RHOBH: What we Know about Crystal Kung Minkoff's Husband plunder Minkoff RHOBH: What fans want to know about Crystal Kung Minkff"s husband, plunder Minkoff various other than he directed the well known Lion King for Disney.

What is over there to know about newbie decision Kung Minkoff’s husband rob Minkoff on The genuine Housewives that Beverly Hills? The couple has been with each other 13 years and also seems favor the perfect power pair on the Hollywood scene.

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News damaged yesterday the the Bravo network had added a new diamond holder come the roster and also fans were thrilled. Crystal will certainly be the very first Asian American on the franchise and owns her very own business. She is likewise a mom of 2 who has been in a happy marital relationship for years. Now RHOBH fans likewise were told the Kathy Hilton would be authorized the show as a friend. The an excellent news just keeps ~ above coming because that the ladies of the 90210.

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We currently know that decision owns, genuine Coco, i beg your pardon is a company that uses coconut products, such together milk, water, coffee creamer, and chips. The couple shares two kids together a son named Max and a daughter, Zoe. But what rather is there to know around the guy behind the housewife?

plunder Minkoff may be best known for his directing project of the animated Disney classic, The Lion King. The director"s full name is Robert Ralph Minkoff and also has plenty of other movies under his belt which include Stuart Little, Stuart tiny 2, The Haunted Mansion, The Forbidden Kingdom, and Mr. Peabody and also Sherman. He to be born in California in 1962 and also is right now 58 year old. Follow to his IMBD page he is additionally a producer. Rob i graduated high school from Palo Alto Highschool and went ~ above to examine at the California institute of the Arts. The film man has less 보다 2,000 pendant on Instagram yet seems to short article mostly around work. That does have actually a project currently in production referred to as Blazing Samurai. The father of two does additionally post part cute one-liners indigenous his children and loving tributes to his wife.

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Fans are very much looking front to seeing decision in action as she believes the is her duty to represent the oriental community. Bravo viewers constantly look front to acquiring to knowing the housewife’s whole family and believe Rob will be a good addition come the husbands the Bravo. The genuine Housewives that Beverly Hills has only simply started shooting for their new season, but we space sure the rest of the woman welcomed Crystal with open up arms or at the very least a one-sided hug top top contentment.