The geode man, Randy Elliott, stand in the Geode Shop at Knott's Berry Farm beside a safe containing numerous rare dinosaur eggs. The shop is celebrate 25 years at Knott's Berry farm this month.

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Randy Elliott hold a sawn open geode beside a pile of geodes awaiting the same fate in former of The Geode Shop. The shop is celebrating 25 year at Knott's Berry farm yard on Memorial day weekend.

The within of a freshly opened up geode mirrors a decision structure, this one is white, however others have actually purple or also gold in them.

The inside of an additional geode mirrors a slight purple coloring v flecks of silver- or metallic color in it.

A dinosaur footprint in a item of rock sits in the for sure inside The Geode Shop in ~ Knott's Berry Farm.

A fossil ammonite sawn in fifty percent in a case at The Geode Shop at Knott's Berry Farm.

A clutch of 5 fossilized hadrosaur dinosaur eggs is among the prize display screens at The Geode Shop in ~ Knott's Berry Farm.

The Geode Shop owner Randy Elliott holds a fossilized dinosaur egg inside the shop at Knott's Berry Farm. Elliott is celebrate 25 year in business.

Randy Elliott holds evidence of the very first "D'oh!", a footprint in dinosaur poop. The number one selling item in ~ The Geode Shop in Knott's Berry farm is the course, geodes. Yet the number two marketing item is, well, number 2--dinosaur poop, well-known scientifically as coprolite.

This week, The Geode Shop in ~ Knott’s Berry Farm will certainly celebrate 25 year in business.

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Owner Randy Elliott is happy to reach that milestone, despite he’ll be the an initial to tell customers that’s not also a temporal blink compared to the eras of the rocks that sells.

“That beauty has actually been locked up for 100 million-plus years,” Elliott said, holding increase a freshly-sawn geode. Quartz crystals lined the within of the hollow rock, which looked prefer it was solid as soon as it to be whole.

The shop cuts around 32 loads of geodes each year, which come to Knott’s Berry farm from deposits approximately the globe. V the typical rock about 2 1/2 pounds, that’s more than 25,000 rocks break-up open. The rocks sit in a bin in prior of the shop until a curious customer choose it up and pays to have it slot in two v a unique rock saw.

It take away a trained eye come spot the rock oddities. Luckily, Elliott has spent years seeking the end specimens around the globe.

“Many times, it looks prefer an old absent on the ground. Girlfriend don’t know until you’ve broken it open. I’ve crunched a lot of ugly, old rocks open,” the said.

Some the the shop’s geodes are large, including one that number of feet wide. It once belonged to Steve Wynn and was on display screen in among his las Vegas hotels. His wife snatched the in your divorce and also found a more-than-willing the person who lives in Elliott.

As for the species of minerals the shop carries, a better question is: What doesn’t it have? In one edge sits a large chunk that stibnite–antimony ore–that looks favor a pile of nails glued together. Throughout the shop sit greenish chips of trinitite–the now slightly radiation glass left behind in 1945 once the very first atomic bomb was tested in the sands that a new Mexico desert.

Aside native geodes, however, among the shops best sellers is coprolite, the clinical name because that fossilized dinosaur poop.

“You can’t believe how famous it is,” Elliott said. It’s a hit v elementary school kids and is a well-known stocking-stuffer in ~ Christmas.

“I’ve in reality bought a $164,000 watercraft on dinosaur droppings,” Elliott said. One of his samples also bears a footprint of one dinosaur who wasn’t mindful where that stepped after ~ leaving his deposit for the ages.

In addition to the dinosaur doo-doo, The Geode Shop sells various other dinosaur fossils. The shop has actually on display Elliott’s private collection that dinosaur eggs, several of them exceptionally rare.

Several suitors–including actor Steven Seagal and a Saudi prince–have tried to buy Elliott’s collection, the said, yet he’s not offering at any kind of price. He wants to store them there for the education and learning school children and also others that wander right into his shop.

Elliott, a Fullerton resident, has actually long been a rockhound. He checked out the park regularly as soon as he was a kid, yet not because that the obvious reasons.

“I didn’t journey the burros,” he said. “I invested all my time in the (old) absent shop, and also panning because that gold.”

He worked for the DuPont chemical firm for 17 years and also sold rocks ~ above weekends as a side business. A Knott’s employee ran throughout Elliott’s booth in ~ the Orange ar Fair. That jumped in ~ the possibility to make his true enthusiasm his livelihood, and The Geode Shop was born.

One the the benefits for Elliott was the capability to visit different corners that the globe to chase rocks.

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One of his many memorable trips to be to the Cueva de los Cristales in Mexico, whereby he braved temperatures above 120 degrees to get a glimpse at gypsum lances 36 feet long and also several feet wide. Photos of the trip adorn the shop’s walls.

“This business,” the 63-year-old Elliott said, “has allowed me come go places you wouldn’t also imagine.”