If friend look approximately your home you will view items do from assorted materials. Items can be share by the means they communicate with light. Materials that allow most every light come pass v them are called transparent. Instances of transparent items are glass, water, and air. Those materials that allow some irradiate to pass v them are called translucent and also include things like frosted glass and wax paper. If things does not enable any light to pass through it then it is opaque. Most objects space opaque and also include things made of wood, stone, and metal.


What is the difference in between opaque, translucent and also transparent?

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FlashlightWax paperPlastic wrapTissue paperStyrofoam platesClear plastic lidsColored plastic lidsAny items that have the right to be classified together opaque, translucent, and transparent.


Look approximately your home for one object made out of timber (opaque), clear glass, (transparent), and also frosted glass (translucent). Light a flashlight beam v each item and also observe what happens to the light. Attract a diagram of what girlfriend observe.Once you understand the difference in between opaque, transparent, and also translucent go on a scavenger hunt of your house! You can gather items then use your flashlight to test them OR you can take her flashlight v you and also test the items as you find them.Compile a perform of your findings.
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