Is her Jeep"s A/C blowing warmth air? You may be short on refrigerant. Here"s how to recharge it yourself.

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This article uses to the Jeep Cherokee and also Grand Cherokee (1984-2004).

When your Jeep gets short on A/C refrigerant, your A/C will begin blowing warmer air. At some point, you can be as well low top top refrigerant that it will become useless to revolve on her A/C. Also though the waiting conditioner system is a facility one, which consists of a condenser, a compressor, and also an evaporator, an innovation has do it straightforward for you to recharge that yourself. There are now popular kits top top the market that allows you to recharge her A/C indigenous the comfort of your own home. The procedure take tiny time and also should it is in effective. Check out on come learn how to recharge her A/C and get earlier to driving v freezing air.

Step 1 – locate low pressure A/C port

The low port usually has a blue or black color cap on it; it"s located on a big tube in between the evaporator, the dashboard, and the compressor under the hood.

Figure 1. Port is situated on passenger"s side, under the hood. Cap is gotten rid of in the picture.

Step 2 – attach kit to port

Get her kit all set as instructed. Affix the gauge onto the refrigerant bottle. Remove the short A/C port"s cap to attach your kit to it through pulling ago on the plastic tab of her kit, it is registered it to the port, climate releasing the tab to lock that in ar on the port. Location the bottle somewhere stable away from any type of moving or cook components, then begin your engine.

Figure 2. Pull the plastic tab earlier to attach.Figure 3. Safely location the kit.

Step 3 – Fill v refrigerant

After beginning the vehicle, turn the A/C come maximum cool. Wait a few seconds, then check out the gauge top top the kit. Compare your reading to the graph on the earlier of your kit. The graph will display you what press you need depending on the temperature you"re in. Shiver the bottle before filling, then squeeze the bar to fill. Stop and also shake once every 3 to 4 seconds, then proceed until you reach the correct pressure.

Figure 4. Compare the chart to your pressure and also weather.

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Step 4 – eliminate the kit

After you"ve got to your right pressure, revolve your Jeep off and remove the kit. Covering the port v the plastic lid again and test your A/C.