grain Brown Rice, exactly how you keep it revolves around how easily you plan to usage it.

Culinary Uses

Medium serial Rice is found as one of two people Brown medium Grain Riceor White medium Grain Rice. There are additionally cultivars within each of those teams that have various characteristics and also properties. Us treat each much more thoroughly in your own source section however will cover some highlights here.

Generally, RawWhite tool Grain Rice is glassy and also slightly translucent. Cooked, White tool Grain Rice is moist, tender, and soft, and while the grains will certainly separate, they have actually a propensity to cling together. Because it is somewhat sticky in texture without being exceptionally sticky, some tool Grain Rice varieties are beneficial for dishes where a tiny stickiness is desired like Sushi Rice, Risotto, Paella, Arroz Negro, Italian Rice, Croquettes, etc. Medium Grain Rice is also a an excellent call for usage in Soup. Included to White Stockor Brown Stock, medium Grain Rice will certainly absorb some flavor from the Stockand add some Starch(and some heft) come the Soup. The proportions are usually one half cup of cooked medium Grain Rice or 3 Tablespoons (3 T) of raw Rice for each quart the Soup. Rice added to soup will certainly make it slightly cloudy.

Whether friend pre-rinse her Raw tool Grain Rice really relies on just how you intended to usage the Rice. If you desire a creamy outcome, for instance in Paella or Risotto, prevent pre-rinsing which would certainly wash away several of the AmylopectinStarch in the outer layer that the Rice kernel, the Gelatinizes once cooked, to do dishes creamy. If you want less creaminess, favor in a Soup or in Jambalaya, pre-rinse the tool Grain Rice.

In general, medium Grain Rice, i beg your pardon is stickier than lengthy Grain Rice, is cooked with the “Bang/Bang” an approach described in smart Kitchen’s Cooking difficult Rice Exerciseor through Steaming Rice.

In addition, tool Grain Rice is cooked follow to the desired outcome. Because that example, Risotto Riceis cook in the Risotto style (Smart Kitchen has actually an practice on Basic Risotto). Paella Riceis cooking in the Paellastyle.

Brown tool Grain Rice will certainly take around 15 minutes longer to cook than White medium Grain Rice.

Brown tool Grain Rice will take longer to cook and also will be much less sticky or creamy 보다 White medium Grain Rice. The Rice Bran husk, i m sorry is preserved in Brown Rice, will contain much of the Amylopectin strength from the outer layer the the rice kernel, staying clear of it indigenous leaching out into the dish, Gelatinizing, and making the dish creamy.

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Serving Size: ¼ cup (44 g)

Calories 160

Calories indigenous Fat 10 g

Total Fat: 1.5 g 2%

Carbohydrates: 34 g 11%

Dietary Fiber 2 g 7%

Protein 3 g

Iron 2%

The Nutritional info of medium Grain Rice deserve to be uncovered on the Resourcepage for the actual variety of Rice.