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"Every Breath girlfriend Take" is not an extremely romantic. Krafft Angerer/Getty

This 1983 hit has actually the tempo because that a love song, but its lyrics can be construed in a dark, unsettling way.

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The present "Every breath you take it / Every move you make / Every link you rest / Every action you take / I"ll be watching you" might easily be about a stalker.

Sting, that wrote the "sinister" song as soon as he remained in the middle of a divorce, has actually arguedagainst making use of it because that weddings.


"Total Eclipse the the Heart" is around a vampire love story. 20th Century Fox

Jim Steinman, the writer behind the song, actually wrote it because that a vampire musical.

"With "Total Eclipse the the Heart," i was trying to come up through a love song and I remembered i actually created that to be a vampire love song," Steinman called Playbill in 2014. "Its initial title to be "Vampires in Love" due to the fact that I was functioning on a music of "Nosferatu," the other an excellent vampire story."

"If anyone listens come the lyrics, they"re really prefer vampire lines. It"s all around the darkness, the strength of darkness and also love"s location in dark," that added.

"Marry You" through Bruno Mars doesn't have actually a positive view top top weddings.


You can not desire to run to a tune that calls marital relationship "something dumb come do." AP

Maybe a song where Bruno Mars calls gaining married "something dumb to do" isn"t the best choice for a an initial dance.

He go on to say the it"s it s okay to go ahead if both parties space "trashed" ~ above Patron, and that "If us wake up and also you desire to break up / That"s cool." most newlyweds would certainly hopefully disagree.

Whitney Houston's "I Will constantly Love You" is not a promise because that the relationship.


"I Will always Love You" is actually around leaving someone. Kevork Djansezian/Getty photos

This 1992 covering that came to be a cornerstone that pop culture is not rather a love song.

The lyrics "Bittersweet memories / that is every I"m taking with me / for this reason good-bye / you re welcome don"t cry / us both know I"m no what you, girlfriend need" reveal that the singer is leave the topic of the song, not continuing to be with them.

In fact, Dolly Parton composed the track for she longtimementor and producer Porter Wagoner as soon as she made decision to walk solo.

"The rains of Castemere" is a destructive omen for a wedding.

"The rains of Castemere" is a bit dark. HBO

Although all "Game of Thrones" fans understand what happens at the Red Wedding in season 3 (spoiler alert: several death), part brides and grooms are tempting fate by play the song at their weddings.

If any type of "GOT" fans space attending her wedding, play this track could definitely put them on edge.

"Hey there Delilah" by the level White T's is around a partnership that didn't exist.

The song put Delilah under a many pressure. Getty/Tommaso Boddi

This romantic story about a long-distance connection is actually fictional.

The songwriter Tom Higgenson wasn"t actually dating Delilah — she remained in a connection with someone else. She said the song put her in a monster position.

"I didn"t want the spotlight. Ns was nervous the I"d allow Tom"s pan down. They"d it is in disappointed come hear I have actually a boyfriend," she told ESPN in 2013. "Every girl would desire a tune written around her, and also they"d think i was ungrateful and rude to refuse Tom. I felt press to live as much as those expectations."

Hinder's "Lips of one Angel" is around an ex.

"Lips of one Angel" is around missing one ex. Scott Gries/Getty images

A track with the lyrics, "Well, mine girl"s in the next room / occasionally I wish she was you," may not be the most appropriate for a wedding dance.

The "lips" the the singer is referring to belong to his ex, not his present lover.

Bon Iver's "Skinny Love" isn't very romantic.

"Skinny Love" is about a breakup. AP photos

Even though "love" is in the title, the song is around a rough breakup.Take, for example, the lyric: "I tell my love to wreck it all /Cut the end all the ropes and let me fall"

This tune isn"t have to romantic.

The Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris" isn't all the sweet.

