I am wondering, during Orochimaru"s fight with the 3rd Hokage, there"s a little girl whom Orochimaru possessed.

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Who was that girl? What is her ability, or why did Orochimaru choose to possess her?

I tried browsing the net and replaying the sequel but still can"t find that little girl in the story.



I believe you are talking about the girl Orochimaru "became" during the fight with the 3rd Hokage on the roof during the Chunin exams (Ch. 121). I just went back and read that part of the story and I don"t believe her identity was ever stated. This is the episode in the gimpppa.org where he rips his face off and reveals this girl"s face:


In other words this is the girl he used as his vessel.

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I don"t think we have much canon information to go on, other than the fact that she was probably powerful, since Orochimaru possessed her body.

Note that the Naruto wikia folks couldn"t dig up much about her either, and as a result, the wikia page for her ended up being deleted due to lack of notability. (See the discussion for that page.)


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