Those of us who prospered up in the church however sometimes to visit the club on the weekends are familiar with both Plies and also Kirk Franklin. If the two are on very opposite ends of the spectrum in the music world, fans can’t assist but notification that castle are type of twins. So, room Plies and Kirk Franklin brothers? 

Although it’s nice to imagine that all of our favorite celebrities are part of one big, happy family, we're sad to tell you the Kirk is not regarded Aretha Franklin or Devon Franklin, and while the 2 bear a strong resemblance and also are also the same height, ancestry reveals the Plies and also Kirk space not brothers.

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Can't phone call if this is Plies or Kirk Franklin 😕😂

— Lynda Jay 🇭🇹 (

While the famous doppelgängers may have actually never mutual a womb, they walk share a couple of laughs on society media ~ the rapper asked Kirk to satisfy him in ~ a Miami strip club. Plies said in an Instagram video, “Y'all tell Kirk Franklin ns say i wanna take it him to King that Diamonds."

He joked, "He can go in, the ain't also gotta get no dancers, he can go appropriate in and also turn right ago around and go take him a holy bath. Kirk, listen, you walk to King of Diamonds through me and also I'll walk to church through you, an also swap."

To numerous fans' surprise, the gospel singer responded to the rapper's invitation, offering him quid pro quo. Kirk replied in his very own Instagram video, captioning it, "Y'all call

"Next time I pertained to Miami, friend gotta pertained to a Baptist church with me, and sit with a three-hour church business with tambourines and a church cookout. And also then, I may walk through the club. I might walk ~ above the parking lot and just walk on the curb," that said. 

Have we ever seen Plies and also Kirk Franklin in the same location tho 🤔🧐

— Marsha Patrice McGuiness (

Later, Kirk, who has actually collaborated with rappers like possibility the Rapper in the past, explained the genuine reason he comment to his celebrity look-alike's invitation. “I want to show people that as a Christian, we room not untouchable. That have the right to be really disrespectful for one more human being to to speak something to you and also because he's no a church human I can't to speak nothing back," the said.

There is no proof that Plies and also Kirk Franklin are siblings, yet the gospel entertainment artist does have a sister who is serving a 30-year sentence in prison.

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A few years ago, Kirk took to Instagram to open up up around his sister, who was introduced to drugs by a former boyfriend and also later incarcerated. He composed at the time, "My sister was simply sentenced come 30 years in prison... I now feel the load of wonder if ns could've excellent more..."

In 2015, Kirk mutual on his blog, “For over ten years, mine younger sister to be incarcerated in a facility right here in Texas. She was in love with a young guy who was medicine dealer. He introduced her come not only selling drugs, however using as well."


He continued, “When he was arrested for medicine trafficking, she was arrested together with him. After she offered her time, she to be brought prior to the review board who established she was all set to be released and also brought back into society. The records were signed and also she was collection free… yet only on paper.”

After her first time being released native prison, Kirk’s sisters relapsed and also ultimately resorted to prostitution to support her drug habit. She was later sentenced come 30 year in a Texas state prison for one unspecified charge.

If friend or who you know needs help, use SAMHSA’s behavior Health Treatment services Locator to uncover support for mental health and also substance use disorders in her area:, or call 1-800-662-4357 because that 24-hour assistance. 

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