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marketing stuff at college (parent, girl, son, learning)
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Would you enable your son to do "business" at school, such as buying liquid in bulk and selling it to other children at profit? few of my son"s friends space doing it and also now he wants to carry out the same.

Would you permit your child to carry out "business" at school, such as buying liquid in bulk and also selling it to other kids at profit? some of my son"s friends room doing it and also now he desires to execute the same.
My thoughts room that institution time need to be dedicated to learning. What the does after institution (and after homework), is a different story. By allowing these kids to do "business" on institution grounds lock risk having them be distracted indigenous learning, and additionally the potential for difficulties (fights, jealousy, ache feelings, etc), boosts which could affect his ability to learn/study, etc., top top a day-to-day basis.I would certainly discourage that if it were me. It would be infinitely better for that to knife money via labor (i.e. Mowing lawns, shoveling snow) than through being a "merchant" or wheeler-dealer in ~ school. Discovering the value of great physical labor is more valuable at this stage, I would certainly say.20yrsinBranson
Not to mention that it"s likely versus school rules and also those youngsters will at some point get caught. The consequences will vary between systems, suspension is common, my mechanism has also asked for permanent suspension (1 semester) because that repeat offenders.
it is definitely against the rule at our schools. Maybe afterward turn off campus however certainly no at school.
As long as that is not against school rule I"d it is in fine through it. As soon as I to be in college me and a couple of friends sold tiny drawings because that a coin each and also made over 5 quid prior to the other kids realised the they weren"t really acquiring much out of the deal. And also in main school we tried to sell origami guns yet that acquired stopped nice quick.
Not allowed at our school. Castle won"t even let the kids carry girl scout cookie on campus. In some states, student are enabled to carry candy (and other non-healthy foods) from house for themselves, yet are not enabled to bring enough to distribution to others. I would steer clean of enabling your child to participate since it might be break a organize of rule you aren"t even conscious of. Plus, his emphasis should be on learning, no on just how much candy he has, guarding the money, etc. Ns would additionally worry about him carrying roughly a large supply of liquid or cash together an included reason who might shot to steal native him.
When the institution district banned soda and also sports drinks from the vending devices at DS"s high school, there became a selling soda the end of the trunk organization in the institution parking lot the would have actually made 7-11 jealous
this is why paddling must come back....to many children breaking the rules and also the educational process by disrupting course by "making money" when they are still in class school...school in the 1950"s to be so much an ext peaceful....kids marketing candy and also junk are simply going to reason drama and fights over petty cash i m sorry is not right....why as a parent would certainly you want your child to carry out this no please expel any children that sell junk and also disrupt the institution yards!!!
Not permitted at our school. Lock won"t also let the kids carry girl scout cookies on campus. In some states, college student are allowed to bring candy (and other non-healthy foods) from home for themselves, however are not enabled to bring enough to distribution to others. I would certainly steer clean of allowing your boy to participate since it may be break a hold of rule you aren"t even conscious of. Plus, his focus should it is in on learning, not on exactly how much candy he has, guarding the money, etc. I would additionally worry around him carrying approximately a vast supply of candy or cash together an included reason someone might try to steal indigenous him.

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In that case, the schools need to be banned from sending out students the end as small effing Amway salespeople getting them to market candles, or wrapping paper, or candy bars.Can girlfriend guess among my pets peeves?
When the school cafeterias started having to offer "whole wheat" only, one enterprising boy in a bordering school ar last year used to protect against at the Wal-Mart ~ above the means to college every morning and buy a ton the white enriched sandwich buns. He"d market them in ~ lunchtime in the cafeteria because that 50 cents each, and also made a nice profit. The students (and teachers) would buy them indigenous him, and pitch the nasty whole wheat sandwich bun in the trash.
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