Johnny Rzeznik created the song. Shutterstock / Jeff Schultes

Frankly, many of the text involve the phrase, "I simply want girlfriend to understand who ns am," which suggests that the married couple might not recognize each other an extremely well at all.

Although part lyrics are relatively romantic ("You"re the closest come heaven the I"ll ever before be"), others space a bit dark,"When every little thing feels choose the movie / yeah you bleed simply to know you"re alive."

Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time of her Life)" is supposed to be a bitterness goodbye.

"Good Riddance (Time of her Life)" is around an ex. Christopher Polk/Getty

According to Louder, once this song debuted it was played in ~ weddings, funerals, and also graduation ceremonies alike.

It also made it come pop culture — it was thesoundtrack to the death of a cancer patient on the medical show "ER" and also it played throughout one that the final episodes the "Seinfeld."

But the track isn"t rather as romantic as it seems.

"It"s around an ex-girlfriend who had actually moved to Ecuador … i tried to it is in level-headed about her leaving, also though ns was totally pissed off," singer billy Joe Armstrong told etc World, follow to a enlarge Sound short article from 2016. "So I named it "Good Riddance" simply to express my anger."

Train's "Marry Me" is a little too forward.

"Marry Me" is around someone the singer's never ever met. AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

The tune is rather romantic and also sweet— till you with the lyric: "If I ever before get the nerve to say hello in this cafe."

The singer is crooning about marrying who he"s never also met. The music video also depicts this not-so-romantic love story.

Willie Nelson's "Always on mine Mind" is about a love from the past.

"Always on mine Mind" is around a past love, not a current one. Jason Davis/Getty pictures for SiriusXM

This slow-moving hit single might no be as romantic together you"d think. It"s about a relationship that"s ended.

Notably, the song"s lyrics are past tense. Lyrics choose "Little things I should have actually said and also done /I just never take it the time" seem to imply he"s singing about a love the had however lost.

Bono's "One" is actually around splitting up.

"One" is not about falling in love. kris Jackson/Getty photos

According come Bono, the song isn"t around a relationship, it"s about a breakup.

"The tune is a little bit twisted which is why I might never number out why civilization want the at their weddings," Bono said in the publication "U2 through U2," every American Songwriter. "I have definitely met a hundred people who"ve had it at your weddings. I tell them, "Are friend mad? It"s around splitting up!""

James Blunt stated "You're Beautiful" is no romantic.

"You're Beautiful" is actually sort of dark. kris Jackson/Getty pictures for Invictus

Although the lyrics room all about beauty, the singer-songwriter James Blunt states the tune is far from romantic.

""You"re Beautiful" is no this soft, romantic f---ing song," blunt told HuffPost in 2017. "It"s about a guy who"s high together a f---ing dragon on drugs in the subway stalking who else"s girlfriend once that guy is over there in prior of him and also he need to be locked increase or put in prison for being some kind of perv."

"Ho Hey" by The Lumineers is actually about jealousy.

The man singing the tune isn't through the girl he's to sing about. Amy Harris/Invision/AP

The track is actually around jealousy, which can be construed from the lyric, "I don"t think you"re appropriate for him."

That linked with the remainder of the repetitive chorus, "I belong through you, friend belong through me, you"re mine sweetheart" provides for a song around a guy telling a girl she should be through him instead.

In fact, it seems to be about a human that the singer isn"t also with.

"Think of what it could have been if we/ took a bus come Chinatown/ I"d it is in standin" ~ above Canal and also Bowery / she"d it is in standin" next to me."

"Always" by Bon Jovi is actually fairly sad.

"Always" is about a connection that's over. Jamie McCarthy/Getty photos

Although several of the text seem rather romantic ("I"ll be there "til the stars don"t shine"), when you read every one of them together, the tune is in reality a man singing about a relationship he"s no longer in.

"It"s to be raining because you left me /Now I"m drown in the flood," claims one lyric.

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But since he"s singing about how he"s still deep in love v someone who left him, this song could practically come off together being about an obsession.

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