Mmmm! Dark chocolate, toasted almonds, and also sea salt - so basic and so good! This chocolate almond cooking recipes is so simple to make that ns don"t recognize why ns didn"t think of it sooner! Customize it come your own individual preferences, and enjoy a unique treat simply the way you prefer it.

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Gluten complimentary Chocolate v Almonds

Check the ingredients List!

The nutritional worth of your chocolate bark will rely on the ingredients in the coco chips you select for making it. Choose chocolate chips or morsels that are free from gluten and dairy, if you require to. Make sure that you"re using pure cacao chips, for this reason they melt properly.

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Try to discover those v chocolate noted before street in the ingredient label, if friend can.

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Try this recipe with any kind of sort that raw seed or also dried fruit. Let me recognize which one or mix is your favourite! I"d love come read about it in the comment below, or tag me on Instagram v a pic!