As a previous competitive swimmer and also lifeguard, I thrived up spending most of my free time in super-skimpy Speedos—so you’d think my gym format would be fearless. However, there’s something about a 40-year-old male staring in ~ you as he grunts with his bicep curls that renders a gal desire to undertake a parka to work out in public. (If you’ve ever been the just girl in a liven gym, you recognize what I’m talk about.)

Occasionally,like the moment I wore a long-sleeve shirt come a HIITsession,I desperately want to piece down. And why not? the dude 5 feet away is attract a tank the doesn’t also cover his nipples, yet right here I am sweating my ass turn off all spanned up. Yet, I have the right to never bring myself to peel my optimal off because I"m worried about drawing attention to myself—especially when dripping sweat everywhere. That"s why, once my editor request me to go topless in ~ the gym to inspection why ladies, like me, space so freaking fear to work out in just a bra, i wasnotinto it. I"m a team player, though, so ns agreed and just called myself, "I’ll undertake the highest-waisted pants i own."

"I was worried about drawing fist to myself—especially if dripping sweat."

The following morning, approximately 7 a.m., i hid in the gym’s north studio to work-related out and also took turn off my shirt. Because that a second, i felt favor my ceiling stomach to be breaking a rule, yet I reminded myself that no onecould view me.

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I crushed my workout in solitude without noticing my shirtlessness much (I"d settled this method in my basement thousands of times), however threw my shirt ago on to walk from the studio to the locker room. Ns was too self-concious around trainers and also treadmill-walkers providing me, the do not wear shirts girl,death-stares.Baby steps.

Since I entirely chickened out during my first attempt, the next morning i let my belly switch lead the means out the the locker room. Ns cranked mine Jay-Z a small louder because that an extra sheep of bravery and avoided make eye call with anyone. The gym buzzed v the pre-workday regulars I view every morning, however there was no turning back now. Not just was mine deadline creeping up on me, yet I had actually to prove to myself the I could do it.


Here’s what happened—and what didn’t—when I completely committed to going topless:

I Didn"t get in TroubleSurprise! The gym indecency patrol go not immediately snatch me as I walked onto the gym floor. Reminder: That would certainly be ridiculous. (If your gym ever before tries come tell girlfriend to placed a shirt on, find a new gym.)

Some Dudes StaredI determined to neglect the older guy that literally stopped pedaling his stationary bike as soon as I started warming up. These space moments once my solid relaxing bitch-facecomes in handy.

I appreciated My BodyIt wasn’t until I began warming increase (with jumping jacks andkettlebell swings, in instance you"re interested) that I actually looked in ~ myself in the floor-to-ceiling mirror throughout from me. Go I have a six-pack? No. Yet I watched myself push through a set of deadlifts and smiled since of what my body can do.

I cleared up HarderMaybe it to be an extra rush of adrenaline from feeling exposed, or that ns wasn"t overheating halfway right into my workout, but I powered through 50 minutes of circuits without a single want-to-quit moment. I felt nice badass.

It was No huge DealWhen i hit the showers and scrubbed the sweat out of my hair, ns laughed (which I’m sure creeped the end the remainder of the locker room). I realized the biggest lesson of my shirtless sweat sesh was that working out in a bra was only a big deal since I made it one.

My anxiety about showing a couple of inches that stomach in public practically kept me from acquisition on this story. Sure, ns was a tiny less red and slightly an ext amped up than every other day, but otherwise my morning practice was company as usual, also without a shirts on.

While I’d appreciate not being sexualized by dudes while I work-related out, and for our society to generally stop trying come dictate what’s proper for females to wear (do you think nipple-tank male thinks twice around his gym outfit?), I’ll never let these things affect my gym time again. In that is truest form, exercise is a celebration of ourselves; one ode to our bodies. Therefore I’ll chase that rush of feel-good hormones but I please. Shirtless or not.

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Lauren Del Turco, CPTLauren is a freelance writer and also editor, one American board of directors on Exercise-certified personal trainer, and the Fitness & wellness Editor of Women’s Health.
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