because that those maintaining track, this is Kindle Paperwhite number four. If you’re tracking Kindles more generally, that number 16, which might leave you wondering just how Amazon deserve to reinvent the wheel rather so many times.

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It’s a gradual process and the 2018 remix of the Kindle Paperwhite gimpppa.orgntinues this v a series of little but far-ranging improvements to do it – balancing price versus performance – the best Kindle the end there. The said, uneven you invest your life listening to audiobooks or analysis in the bathtub, yes sir no pressing must upgrade.

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018): What you have to know

If you of the opinion the the novel to be perfected somewhere in between 1439 (hello printing press) and 2012 (hello Kindle Paperwhite)what have the right to the 2018 Paperwhite sell to change your mind?

Well, the thinner and also lighter, the gimpppa.orgurse, and also it stores much more books than ever: 8GB or 32GB worth, relying on how lot money you’re happy to placed down. That means it can store anywhere between 2,000 and 8,000 books, which have to be sufficient for even the many indecisive reader.

More importantly, you deserve to now use your Kindle to save audiobooks from Audible, which will certainly eat with that brand-new space a lot of quicker. More excitingly, that IPX8 waterproofed, an interpretation you have the right to read in the bathtub or through the swimming pool without worrying around a an especially startling i gimpppa.orgsting you another £120.

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018): Price and also gimpppa.orgmpetition

That £120 price is important, due to the fact that previously those two attributes – waterproofing and also Audible assistance – were only obtainable on the luxurious Kindle Oasis, i m sorry starts in ~ £229. It’s tho a far better product 보다 the Paperwhite, but it’s absolutely not £109 better, objectively speaking.

If you’re ready to move away from the Amazon egimpppa.orgsystem, the key gimpppa.orgmpetition is Kobo, and also the Aura H2O has actually the very same IPX waterproofing for around £150. If you execute all your reading on windy transport, or in bed far from the elements, the vanilla Kindle starts at £60 and also remains the cheapest method to acquire into ebooks.

Speaking of cheap, the £119 starting price of the 2018 Kindle Paperwhite deserve to quickly include up if you desire extras. Variable in an extra £10 if you don’t want lockscreen adverts, for a start, and also an extra £30 if you desire the 32GB version. If you want the variation without adverts, 32GB warehouse and totally free 4G, the bill rises to £219, draw close Kindle Oasis levels of expenditure.

Kindle Paperwhite | Waterproof, 6" High-Resolution Display, 8GB—with Ads—Black
£119.99 Buy currently
Kindle Paperwhite – now Waterproof with 2x the warehouse – Ad-Supported
$129.99 Buy now

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018): Design

The 2018 Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t simply inherit functions from the Oasis; the takes one large design cue together well. The 6in E Ink display is gimpppa.orgmpletely flush through the bezel, i m sorry looks stylish, although it no offer countless practical renovations (except perhaps providing dust fewer areas to hide). It has actually the very same 300ppi display, definition text watch equally spicy on either device. This is a clear step up from the £60 Kindle and it looks good for text, although book gimpppa.orgvers quiet look a tiny drab in greyscale. It is forgivable, provided the median gimpppa.orgver bring away up at most approximately 0.4% that the median book.

Otherwise, the 2018 Paperwhite looks like most other Kindle gadgets released due to the fact that Amazon to reduce the hardware keyboard. That a little thinner at 8.1mm and also a touch lighter in ~ 184g but instantly regimpppa.orggnisable together a Kindle device. The display is surrounded by the sort of bezel that would look positively antiquated on a smartphone, and also there’s very little by the way of inputs. Simply a strength button and a micro-USB port interrupt the soft curves of the frame.

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This leads to two disappointing style decisions. First up is this a touchscreen-only device. There room no physical buttons to rotate the page, as on the now-departed Kindle trip or the more pricey Kindle Oasis.

Segimpppa.orgndly, yes, this Kindle support Audible audiobooks but without a 3.5mm headphone jack you’ll require Bluetooth headphones to enjoy them. That’s specifically irritating if you have the kind of fussy headset that have the right to only gimpppa.orgnnect to one machine at a time, provided the laggy user interface the Kindle still utilises.

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The analysis experience itself is great, kicking smartphones and tablets right into touch through its gimpppa.orgmplete absence of distractions and eyestrain. However finding a brand-new book when you’ve finished your present one reveals a machine that’s advanced surprisingly little since it first launched in 2007 with a seeming age in between pressing ~ above the screen and the publication opening.

The an excellent news is the said attribute works incredibly smoothly, when you’re all collection up. In a publication where you have actually both styles on the device, simply tap the height of the screen and you’ll watch a small igimpppa.orgn in the bottom ideal that lets you switch in between formats. Listen to your publication on the means to the station, then switch to analysis it as soon as sat down on the train and the Kindle will magically track her place between the two.

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This is all great news for Amazon, of gimpppa.orgurse, given you have to buy both version separately. Back if friend buy the book an initial then Audible usually supplies a disgimpppa.orgunt when you buy the full version without credits. You have the right to see for you yourself which publications you deserve to upgrade here, which is a handy, if largely unpublicised, Amazon feature.

But analysis remains the priority here: as an audiobook player, the nowhere close to as gimpppa.orgmpact together your smartphone, after ~ all, making the tricky come tuck in your pocket for rapid gimpppa.orgntrol. Fortunately, that excels at displaying text since Amazon it s okay the basics therefore close come perfection.

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Other ebook reader boast many of this things, that gimpppa.orgurse, and also have even much more customisation options. However they crucially don’t have the symbiotic link with the Amazon store, therefore it’s difficult to see exactly how they can realistically gimpppa.orgmpete as soon as the Kindle gets the basics therefore right.

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The LED bright is brighter than ever before too, through up to 24 intensity settings, while still maintaining a battery that have the right to be measure up in weeks quite than hours. The is uneven you hear to Audible top top it. With the display off, my 2018 Kindle Paperwhite dropped a whole 10% through an hour that audiobook playback, suggesting those that prefer their books read come them will need to keep a charger on hand.

Kindle Paperwhite | Waterproof, 6" High-Resolution Display, 8GB—with Ads—Black
£119.99 Buy currently
Kindle Paperwhite – now Waterproof through 2x the warehouse – Ad-Supported
$129.99 Buy now

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018): Verdict

The 2018 Kindle Paperwhite is a fantastic e-reader. While the user interface feels sluggish and dated in in between books, this simplicity begimpppa.orgmes a virtue once you start reading. With no distractions or eye strain there’s just nothing to avoid you acquiring lost in the story; not also that Achilles’ hoe of the tech world: battery life.

More pleasingly, the brand-new Kindle Paperwhite inherits a many of attributes that provided to be exclusive to the extravagant Kindle Oasis. Waterproofing, Audible playback and also a display screen flush v the bezel all make the cut here without elevating the price significantly: indeed, the simple Paperwhite through adverts is a only £10 an ext than the now-retired 2015 edition.

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Do you must upgrade come it best now? not unless you hear to a lot of Audible audiobooks or read greatly in the bath. But when your trusty old e-reader gives up the ghost, friend know exactly what come order.