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The ax mango describes the tree Mangifera indica as well as to its fruit. The plant, i beg your pardon is a member the the household Anacardiaceae, is one evergreen tree. Its fruit varies in appearance and is one of the most important and widely grew fruits the the tropical world.

The mango is considered indigenous to southerly Asia, and also mango trees deserve to be uncovered today in Brazil, the West Indies, Florida, and also other tropic environments. The mango go not need any specific soil, yet the finer arrays yield good crops just where there is a well-defined dry season to wake up fruit production. The country that produce the many mangoes is India.

Mango fruits space a rich resource of vitamins A, C, and D. Over there is also research that says that mangoes can help control weight, hit cancer, and also improve digestion. Mangoes have actually high street content compared with various other fruits, however, which might pose dangers to part people.

Because over there are plenty of different ranges that require various growth conditions, mangoes are generally available year-round. However, June and July are taken into consideration the finest time to buy mangoes in the united States.

mango, (Mangifera indica), member the the cashew family (Anacardiaceae) and also one the the many important and widely cultivated fruits the the tropic world. The mango tree is thought about indigenous to southern Asia, especially Myanmar and Assam state of India, and numerous cultivars have been developed. Mangoes are a rich source of vitamins A, C, and D.

Physical description

The tree is evergreen, frequently reaching 15–18 metres (50–60 feet) in height and attaining good age. The simple leaves room lanceolate, up to 30 centimeter (12 inches) long. The flowers—small, pinkish, and fragrant—are borne in large terminal panicles (loose clusters). Some have actually both stamens and also pistils, while others have stamens only. The fruit varies substantially in size and also character. Its type is oval, round, heart-shaped, kidney-shaped, or long and also slender. The smallest mangoes space no larger than plums, while others may weigh 1.8 to 2.3 kg (4 to 5 pounds). Some arrays are vividly coloured with shades that red and also yellow, if others room dull green. The single large seed is flattened, and also the flesh the surrounds that is yellow to orange in colour, juicy, and of distinctive sweet-spicy flavour.


mango fruits
Mangoes growing on a tree (Mangifera indica).

The mango does not need any certain soil, yet the finer arrays yield good crops only where there is a well-marked dried season to wake up fruit production. In rainy areas a fungal condition known as anthracnose destroys flowers and young fruits and is difficult to control. Propagation is by grafting or budding. Inarching, or approach grafting (in i beg your pardon a scion and also stock of independently rooted plants room grafted and the scion later severed from its original stock), is widely exercised in dry Asia however is tedious and fairly expensive. In Florida, an ext efficient methods—veneer grafting and chip budding—have to be developed and are provided commercially.


The mango is inextricably associated with the folklore and spiritual ceremonies that India. Buddha self was presented v a mango grove the he could find repose in its grateful shade. The surname mango, by which the fruit is recognized in English- and also Spanish-speaking countries, is many likely acquired from the Malayam manna, i beg your pardon the Portuguese embraced as manga as soon as they involved Kerala in 1498 for the spice trade. Probably because of the challenge in moving seeds (they retain your viability a brief time only), the tree was not introduced right into the western Hemisphere until about 1700, once it to be planted in Brazil; it got to the West Indies around 1740.

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