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I am yes, really close to buying one old 750ss native my good uncle. We have a great deal and also will must replace the engine through a brand-new one from Should be under $1100 in the end. What space the managing characteristics, top speed, horsepower, and also any typical issues I must know? Any assist appreciated
First, do yourself a favor and stay away from sbt engines. If you desire it excellent right, you can ship her engine to Doug at brief blocks r us, and he will execute a optimal notch job rebuilding yours. He has been involved in this sport because the 80"s and does every one of his own maker work, and also crank rebuilding.Top speed will be about 40-45. Hp because that the std SS is 70. They are very nimble, no super stable in big wake sit still. I would get a Solas impeller, and a aftermarket journey plate. 94 is going to be a solitary cdkII carb, and also possibly a little pin engine. If ns remember, it to be a readjust over year because that the engine native a 20mm come 22mm wrist pin. The ski not running is only worth 2-400 depending on the hull condition."Completely Rebuilt Kawasaki 750 engine Rebuilt Crankshaft, new Rods, Bearings, Seals, Platinum Pistons, Rings, Gaskets new cylinder Bores and line bored cases all gasket surfaces room machined and lapped level engine is totally assembled and painted come OEM Color and also ready to bolt in and comes with all the gaskets necessary to install her fresh motor Comes through a 12 month Warranty.The Crankshaft is the heart of your Engine. So Cranks are separation down and Inspected Glass beaded and also cleaned climate reassembled through ALL the brand-new parts Re indexing at 180 levels Trued and Tig Welded to insure the it will never ever come the end of True."
Defiantly getting it for less than 200. What would the impeller do for performance, and the ride plate?
Impeller will rise all approximately performance, yet will really assist the bottom end. Journey plate will help porposing, stabilize, and increase peak speed some.

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