In the past, basketball statistics were a luxury easily accessible only to experienced and major college teams. Because that the average coach, statistics were a nightmare, requiring an excellent amounts the time and effort in acquiring and training statisticians and also then manually compiling the various stats and also percentages. For most coaches stats were simply not worth all the effort. But, computer systems have changed all that this. They have taken the huge burden and responsibility that statistics off the coaches’ back, while giving them a riches of info that coaches just a decade ago dreamed about. And, the ideal news of all is the the same software that is currently being supplied on the university and professional teams is now obtainable for any kind of team on any levels. There space even tablet computer and hand organized versions available.

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To be of value, though, statistics need to be accurate. Inaccurate or incomplete stats have around as lot value together no stats at all. Today’s software programs insure accuracy in stat keeping. By utilizing prompts, they in reality lead statisticians into making exactly data entry. No longer will over there be score sheets with much more rebounds 보다 missed shots, an ext steals 보다 turnovers, or more assists 보다 made shots. Software application programs, such together Cybersports for basketball, additionally have developed in logic and powerful editing capabilities together with intensive developed in aid utilities that encompass official rules and guidelines. In addition, immediate cumulative or season statistics are likewise now available, a job that once took weeks come achieve.

official Statistics Rules and Guidelines


A field goal attempt is credited to a player anytime the round is shot, thrown, or trapped in ~ the proper basket. The action of shooting starts with the shooting motion and also ends when the ball has actually left the shooter’s hand.

A field goal attempt is not credited when a player is fouled in the action of shooting and the shot is unsuccessful.

A ar goal attempt is not credited when an main rules that a foul occurred prior to the attempt.

A field goal attempt is not attributed when an official rules the a violation emerged prior to the attempt.

A ar goal attempt is not attributed when attack basket interference or score tending occurs on the try.

A field goal attempt is no charged if a shoot is taken close to the expiration that time because that a period or shot clock when the shoot is not made and also the shot to be either a desperation effort or not a reasonable effort to do a ar goal.

Blocked shots space counted as field goal attempts.


A ar goal make is attributed to a player when an effort is effective or as soon as an main awards points for defensive basket interference or goal tending.

A made ar goal is attributed when a player advice the ball into the basket.

A made goal is credited when a player is fouled in the act of shooting and the shot is successful.

When a ar goal is made at the not correct basket, the is mentioned as a footnote, and also is not attributed to any type of individual player.

A ar goal do is not credited when a defensive player advice the ball right into the basket, yet instead is stated as a footnote.


A fag is attributed to a player or team every time a field goal or free-throw attempt is unsuccessful. A rebound is credited to a player when:

A player who immediately gains possession that the sphere after a let go shot.

A jumper who team benefit possession ~ above a jump ball situation created by 2 opposing football player rebounding the round simultaneously.

A player that tips a missed shooting in an effort to score.

A player on a tap-out if a teammate receive the ball; otherwise, to the foe gaining possession.

A player retrieving a clogged shot.

Team Rebounds are attributed to a team when:

A missed or blocked shot goes directly out of limit or is deflected out of bounds prior to individual player possession deserve to be established.

A free-throw effort misses the pickled in salt completely, and the ball is awarded the end of bounds.

A missed shot bounces end the backboard or touches a guide wire or assistance of the backboard.

Dead round rebounds are credited to a team when:

Possession is retained after a to let go free-throw attempt which is adhered to by an additional attempt.

Possession is preserved after a missed technological foul shot.

Time expires before a player or team getting possession that a let go shot.

A foul wake up on a missed shot and also the round becomes dead prior to a player or team can gain possession.

A cant is not attributed on a missed shoot when:

A player is fouled in the plot of shooting and also the try is unsuccessful.

A player is awarded a substitute free-throw due to the fact that the the contrary team committed a free-throw violation.

An official rules that a foul or violation occurred prior to the attempt.

A team is awarded 2 points on protective goal tending or basket interference.


A steal is attributed to a protective player who is directly responsible for causing an opponent’s turnover. Steals are credited to a protective player who:

Intercepts or deflects to a teammate an opponent’s pass.

Takes the round away indigenous a dribbler or taps the dribble to a teammate.

Takes away or taps the round to a teammate native an enemy who is hold it.

Taps the sphere or deflects a pass off an adversary out that bounds.

Creates a hosted ball by grasping the ball while an opponent is stop it, and also the defensive team benefit possession.

