The minimum age to lease a vehicle is 18 years old, but there’s no upper period limit regarding who can select leasing to gain a vehicle. This is because finance carriers look because that some kind of credit history in bespeak to lug out the credit examine needed to be authorized for a lease deal.

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Read top top to uncover tips because that first-time leases and also what files you’ll require to get behind the wheel the your new vehicle.

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The minimum period restriction as soon as it comes to who can and can’t take out a lease commitment is over there primarily since of the information needed to provide each application.

Although you have the right to legally journey a auto once did you do it turned 17, you i will not ~ be able to apply for the finance essential for a automobile lease until you’re 18. The factor for this is the the funder will ask for credit info which will need you to have incomings and also outgoings, including any kind of direct debits and monthly earnings. Plus, by regulation you can’t have actually a finance contract if she under 18.

Because under 18s often tend to have no/very small credit profile, it’s practically impossible for a finance provider come tell even if it is or no the monthly payments have the right to be afforded.

Here’s what a funder watch at throughout a traditional credit inspect for a lease agreement:

Credit score – “good” come “excellent” scores are considered by providers, which takes time to develop up by making scheduled payments on time and also using a credit card tiny and often, for example.Income and also expense – what existing straight debits/standing orders room being paid and any regular payments/earnings right into your account.Employment – this has tendency to be because that the previous 2-3 year which deserve to be daunting to ascertain for someone who’s under 18 and also has small job history.Bank details – supplied to check how you control the account i m sorry you intended to usage to fund the automobile you great to lease.

Remember: If she under 18, plenty of leasing providers will check out you together a young person and therefore won’t be able to legally hold you come a finance contract. When you turn 21, however, they will certainly then see you as an adult, meaning you can quickly be approved for the finance.

Unfortunately, ‘accomodation finance’ (e.g. A parent acquisition out a lease agreement on behalf of a son/daughter) isn’t entertained by leasing providers.

Even as soon as it’s excellent legally and also the human being taking out the finance isn’t named as the key driver, there’s still a big risk the the funder won’t be paid in full or view that the auto is returned.

If you are 18 or over and also want come lease your next car, over there are details documents and information which you’ll need in enhancement to the finance details mentioned above.

For service leasing (lower monthly payments however the automobile must be offered for work purposes) yes sir separate requirements that you’ll must meet.

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Personal details – e.g. Number of financial dependants.Address details – commonly this is for the past 5 years.Bank declaration and/or utility papers – this is used as proof of deal with and/or shows a consistent income.
Details of the company – including the name, full resolve and registration number.Director’s details – e.g. If there’s an ext than one director, their names, marital statuses and also birth dates.Bank details – this will certainly be for the that company account and is used to present how the business’ finances are controlled to ensure the the monthly payments can be met.If the company is less than 12 months old or has actually been declined finance prior to then other info may it is in needed, together as:Business financial institution statements for three months.A guarantee from a firm director the they will be responsible for any outstanding finance if the organization defaults ~ above payments.A organization financial report/cash flow.

To learn much more about business auto leasing, inspect out our organization guide which describes what this kind of auto hire contract involves.


A brand-new design for low monthly payments.No huge upfront payment needed for the automobile – one initial payment equivalent to one month the the lease price can be placed towards the vehicle.No commitment come owning the automobile at the finish of the contract – you have the right to hand the keys back at the end and also walk away.Optional maintain for wear and tear plus regular servicing which can be had within the expense of the car.Building your credit transaction score by reflecting lenders that you deserve to honour the monthly payments for the car.

While these have the right to be good perks for new and young motorists looking for a quick, affordable means to get behind the wheel of a new car, it’s important to make certain that leasing is appropriate for you.

You deserve to do this by asking yourself few of the adhering to questions before jumping straight right into a contract.

There are great bargains out there when it come to automobile leasing, v deals for less than £200 per month available. However, it’s just a bargain if you can afford to commit to paying these installments because that as lengthy as her contract term, be the two, three or 4 years long.

So, when it involves configuring her deal, be certain to calculate just how much spare cash you have actually after any kind of other bills, mortgage payments and also other direct debits have actually been paid.

If you left through very tiny once the lease auto payments come out, then it may be precious looking at an alternative technique to obtaining your next car. Otherwise, you deserve to incur big fines and also even have the auto repossessed through the finance provider for absent payments.

Every lease agreement begins with an initial rental i beg your pardon is non-refundable yet works versus the as whole cost of her agreement. So, the an ext you pay in the direction of the auto initially, the less you’ll pay every month because that the remainder of your contract.

Just prefer the monthly payments, it’s vital to take into consideration what you’ve conserved up and also can afford to pay for the early stage rental beforehand.

Remember: The early rental will affect what friend pay each month for a lease car, therefore be certain to inspect that you can afford both the upfront and also remaining prices prior come committing to a lease agreement.

