On Friday Variety reported the unforeseen news the a Troop Beverly Hills sequel is acquiring a khaki-shaded greenlight. Pan of the lovely comedy instantly began to sing.

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The 1989 romp follows the misadventures the Phyllis Nefler (played v comic perfection by Shelley Long), a rich socialite that ends up leading her neighborhood chapter of “Wilderness Girls.” The film co-stars Craig T. Nelson, Mary Gross, and Betty Thomas, with turns by the young Jenny Lewis, Carla Gugino, and also Tori Spelling amongst others. Cameos encompass everyone native Dr. Joyce Brothers to Robin Leach to Pia Zadora, therefore you have the right to see why this movie, while no an initial box office sensation, is now remembered together a classic.

The sequel will certainly be created by Laurence Mark, whose noteworthy credits incorporate Working Girl, Jerry Maguire, Dreamgirls, and also Julia and also Julia. His many recent success is The greatest Showman, which method that if who for everything reason needs to ride one elephant in this thing, he knows who to call.

It will mark the feature debut for Oran Zegman, one Israeli-born director, actress and also Student Academy award finalist. The initial breeze of the manuscript was created by Aeysha Carr, a Brooklyn 99 writer and also supervising producer currently working ~ above the reboot that Planes, Trains & Automobiles. She is additionally showrunner of Woke, right now in post-production. The script is currently being sleek by Tamara Chestna, who adjusted the novel Moxie because that Amy Poehler and is functioning on a musical based on Diane Warren’s catalogue.

No word has actually yet to be given about casting for the brand-new film, yet only critical year the convoy gathered in ~ the Beverly Hills Hotel for a reunion filmed by entertain Tonight.

The 1989 comedy's pop society footprint remains significant, through Kim Kardashian throwing herself a Troop Beverly Hills-themed party in 2015.

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