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Glow plug control modules work hard to ensure her diesel vehicle starts, but what else do you know about them? for example, execute you know exactly how they work? exactly how to select the appropriate glow plug manage module for her vehicle? Or how and when to replace them? proceed reading to uncover out more.

What is a glow plug manage module?

As you currently know, a light plug is a heating maker in each cylinder that a diesel engine the helps the engine to start. But how is the in its entirety operation of her glow plugs monitored and also controlled? This is excellent by a glow plug regulate module.

Located on the engine and with a direct link to the engine manage unit, the manage module offers a microprocessor to analyse input indigenous the engine control unit to recognize information pertained to the functioning of the light plugs. This has when to move the present for the light plugs on and off, and how much present is forced as this will differ depending on the beginning temperature that the engine. The current to the light plugs is turned on throughout the pre-heating to heat up the engine, stand-by time as soon as the engine must be started, and post-heating to satisfy increasingly strictly exhaust gas standards and also optimisation of burning processes.


When you begin up a diesel-powered vehicle, the following actions happen:

The glow plug control module identify the timing and electric existing required through the glow plugs based on input native the Engine control Unit;The heating facet in the light plug is electrified so it heats up and also emits visible light (hence the name);Intake waiting is compressed;The fuel injector spray directs fuel top top the hot tip of the light plug;The injected fuel mixes with the compressed air, evaporates and also starts combustion almost simultaneously, also when the engine is cold;The light plug stays on throughout the pre-heating step to ensure correct combustion of the fuel and reduce the environmental affect of your car.

This procedure is assisted by the rise in temperature that the entry air throughout compression and also the fairly low ignition temperature the diesel. However, a light plug manage module is quiet essential, together without it regulating your bright plugs, the compression temperature might not it is in high sufficient to ensure ideal ignition the the injected fuel in a cold diesel engine. This would result in increased exhaust emissions.

What are the symptoms of a defective glow plug manage module?

A diesel engine has one glow plug control module i m sorry controls the bright plugs. This means that you can not an alert when a single glow plug goes bad as this only affects one cylinder in your engine. However, if 2 of 3 go poor or the manage module itself malfunctions, you will do it quickly find it an overwhelming to start the engine. In enhancement to watching out for the light plug light on her dashboard, right here are some usual symptoms of a defective light plug or glow plug manage module:

White exhaust smoke
– a defective glow plug will cause diesel come leak into the exhaust where it burns.Hard to begin – this could mean the engine is slow to begin in warmth weather or fails to begin in cold weather. However, this can likewise be a symptom that a trouble in the fuel device or battery.Poor engine power – after a an overwhelming start, poor glow plugs will certainly make it complicated for your car to operation properly, as result of improper burning which to reduce power and also efficiency.

How have the right to you test her glow plug manage module?

First points first, is the a difficulty with her glow plugs or your glow plug control module?

The easiest is to check your light plugs prior to testing her glow plug manage module.

To test your glow plugs, simply connect a 12-volt check light to the hopeful battery terminal. Climate disconnect the wires from every of your glow plugs and also touch the probe that the test light to the terminal of the light plug itself (not the wiring harness). If the irradiate doesn’t light up, the light plug is bad and also should it is in replaced.Easier is to usage a professional glow plug tester device.

There is some discussion around whether you must only replace the light plugs that have gone bad, or if the is best to replace them all. Together one light plug going bad could it is in a sign that the others will shortly follow, some experts recommend replacing them all at the same time if others imply keeping a near eye top top the remaining glow plugs.

If your glow plugs room all working correctly, relocate onto her glow plug manage module. Start by checking the battery voltage come the glow plug control module, a voltage drop of end a fifty percent volt (or more) means your control module have to be replaced.

How to pick the right glow plug manage module?

As light plugs and also glow plugs control modules nothing come in a one-size-fits-all format, that is necessary to select the correct form for your car and the form of fuel that you use. Additionally, utilizing premium components is recommended, together a low-quality component can reason expensive consequences for her engine. Because that example, a swollen bright plug built from sub-par products would one of two people be impossible to remove later on or the guideline would break off in the cylinder, causing damages to the cylinder, valve and head.

When should you change your bright plug manage module?

Replacing her glow plugs or bright plug control module is a straightforward task that is recommended every 60,000 miles (95,000 km). This will help ensure that you don’t discover out they’ve gone negative on a yes, really cold day.

Before you start, ensure that you have read all pertinent instructions in her owners’ manual and have all relevant tools at hand.


Champion bright plug regulate modules

Champion provides a variety of top quality glow plugs and also glow plug control modules perfect for all varieties of diesel engines. Find the full selection for yourself.

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