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Kate Middleton is ready to give birth to her second child v Prince William and also enjoying a maternity leave. CDL has covered every the imperial buzz and gossip including the baby’s gender, Kate’s chosen baby names, and even her due date. Now, we’ve acquired the scoop top top The Duchess the Cambridge’s post baby body setup including plastic surgical procedure tummy tuck rumors, exercise plans, and her planned extra restore time. Kate won’t be the an initial senior royal to acquire plastic surgical procedure – Camilla Parker-Bowles had actually a major facelift 2 years earlier in ready for Charles’ great role in the monarchy.

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Plans to welcome the brand-new Princess or Prince to the royal family members are comes along. The hospital, together we reported, is already making arrangements for Kate and also William. The royal couple will go back to the personal Lindo soup of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington when Princess Kate goes into labor. Kensington royal residence is additionally said come be difficult to the protocol that employed after Prince George was born. Follow to Hello magazine, a couple of changes to security have been made, but the civilization can suppose that very same presentation of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s second baby.

As far as Kate’s plans for her go back to the public eye and royal duties, that will change. Kate has decided to take more personal time to bond v her 2nd child. Civilization reported the the Duchess felt she went back to working too quickly after offering birth and wants to enjoy an ext time turn off after her 2nd pregnancy.

Her extended maternity leave could actually hint come a much longer recovery time. Is the news that Kate is taking an ext time off after moving her infant girl a authorize she could be having a tummy tuck? it’s a possibility and a popular choice with celebs who bounce ago from your post-baby body. However, Kate Middleton has constantly been fit and also health-conscious. It’s most likely she is well-prepared and has a team ready to help her bounce back.

After Kate gave bear to George, she apparently stuck come an practice regimen that relied on numerous walking and yoga. A royal source told E! News the Kate also had a an individual trainer in the private gym in Kensington Palace and also the Harbour society in Chelsea.

A post-baby biography on the royal couple by Katie Nicholl revealed Carole Middleton “whipped increase nourishing fruit smoothies and also healthy meals every morning” for her daughter. The tome additionally claimed Kate love to snack top top muesli bars.

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OK! magazine received a ton the backlash after running a story ~ above Kate Middleton’s “post-baby weight loss regimen” soon after the Duchess gave birth. The write-ups offended most, and also even had actually some readers boycotting the media outlet many thanks to the timing of the publication. Fans felt it was “too soon” to be concentrating on Kate’s body changes, and also felt it pressured brand-new moms come “instantly” shed the infant weight.

What perform you think about pressure on Kate Middleton to bounce back from having a baby? Is that an unfair topic? allow us recognize in the comment section below!