Steals space not attributed when:

The opponent’s turnover is brought about by a violation (traveling, double dribble, etc.).

The turnover is a an outcome of an offensive foul.


An assist is attributed to an offensive player whose pass, in the statistician’s judgment, is directly responsible for a because that the primary pass that caused a successful field goal. The pass needs to be a major portion that the play in order because that an assist to be given. Assists are not dependence on the degree of an obstacle however an help should be an ext than a regime pass that just happens come be followed by a ar goal. Every made ar goal could have an assist except for any type of unassisted play such as:

A successful pointer or rebound shot.

A successful ar goal complying with a steal when no pass occurs.

An aid may be provided on a successful ar goal effort by a player after that dribbles, if a pass contributed directly come the dribble and also resulting basket.

An assist is usually however not always credited come the player making the last pass prior to the successful ar goal.

Only one help may be credited for each successful ar goal.

On cases where multiple passes cause a successful field goal, the statistician should judge or identify which pass added most.


A sales is credited to an offensive player whose actions are directly responsible for shedding ball possession to the opposing team prior to shooting. As soon as a team has gained manage of the ball or having become entitled to the sphere does not placed the sphere in trip for a shot at a field goal prior to an enemy gains control of the ball - then a turnover situation exists.

Individual turnovers are attributed when:

An attack player who loses the sphere to an adversary while holding, dribbling, pass or receiving.

An attack player who is dubbed for a violation (traveling, twin dribble, etc.) by one official and also the round is awarded to the the opposite team.

A player who commits a an individual foul or is dubbed for a technological foul if team has or is entitled to possession the ball.

A team turnover is attributed when:

A team is in or licensed has been granted to possession that the ball, and also a technological is called on the coach or the bench.

If no player can be judged responsible climate the team is charged through the turnover.

Turnovers are not attributed when:

A double violation or a dual foul occurs, and also ball possession is retained.

A violation occurs throughout the an initial of a two shot foul.


A totally free throw attempt shall be credited anytime a player shoot a complimentary throw.

A complimentary throw attempt is not attributed when an main disallows a complimentary throw attempt due to the fact that of a violation by the shooter or a teammate.

A missed cost-free throw attempt is not credited when the shooter is awarded a instead of throw due to the fact that of a free throw violation by the the contrary team.

A cost-free throw effort is not attributed when a double violation outcomes in a jump ball.

A complimentary throw effort is credited when the ball stops working to touch the rim on the attempt.

FREE throw MADE (FT)

A complimentary throw do is attributed to a player as soon as the attempt is effective or when an main awards one allude because of protective goal tending or basket interference.


More than just Stats- What the Reports Tell

No longer are coaches restricted to the an easy raw statistics. Crate score reports have now been enhanced to incorporate quick look team to compare stats, such as rebound percentages, 2nd effort points, and points scored turn off turnovers. In addition, a host of easy to review reports are produced such as shot charts, leader reports, heat up analyses, comprehensive play through play, team goals, and graphical team comparisons. New statistics, together as protective Assists, defensive Stops, and Fouls drawn are additionally now being captured.


Total points scored are crucial to the last score. However, exactly how the points are completed is that the utmost prominence for future play. Scoring failure include: Points every Possession, Points every Shot, Lay-up Points, 3 allude Scoring, totally free Throw Points, clues in the Paint, second Chance Points, Points turn off Turnovers, and Bench Points. In addition, game, team and also individual player shots room available. These shot charts are powerful reports. Castle graphically highlight the precise shot locations. Teams and players have actually a propensity to prefer to shooting from specific areas. Some groups will predominately use one side of the court. Individual football player will have favorite spots in addition to weak spots.

Fouls Drawn

This brand-new stat captures the number of times a player is fouled. Tough to guard football player obviously draw the most fouls.


The number of total rebounds room of tiny value. Offensive and also defensive rebounding are two distinct endeavors that must be evaluate separately. Attack rebounding generally relies top top agility and also individual effort, while protective rebounding needs strength and also total team effort. In addition, the variety of offensive and defensive rebounds does no tell girlfriend anything. Assessing rebounding requires the usage of rebounding percentages follow me with second effort points.

