For one season, “misunderstood” can be the best method to define JaMarcus Russell. The the lone indigenous in the bio of his inactive Twitter account, which no verified and hasn’t yielded a tweet in nearly five years.

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He join the society media platform in the summer of 2010 — the very same year the once-promising quarterback, who easily emerged together a bona fide NFL bust, was released by the Oakland Raiders after simply three periods in the league.

Looking earlier at his 31-game pro career, it’s hard to recognize just just how far, and how fast, Russell dropped from NFL grace. However at the exact same time, it’s straightforward to remember how much promise he when possessed to enhance his can be fried physical gifts.

There’s the story that him together a high institution phenom indigenous Mobile, Alabama, throwing the ball 70 yards native his knees during a recruiting visit come LSU. Fast-forward a couple of years and also there’s his magical junior season in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which that finished together a first-team All-SEC selection, the Manning award winner as the nation’s height quarterback and also Sugar key MVP before deciding to forgo his senior year to enter the NFL. And also then there’s the power he put on display screen at LSU’s agree day before the draft, i m sorry left those in attendance salivating.

“I can not remember being in such awe the a quarterback in my te of attending combines and pro days. Russell’s happen session to be the many impressive of all the pro days I’ve been to,” stated ESPN analyst Todd McShay in 2007, if his colleague, Mel Kiper Jr., took the prayer to also greater heights, proclaiming that “three year from now, you can be looking at a man that’s absolutely one that the upstream top 5 quarterbacks in this league.” Jon Gruden, then the head coach the the Tampa bay Buccaneers, likened the quarterback’s play to a movie. “The workout Russell had was Star Wars. It was unbelievable.”

Oakland eventually selected the 6-foot-6, 265-pound Russell No. 1 in its entirety in the 2007 NFL draft. It to be a decision the seemed like a no-brainer come everyone except then-first-year Raiders head coach roadway Kiffin, who had actually his sights set on future hall of Fame vast receiver Calvin Johnson because that the optimal pick. Yet, at the urging the owner Al Davis, the Raiders went v the player plenty of assumed come be your future franchise quarterback. A substantial red flag, however, developed when Russell missed training camp because of a contract holdout prior to eventually inking the richest rookie deal in NFL background — precious as lot as $68 million over six years, through $32 million guaranteed — two weeks into the 2007 constant season. Russell play in only 4 games, when making simply one start, as a rookie. Throughout his second year in the NFL, he started 15 gamings for the Raiders despite losing Kiffin, who Davis fired a month right into the 2008 continuous season. Russell’s 3rd NFL season started with him reporting to maintain camp weighing 305 pounds and ended with him top top the bench, having won only two gamings in ripe starts.

In may 2010, the Raiders released their previous No. 1 pick, ending Russell’s job in Oakland with just seven wins, 4,083 passing yards, 18 touchdowns and also 23 interceptions in 3 seasons. He never made a pro Bowl or play in a postseason. He never ever recorded more than 277 happen yards, or threw for an ext than two touchdowns, in a game.

Two month after the Raiders exit him, Russell was arrested because that possessing codeine syrup without a prescription. A grand jury did not indict him based on insufficient evidence.

“I could’ve walk about particular things differently. Ns not sure where they went wrong. Yet the things that did go wrong, ns take complete blame for whatever was mine fault, and the points that walk happen. Being drafted No. 1, it’s so lot they desire you to carry out at a snap the a finger. The didn’t happen that way,” Russell claimed on Showtime’s Inside the NFL in 2010 while trying to make a return to the NFL v the help of former NBA player/coach turn life coach man Lucas. The summer, he worked out for lot of teams, including the Chicago Bears, but received no contract offers. By the feather of 2011, Russell’s relationship with Lucas had ended.

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Another comeback attempt in 2013 ended up being the topic of an ESPN minidocumentary titled Waking Up, and also a two-part video series by Bleacher Report, both of i beg your pardon chronicled Russell’s pursuit to get earlier to play shape, after ballooning come 315 pounds, and also playing form, after not throwing a football consistently for 3 years. Return he’d ultimately get down to a reported weight of 265 pounds, no roster spots opened up because that him.