In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Dark Wizard, and Digging Character.

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First Time

You start off collecting ingredients because that a potion to damage the barrier. Appropriate from the beginning, you can also earn the Slytherin stakes piece by destroying five globes around the area. The an initial is come the left the the shelf through the three globes ~ above it, and also the 2nd to the appropriate of the shelf. Rattle the three globes to get the first ingredient. An additional globe deserve to be found about the edge in the shelves, and also another straight forward from that (coming towards the screen). Stand on the cart and also get levitated as much as reach the second ingredient. Because that the last one, enhance the colors on the cart. The last globe is come the left of the cauldron, towards the screen. Add the last ingredient to move on come the next area.

For this part, you’ll be to run from the fall shelves many of the time. When running, continue to shoot spells– the spells will aim themselves towards five much more globes friend must damage in bespeak to obtain the Gryffindor crest piece. Halfway through running, there will certainly be a “break point” where you deserve to rest prior to running again. Continue to shoot together you run; you must have gotten two prior to the for sure area, and also will obtain the final three and the crest piece during the following part.

For this part, you’ll need to avoid the shots from the fatality Eaters while functioning to save Ginny, Neville, Hermione, Ron, and Luna. Yet before beginning the rescue, usage Sirius’s dog kind to dig up the Student In risk directly come the right. Currently you have the right to work to conserve the others. Starting from the much right, levitate the table and throw it in ~ the death Eater that has Hermione to cost-free her. Usage Sirius to dig up the flower pot and throw it in ~ the next fatality Eater who has actually Luna. Usage Diffindo ~ above the red block to the left, then placed the pieces with each other to do an anvil to throw at Bellatrix and cost-free Neville. Shooting the white rocks to acquire a brown one to litter at the fatality Eater who has actually Ron. Finally, there need to be part pieces the a white and purple skeleton lie on the ground. Put them together to litter at the final death Eater and save Ginny. Now, walk to the center and choose whether to duel Bellatrix or Lucius.

Now, for the last scene the Year Five. You’ll be switching in between fighting Voldemort and also avoiding the shots the a fire dragon. At any time the dragon records its head in the floor and also pulls it earlier out, placed the pieces together. Come the ideal there is a valve that deserve to be rotate to placed out the fire. As soon as the dragon is gone, operation to the best to get the personality token because that Fudge (Wizengamot). Levitate the tank up to carry Voldemort come the ground. Dumbledore will block Voldemort’s spells together debris from the shots autumn onto the ground. Put it with each other for larger pieces, then litter the piece at Voldemort. When you’ve fight him three times, the level will end.

Free Play

During the “break point” that the to run sequence, put together the 2 pieces that lie top top the floor to make a black color globe. Use a Dark Wizard come shake the globe, earning friend the personality token because that Lucius (Death Eater). Another character token, Hermione (Jumper), can be unlocked right here by pour it until it is full the tank through water making use of Aguamenti, climate shaking the tank.

Destroy 5 rocks approximately the room utilizing a Dark sorcerer’s to gain the Hufflepuff stakes piece.

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In the last area, while fighting the dragon, use Aguamenti to placed out ten that the flames left behind as soon as the dragon catches its head in the floor. This will unlock the Ravenclaw crest piece.