I need advice - I want the Thermador 30" induction cooktop and my husband desires an electrical halogen. I"m the cook and have done a the majority of research top top this however for some reason he"s very wary around induction. I"ve never used induction however have used electrical so don"t recognize if I"m doing the ideal thing advertise him right into this decision. Cooktop will certainly be on the island with an island hood over top.Please allow me know your disagreements for/against induction. Gas is no an option. Allow me understand if I"m do the ideal choice! (or no as the case may be).

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John Liu
11 years ago

How around being may be to spread out newspaper on the induction top, cook, climate wad up and also throw far the splatters.

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11 years ago

Why is the wary of induction? till you (and we!) understand that, it will certainly be difficult to counter any arguments against induction the he has.

We had actually gas and now have induction. Us both prefer it for all of the factors that you are already aware of: simple to store clean, power efficient, cooler come touch approximately burners, less heat escape right into the room and of food FAST and also responsive. The negatives are: some limitation ~ above cookware, particularly if you are trying to use eco friendly non-stick pans or room not wanting to usage heavy actors iron cookware. Oh and also you can"t char a pepper on it!

It likewise has remained in use in Europe and Asia because that years and also is finally capturing on in America.

Let us understand so we deserve to help!


Original Author
11 year ago

Thanks, I"d appreciate part help. That feels induction yes, really isn"t that various from halogen other than is an ext expensive and also uses an ext amps. They space both straightforward to clean. I"ve told him about the much faster boiling times and the cool burners however if we haven"t had actually those functions before, then what"s come miss. (again, his arguments, no mine).I"m nice weary that the whole conflict to be honest...I"ll probably simply go ahead and also get what ns want...I am the one cooking after all!


11 year ago

We have had actually both, ns probably had the fanciest and most expensive electrical cooktop do (Caldera). Probably about as an effective a one you can buy ago in 2005. It to be a bear come clean,everything that obtained spilled on it shed on.Worst of every was when something acquired on the touch pad (it was not separated native the burners) I would certainly clean and clean and clean some more and probably , obtain it functioning for a while----it to be radiant , not halogen, therefore Halogen, since it has the capability to get even hotter than this point did would also be worse, as far as buring stuff on the height of the cooktop. Fine the thing passed away in less than 2 years, the agency went "Belly up" for this reason I replaced the thing with Elux icon Induction Cooktop.

Boy what a DIFFERENCE! exceptional how fast it have the right to boil water and yet preserve a short simmer temp of just 119 F. The cooktop chin does not obtain hot, but after a pan or pot has actually been cook a while, the will warm the glass directly under the pan, but even this take away a while, and it is cool simply ouside that pan or pot.

Mojavean and also I had a boiing and simmering dispute a pair months back, and also it is on UTube, possibly your hubby would choose to watch that, or you?Since the induction heats only the pan it"s performance far surpasses Gas or Halogen (Actually the doesn"t really warm the pan, by using magnetism it reason the pan come actually warm itself.We space absolutely 100% satisfied v induction, mam still tells me exactly how much She likes it, as well as the rest of the kitchen.Clean up is usually simply removing the record towels we put under the pots and pans to catch splatter, but even if us don"t do that, cleanup is still an extremely easy, together nothing actually gets hot sufficient to burn onto the cooktop.Hope This Helps!! good luck with your decision!

I am attactching the attach to the video on UTbube, need to you want to check out it in action and view what sounds it does/doesn"t do (Ours is totally silent)--at least with all the pans I have tried for this reason far.

Here is a link that might be useful: cook water using induction


Halogen not different from induction? That"s choose saying an EasyBake range is no various from a microwave. A halogen unit heats with light. It"s faster than a coil optimal or ribbon radiant, yet it still gets the surface hot in order to warm the pan. Induction heats the pan, no the surface.

Which among you it s okay to clean the cooktop? The halogen will burn stuff on the glass similar to a radiant. The only way you have the right to burn ingredient onto one induction height is to to water it top top the surface and set the pan down best on peak of it, then turn it top top high for a while.

Now, you need to use magnetic pans. Pans that a magnet will stick to. Aluminum, copper or glass (pyrex) won"t work. Part stainless won"t work-related either, you have to check.

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I don"t understand what halogen electric is, so I"m no sure just how it would compare to induction. I"ve supplied ceramic topped electrical stoves for around 15 years (four stoves in 3 houses). The last one I had actually (it just went out the door tonight) was a good stove. With good solid flat bottomed pans, I could heat up water in 10 - 15 minutes. It wasn"t all that hard to turn the warm down, just had actually to make sure to start going down before it obtained as hot as I want it. Ns canned ~ above it rather a bit.

Cleaning wasn"t as well bad, I"m a bit of a slob however with 15 - 20 minutes of scrubbing, I could have that height looking like new! Was type of a pain if miscellaneous spilled as I did need to wait till it was quite cool, and it take it a while to cool down. Had actually to keep hot pads around to move kettles off the burners as they preserved a bit too lot heat and things would keep food preparation for quite some time.

We"ve had the induction set up for a few weeks now. Over there is no way - NO means - I would certainly go back to consistent electric ceramic topped stoves. I have the right to boil cold water quicker on the range than in the microwave. I deserve to turn under the power and also see immediate results. What have actually I essential to usage to clean it - a damp sponge due to the fact that NOTHING it s okay cooked on.

I intended to prefer my induction cook top, however both DH and also I space surprised through just exactly how much we prefer it - it has actually surpassed our expectations.

My only huge disappointment (and ns knew about this front of time) is I have the right to no longer have the right to on mine stove. Big canners space aluminum, and also that won"t work. I"m one avid canner therefore that caused me quite a little bit on consternation - but I solved it by purchase a large 220 hotplate for indoor canning. I have a powerful coil cook top in mine summer kitchen for seasonal canning.


For years I supplied a luxurious GE Range, with Conventional Coils, and also loved it. A year back we moved right into a brand-new place that had a brand brand-new Maytag radiant smooth top. Ns hated it! You invest a an excellent deal of time through a razor tongue scraping off the top. Every little thing burns into it. Also, contrasted to coils, radiant smooth tops room so sluggish. I discovered that liquids would still be boiling 15 minuets after ~ the element was closeup of the door off! I just replaced the "new" Maytag v a "Brand New" Electrolux Induction, and love it. The responds instantly, and also the peak doesn"t burn every little thing into the surface, favor radiant & halogen. As much as i know, most significant makers don"t produce Halogen anymore.