i am wondering, during Orochimaru"s fight with the 3rd Hokage, there"s a tiny girl who Orochimaru possessed.

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Who was the girl? What is she ability, or why walk Orochimaru choose to own her?

I tried searching the net and replaying the sequel however still can"t uncover that small girl in the story.



I think you room talking about the girl Orochimaru "became" during the fight through the 3rd Hokage on the roof throughout the Chunin exams (Ch. 121). I just went back and read that component of the story and I don"t think her identification was ever before stated. This is the illustration in the gimpppa.org wherein he rips his confront off and reveals this girl"s face:


In various other words this is the girl he offered as his vessel.

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I don"t think we have actually much canon information to walk on, other than the truth that she was probably powerful, since Orochimaru possessed she body.

Note that the Naruto wikia people couldn"t destruction up much about her either, and also as a result, the wikia page for her came to be deleted as result of lack that notability. (See the discussion for that page.)


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walk Orochimaru understand all his jutsu the he learned ~ he gave Anko the curse mark and also was revived from it?
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