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M!A: None.

Face Claim: N/A

Status: Healthy.


Name: Jojo Mcdodd

Age: 13

Height: 2’5”

Weight: 78 lbs.

(Note: Actual measurements while Jojo resides in Whoville within the spec are microscopic.)


Auburn colored eyes, semi-long ago hair, commonly pale skin because that a Who, one auburn colored nose, has actually black and also grey striped fur leading every the way down to his feet. He is also an extremely skinny and his arms space pencil thin.


Jojo is a quite timid, quiet small Who, virtually as if he’s wrapped increase in his own little world. That doesn’t often tend to speak much, however is not distant as a who because of that. He has a an innovative mind, and an extremely innovative in utilizing items for the services of producing rhythm. In a way, that expresses himself through musical rhythm.


Jojo is said to be the smallest who within Whoville. The Whoville in i m sorry Jojo lives, is in ~ a spec that can fit top top a Clover in the tropical of Nool. That is the eldest born to a household of 97 children, and is the older brother of 96 sisters. Together being the an initial born in line, the is tradition he i do not care the market of Whoville as with his Father, Ned Mcdodd.

There is a trouble Jojo he faces where that doesn’t great to to speak anything that might disappoint his Father, due to the fact that he go respect him, and know his job method a lot come him.

Jojo’s interests fall far beyond being mayor of Whoville. He’s able come hear music come indigenous simple, everyday objects in Whoville. He tends to collection odds and ends all roughly Whoville to bring them come an abandoned Observatory. It is there he has tendency to sneak out at night to head increase the that Observatory. He’s created a large instrument the end of the observatory to develop rhythmwith what he collected. That calls the the Symphonophone, and with his creation, it helped the Whos down in Whoville to make noise for the pets of Nool to every hear.

-AU Background after ~ the Movie-

After preventing disaster native their world beingdestroyed, and having the pets in the jungle of Noolbe made mindful of your existence, things have actually returnedback to normal in Whoville. The spec was put in a safe more stable environment for the Whos many thanks to Horton the Elephant.

Being the the one that in Whoville, who’s voice helpedmake sufficient noise for Nool come hear of your existence,he had come to be well well-known in Whoville for that. The wasattention carried to himself the he wasn’t every thatused to.

-AU Multiverse Background-

Besides this, the little Who’s curiosity for what isbeyond Whoville had actually grown. He wanted to somehow uncover away to see the human being outside the Whoville, perhaps evenmeet Horton the Elephant himself.

Since the event with Whoville almost ending indisaster, that became more well well-known with various other Whosthat space acquainted v his Father. The met Dr. LouLarue, and also had bonded over the exact same fascination ofwishing to watch what is out there besides Whoville.

In an enig unknown to his Father, the would fulfill up with Dr. Lou Larue to figure out a way to travel exterior ofWhoville. After numerous failed attempts, they uncovered a way.Jojo and also Dr. Lou Larue had developed the Whotravel Machine. It allows only one that at a time to travel within worlds.

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Other than the tropical of Nool, he often tends to check out other worlds too, fascinated by how various they are compared to Whoville. Quite than being an extremely tiny, he’s relatively a normal dimension in other civilizations instead of gift microscopically tiny. He’s also been starting to collect everyday objects native other people to produce rhythmicinstruments outof them.