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Contrary to what some human being believe, most car lease agreements don’t encompass insurance, uneven you take out an inclusive package, i beg your pardon will typically be referred to as ‘Total Care’ or ‘Complete Care’.

In this circumstances you’ll be responsible for arranging and paying for a fully comprehensive plan for the car in bespeak to defend the heritage (the vehicle) i beg your pardon the funder owns and has leased to you.

It’s difficult to predict exactly how much insurance will cost for a vehicle you wish to lease prior to you authorize a contract and have the car’s details. However, you can still get precise quote making use of the make and also model the the car, as soon as it will be registered and also your an individual details and driving history.

Insurance comparison website such together MoneySuperMarket,, GoCompare and CompareTheMarket enable you to perform this an extremely quickly. Plus, it way that you deserve to prepare financially because that this motoring expense aside from her monthly rentals (if it’s not contained already).

For more information on how best to insure a lease car, examine out our overview to vehicle leasing with insurance.

As we mentioned earlier, you can decide even if it is or not you want to add maintenance cover because that a automobile you’ve leased in ~ the negotiation stage.

Usually this will cost approximately £20-£25 extra each month, but method that you have the right to have the car serviced at any type of time for wear and also tear worries not resulted in by driver error. Additionally included in this price is one MOT test, however only if your contract term means that the auto needs one (e.g. A four-year contract or longer).

Alternatively, you can keep the automobile in an excellent condition you yourself by maintaining on height of continual maintenance. This has having it cleaned every 2-3 weeks, ensuring you have the right tyre push in all 4 tyres based upon the vehicle’s laden weight, and also topping increase engine oil, coolant and windscreen washer levels once needed.

If you have the right to afford to do either of these 2 things, then you deserve to avoid having to pay potential excess damage charges in ~ the finish of her contract.You can find out what problem the car should it is in in in ~ the finish of a lease, add to what plot you have to take if you damage your lease auto in our other guides.

For those that you who didn’t know, leasing a vehicle involves heralding how numerous miles you intended to drive it each year. And, since the monthly rentals are based on depreciation that the car for the moment that you have it, the annual mileage cap has a large impact ~ above what you will certainly pay each month because that the car.

You’ll often find that you have the right to specify the you desire to drive anywhere between 8,000-30,000 miles yearly (this renews yearly you have actually the car).

Despite these choices catering to many drivers, yes sir inevitably going to it is in cases by which people either drive upwards of 30,000 miles or don’t usage the automobile often sufficient to acquire close come 8,000 miles.

Either way, this have the right to mean that you’ll be charged for excess mileage for going over her cap (fees are in between 4p and 70p per mile), which have the right to soon include up and also be expensive. Otherwise, you can be paying monthly because that a automobile which is barely being used, potentially leading to maintenance difficulties (especially because that diesel models i beg your pardon require regular trips to clean soot from the diesel particulate filter).

Remember: You have the right to amend your yearly mileage mid-lease if girlfriend think the you’ll walk over your agreed complete for her contract (i.e. Size of your covenant in years multiplied by yearly mileage).

Top 5 auto lease deals for young drivers*

1. Vauxhall Corsa – from around £126pcm


Trim: 1.2 SE Premium (five doors).

RRP: £16,700.

Boot space: 309 litres

MPG: 53.3

Key features: 7.0” infotainment system with to apologize CarPlay and also Android Auto, cruise control, roadway assist, driver fist monitor, 16” alloy wheels, heated former seats and steering wheel, rear parking sensors, automatically lights and also wipers.


Trim: 1.0 EcoBoost 100 Zetec (five doors).

RRP: £21,000.

Boot space: 273 litres

MPG: 53.3

Key features: 8.0” touchscreen infotainment system with apologize CarPlay and also Android Auto, cook windscreen, leather steering wheel and gearknob, front center armrest and also cruise control.


Trim: 1.0 IG-T 100 Visia+ (five doors).

RRP: £14,200

Boot space: 300 litres

MPG: 50.4

Key features: OEM sound system with Bluetooth/USB connection, collision avoidance braking, tyre press monitor, lane departure warning, automatically high-beam assist, power helped steering and also a tire repair kit.

Trim: 1.0 SE (five doors)

RRP: £16,500

Boot space: 355 litres

MPG: 52.3

Key features: 6.5” touchscreen infotainment display with apologize CarPlay and also Android Auto, leather-trimmed steering wheel with integrated controls, speed-sensitive strength steering, multi-collision braking, hill host control, automatic emergency braking, tyre push monitor and a lull suspension.

Trim: 1.0 SCe 75 pat (five doors)

RRP: £14,900

Boot space: 300 litres

MPG: 52.3

Key features: Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning, tyre press monitor, power helped steering, traction control, exterior chrome Clio styling pack, 16” alloy wheels.

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