MINEOLA, N.Y. -- Adam Berwid, a former mental patient currently convicted of killing his ex-wife and also attacking his previous attorney, was found guilty that assaulting a security in the ar jail.

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Nassau county Court JudgeMarie Santagata stated Thursday she will certainly sentence Berwid, 45, ~ above all three convictions Tuesday.

Berwid, handcuffed and his ankles shackled, listened quietly together Judge Santagata claimed him guilty of very first degree attack on the corrections officer, Philip Selvaggio, 35.

During a non-jury trial last week, Berwid admitted hitting Selvaggio in the confront with the jagged end of a broken broomstick ~ above Sept. 11, 1980, since he felt that jail personnel were "oppressing" him.

At that time, Berwid to be awaiting a decision as to whether he was mentally proficient to was standing trial because that the knife slaying that his former wife, Ewa, 35, in she Mineola house on Dec. 6, 1979.

Berwid was convicted critical December that the slaying, which developed while he was on a one-day pass from the Pilgrim State Psychiatric center in Brentwood.

Berwid testified that his ex-wife had engaged in sex-related acts through his 4-year-old son, and also he killed her since "God wanted me to perform that."

Psychiatrists who examined Berwid stated there was no evidence whatsoever come support any sexual involvement between mother and also son.

Berwid was also convicted that stabbing his previous court-appointed lawyer, john Lewis, during a meeting in a consultation room in the county jail in June 1980.

He testified that he struck Lewis since he believed he was the devil.

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