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Illegal, Or Legal?

As a control instructor in California, i was surprised how frequently my students make this question.

There's no legislation that states you can't, and also there's no regulation that claims you can. To put it simply, yes, you can drive barefoot if you space driving safely in the manner.

I journey Barefoot

Personally, ns drive barefoot whenever ns can acquire my shoes off. I have the right to determine wherein my foot is top top the pedal much better barefoot.

I don't introduce wearing flip-flops when driving. The flip-flop sole have the right to get recorded under either pedal. I've had my flip-flop catch under the brake pedal twice in my driving career, and that was sufficient for me.


Pedals room Staggered

Have you ever before noticed that the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal space set-up in a staggered formation in many cars, well, every the dare I've ever driven have actually this staggered formation.

The staggered pedals room not conducive with wearing flip-flops in ~ all! If you discover yourself in a situation where you have to hit the brakes suddenly, and your wearing flip-flops, the single of the flip-flop will get caught under the brake pedal! Partly because of the movement of your foot being much faster than the single of the flip-flop moves, and component due come the staggered formation of the accelerator come the brake pedal. Examine out the photo below. This is a picture from a Ford Explorer. The distance from the accelerator approximately the brake pedal is a huge eight inches! This is a popular vehicle, and also to think every driver has actually this eight-inch expanse they need to cover to walk from speeding up to braking, and some of those civilization may be wearing flip-flops?! This is concerning for me.


Driving through Boots

Well, if driving through flip-flops ~ above doesn't worry you, then think about this: wearing a work boot to journey is just as dicey together wearing flip-flops to drive.

You understand those heavy work boots males usually wear for work, the ones. Few of them have actually a steel toe as well. This boots are created with the intention of making your foot impervious to outside stimulus. This is great, if you're walking about at work, yet not so great for control a car. The accelerator pedal and also the brake pedal are both exterior stimulus!

When you're wearing boots and trying to drive, exactly where your foot is on the accelerator, or brake, is every a guessing game. The boot wearer cannot feeling the pedals! The driver is guesstimating whereby his or she foot is on this pedals. Don't acquire me wrong, ns wear boots myself sometimes, yet when I get in the car, they enter the back seat. Ns don't want to it is in guessing even if it is I'm top top the brake, or not, I desire to know for sure.

It Is Really as much as You

There space some situations where going barefoot would just be level silly. Because that example, talk a motorcycle. There's no law about going barefoot steering a motorcycle either. However common sense should tell friend that would certainly be the worst stubbed toes of her life if her toe hit the pavement by accident.

If you feel comfortable put on shoes, boots or flip-flops once you are driving, then the is the way you should drive. But, if you feeling you desire to take them off, go best ahead because it's really as much as you just as lengthy as you are driving safely.

What around You?

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