To analysis a team’s defensive rebounding power coaches should look at the team’s defensive rebounding percentage (Def Rebs/Def Rebs + adversary Off Rebs) along with the points permitted on 2nd efforts. A great defensive rebounding score is +67%. Note: A team have the right to play remarkable defense forcing an opponent into a bad or sirloin shot, but this defensive effort will certainly be wasted any time the violation is allowed to fag the let go shot. Defensive rebounding is additionally a crucial to a an excellent transition game.

Where defensive rebounds room a MUST, offensive rebounds room a BONUS. To evaluate a team’s offensive rebounding performances coaches must look at the team’s offensive rebounding percentages (Off Rebs/Off Rebs + opponent Def Rebs) along with the points score on second efforts. Over 50% of ar goal attempts and 35% of free throws space missed. Normally, a team should strive to acquire 40% of your missed shots. An extremely rarely will a team ever before win a game getting one shooting per offensive possession. Big offensive rebounding numbers, usually, indicate bad shooting. If friend don’t have good shooters, you far better have an excellent offensive rebounders.

Offensive rebounds are not enough. Teams have to take full advantage and score turn off their attack rebounds. In a nationwide televised game between Louisville and also Kentucky, during halftime, announcers were stating the offensive rebounding supremacy of Louisville who were offensively the end rebounding Kentucky 13 to 5. However, they forgot come look in ~ one an extremely important stat - second Effort Points. Kentucky, return being out rebound top top the offensive end of the court, the end scored Louisville 8 to 6 on 2nd Effort Points. To be successful you have to score!


Similar come points scored and also rebounds, the variety of turnovers is a misleading statistic. Because that turnover statistics to it is in of worth the variety of offensive possessions need to be considered. Turnovers percent (turnovers/possessions) is the true indication of a team’s ball dealing with performance. Normally, girlfriend would favor to store your turnovers portion under 10%. However, if you play one up-tempo game you deserve to expect a higher turnover portion (15% come 20%). This greater turnover percentage, in most cases, is balance out by a greater field goal portion resulting from more transition lay-ups.

When evaluating ball handling performance, it is also an essential to look at the variety of opponent points enabled off turnovers. Comparable to an offensive rebound, teams must capitalize and score off turnovers because that them to be of value. If a team recovers and also makes a defensive stop after ~ a turnover, that turnover is canceled or erased.

Offensive Charges

Anticipating and taking one offensive fee is a "Really huge Play" (RBP) in basketball particularly at the end of a near game. That not only takes away a potential basket and also creates an offensive turnover however it likewise assesses the offensive player with secondary penalty the a personal foul.

Defensive Stops

Defensive Stops space the determining factor of any type of game. Every the scoring in the world will do you little great if girlfriend don’t save the various other team indigenous scoring. A protective Stop is a possession in which the enemy team does no score. Defensive Stops take place as result of offensive turnovers and defensive rebounds. Protective Stops don’t simply happen. They space a product the solid protective play.

Defensive Stops space a key element come all attack runs. It does not execute much great to score, if friend don’t keep your opponent from scoring. Enhancing the number of defensive stops, which results in an increase in the number and magnitude of attack runs and also blitzes. 14 to 2 and 10 come 0 blitzes are a an outcome of combining protective stops and also scoring.

Defensive Stops allow teams come play with adversity. Lock buy you vital time once your offense is performing badly and also not scoring. If you should experience a 4 or five minute scoring drought, protective Stops will save you in the game and also minimize the hemorrhaging. Rather of fallout’s behind by twin digits, you may only shed 2 or 4 points.

Defensive stop are an important after bad calls and offensive mistakes. Poor calls or turnovers, no matter exactly how severe, deserve to be merely "erased" or canceled out just by hustling back on defense and making a protective stop.

Defensive Stops room also vital in capturing up or protecting a tough earned lead at the end of a game.

Lineup Combinations

The Lineup combination reports room an interesting tool to aid coaches in tracking and assessing the performance of assorted lineups used throughout a game or season. Often times, a player might not have actually any far-reaching statistics, yet their presence on the floor is an important and they room consistently noted in the peak lineup reports. ~ above the other hand, football player with big scoring and also rebounding number can, top top occasions, actually be detrimental come a team and will be listed in negative or non-productive lineups.

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Lineup evaluation include: many Used, many Productive, best Rebounding, ideal Defensive, best to do a defensive Stop, ideal to pressure Turnovers, etc. The lineup evaluation reports are also a an useful scouting tool. Knowing the many used lineups the your enemy uses is certainly a huge advantage.