Is put on pendants v your name inscribed on castle or the surname of Allah is inscribed permitted or not?

All perfect prayer be to Allah, The lord of the Worlds. I testify the there is no one worthy of worship other than Allah, and that Muhammad

is His slave and also Messenger.

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It is undesirable to wear pendants containing any type of of the surname of Allah or His features or any person"s name the contain among these name or Attributes, such as ‘Abdullah or Abdur-Rahmaan.

The reason for this is the one may go into the bathroom v these points or place on them and this is thought about as ill therapy to these points which contain among the names or characteristics of Allah.

In addition, writing the surname of Allah on jewel is a kind of imitation the Christians and also Jews that wear pendants v the cross or the star that David, and their imitation is unlawful.

As for creating a letter the the name of the human on the pendant or his whole name, then there is no harm in the as lengthy as this name does no contain one of the names or characteristics of Allah.

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Allah knows best.

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