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The Basilisk

Year 2, thing 6

Head come the open cubicle then usage WiLe to clear the pet tunnel. Proceed to the left then shoot the painting to clean the entrance. Send Ron"s pet to the tunnel then continue east and also press the switch. Switch to an additional character then use LuSo to death the vine. This will open up the cubicle and also rescue the student in peril.

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Use WiLe to fit the elbow tubing on the pet tunnel. Carry out the very same thing come the various other cubicle, climate order Ron"s pets to push the switch. Head left then usage WiLe ~ above the little cabinet. Assemble a large plumber the end of the lego pieces, then ride it. Command it towards the clogged toilet and an ext pieces will appear.

Assemble the pieces then using Harry, talk with the line glyph to continue further.

After landing, look for the bones the you have the right to assemble. Assembling 4 of these will disclose the Red comb piece. Three of them room in the floor level while the other is situated in the top level. Head left and also approach the tunnel because that the squid to appear. Use the nearby plumber to plug the mouth. When it go away, construct a communication from the piece it left and step ~ above it as an allied lifts you. Monitor the course to reach the critical skeleton.

Rebuild it so another squid appears. Cross the space with the help of the water fountain, then rebuild the piece on the various other side. There are also four dig spots in this area; (you should come ago for this later on during cost-free play) destruction them all to obtain a Yellow stakes piece. Cross the bridge, then usage WiLe top top the snake statue. Jump to that is mouth then go into the tunnel because that the last part of this chapter.

At the begin of the battle, prevent its beam glare as it will reason instant death to your character. You need to uncover the ingredients an initial to develop the strength potion. There"s a item behind each pile of boulders. Simply run around and also lure it come the boulders until they"re destroyed. Girlfriend still require to connect with the object behind the boulders prior to you can gain the part. For the snake glyph, simply press B to connect with it, for the bottle piece, just damage the charmed snake and finally for the bone piece, retract the vines then open up the chest. Assemble the skeleton and also grab the piece.

Drink the toughness potion and go increase the ramp come the left. Traction the chain to open the steel gate. Clock the adhering to scene. Use your targeting skill to struggle the basilisk"s head. When it dives underwater, find for three piles of lego piece which you deserve to assemble right into various musical instruments. Assemble every one of them to get the environment-friendly Crest piece. Head come the ramp again then usage WiLe to affix the chains and pulling lock down. Autumn through the huge pipe to obtain near the basilik. Usage WiLe on the wizard hat to readjust it come a weapon, then usage the weapon itself death it.

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Basilisk Battle

Re-runGilderoy Lockhart – ~ jumping down from the bathroom and also reaching the secret area with lots of bones, head to the much left to uncover two dark chests bound by vines. Cost-free them climate shoot them through dark arts.Wizard (Green) – alongside the dark chest the Gilderoy.Tom Riddle – After opening the door to the left through pulling the chain (after completing and also drinking the strength potion), the phoenix will arrive and also attack the basilisk. If the basilisk is struggling, send a vital character to open the for sure to the far right.Blue Crest piece – shooting the lock top top the circular hatch utilizing RE then assemble the pieces to a clock. That is located prior to the ramp come the left.