19.3 HP, 48"-54" deck. Compact, reliable and also ready to provide you the outcomes you’re looking for.

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26 HP, 54"-60" deck. Placed your ideal foot forward, whether operation in advertisement or residential settings.

24.8 HP, 60"-72" deck. Durability, reliability and also productivity combine behind the controls of the F2690.

36.9 HP, 60"-70" deck. Powerful, proficient and easy come operate. Obtain ready because that the results you’re looking for.

21.5 HP, 48" deck. Kubota durability and reliability ensure you’re gaining the finest a lawn tractor needs to offer.

20.5 HP, 48" deck. Tight transforming radius, professional results and our “Glide Steer” technology.

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Keep your Kubota to run like new with Kubota real parts. Kubota components are designed and engineered to original factory specifications to store your tools operating at peak performance. And, through our industry-leading components availability, you deserve to be i was sure your regional Kubota dealer will have the ability to quickly it is provided the parts you need. For reliable, long-lasting performance of your Kubota equipment, select Kubota real Products.

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Find Kubota products including clothing, drinkware, toys and also more!

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Your local Kubota dealers room workers, growers and also caretakers – as with you. There space over 1,100 authorized Kubota certified dealer nationwide: let’s uncover the one nearest you.


Kubota is the proud recipientof the 2019 highest Retained value Award for its U Series.For details visit EquipmentWatch.com

Kubota is the proud recipientof the 2021 Sitefinity Website of the Year award.For much more details visit Progress.com

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