A suture is a form of fibrous share (or synarthrosis) that just occurs in the skull (or cranium).

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Key Points

it is typical for plenty of of the skeleton of the skull to it is in unfused in ~ birth. This enables a small amount of activity at the sutures, i beg your pardon contributes come the compliance and also elasticity of the skull. Sutures come to be fused as individuals age; thus, analyzing sutures can administer an calculation of period postmortem. There room 17 called sutures ~ above the person skull.

Key Terms

suture: A reasonably rigid joint between two or much more hard elements, such as the bony bowl of the skull.

A suture is a kind of fibrous share (or synarthrosis) that only occurs in the skull. The bones room bound with each other by Sharpey’s fibers, a procession of connective tissue which provide a certain joint.

A little amount of activity is allowed through these sutures that contributes to the compliance and elasticity that the skull. The joint in between the mandible and the cranium, well-known as the temporomandibular joint, develops the only non-sutured share in the skull. Many sutures are called for the bones the they articulate.

At birth, numerous of the bones of the skull remain unfused come the soft spots described as fontanelle. The bones fuse relatively rapidly v a process known together craniosynotosis, although the loved one positions the the bones can continue to readjust through life. In old period the cranial sutures might ossify completely, to reduce the quantity of elasticity existing in the skull. As such, the degree of ossification can be a helpful tool in determining period postmortem.


Lateral watch of a skull reflecting sutures: The dotted red lines suggest the ar of skull sutures.

Sutures mostly visible native the side include:

Coronal suture: Located in between the frontal and parietal bones. Lambdoid suture: Located between the parietal, temporal and also occipital bones. Occipitomastoid suture. Parietomastoid suture. Sphenofrontal suture. Sphenoparietal suture. Sphenosquamosal suture. Sphenozygomatic suture. Squamosal suture: Located in between the parietal and also the temporal bone. Zygomaticotemporal suture. Zygomaticofrontal suture.

Sutures mainly visible from front or above include:

Frontal suture or metopic suture: Located in between the two frontal bones, before the combination of the two right into a single bone. Sagittal suture: located along the midline, between the parietal bones.

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Sutures mostly visible from listed below or inside include:

Frontoethmoidal suture. Petrosquamous suture. Sphenoethmoidal suture. Sphenopetrosal suture.

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