“Voulez-Vous” is French and it translates right into English together “Do you Want?”. So the location of this track is in reality a question. And the setup is some type of social gathering akin to a drinking bar. The singers, ABBA’s Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, play the role of a woman who has actually locked eyes with a male from across the room. Thus starts a mostly-unspoken dialogue in between the two of them where the guy is more or less tasked through mustering up the wherewithal to method the woman.

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Apparently this is a scenario the both of lock have remained in before, as the singers do comments as “here us go again”, “you recognize the rules” and seemingly refer to themselves and the male together “masters that the scene”.

So the prevailing worry or inspection throughout the song is if this man actually wants the lady. She is there, open up to his flirtations, and now that is up to him to do the relocate or shed the possibility altogether. And if the does, what apparently will come about is an interaction in between the two where there is “nothing promised, no regrets”.

Facts about “Voulez-Vous”

“Amerika” to be the initial title of this song. However, after ~ it to be recorded, the was readjusted to “Voulez-Vous”. “Voulez-Vous” was not just written by ABBA’s major songwriters (Benny Bjorn) but was additionally produced by the duo. The English meaning of this track’s location is “Do friend Want?”The song likewise features ~ above a number of the band’s albums, consisting of the iconic ABBA Gold: best Hits (which came out in 1992).The monitor was videotaped in Miami in February 1979. This offered it the distinction of being ABBA’s very first single no to have actually been taped in their residence country, Sweden. The cast of the fight 2017 musical film Mamma Mia! recorded a variation of this track because that the film.How did “Voulez-Vous” perform on the charts globally?

In 1979, this standard had an outstanding performance top top thecharts of nations like Belgium (#1), UK (#3), The Netherlands (#3), andSwitzerland (#9). Its enormous success top top the charts makes it one of ABBA’s mostcommercially successful singles.

Are there any cover execution of “Voulez-Vous”?

Yes, there are. Many covers of this standard have beenrecorded and released by a wide range of artists. They include:

Big Bang (1989)Erasure (in 1992)Nils Landgren (in 2004)Blue system (in 2006)Did this ABBA classic win a Grammy?


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Together a matter of fact, despite ABBA’s superior success almost everywhere the world, none of your songs was ever before honored v a Grammy Award.