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Good advice! Salt go not get "used up," and also is only shed with water the is not evaporated the end - like a leak. When water evaporates, it leaves the salt (and any type of other mineral, favor calcium) behind. For this reason if you haven"t "lost" a lot of water come splash-out or a leak, then your salt level is probably specifically the same as when you included the salt to begin with. Acquire a salt test done, (better, acquire a salt test kit!) before adding salt/draining water.
I would certainly NOT recommend that. The Ruthenium coating ~ above the titanium blades is only a few microns thick, and also you don"t desire to scrape any type of of it off, as chlorine manufacturing will be severely reduced. I know that other makers supply a "cleaning wand" which is simply a pop-sickle favor stick the wood. A piece of tough plastic can work too, however never put any metal in the cell.If you have actually a high calcium level in your water (and don"t regulate your ph) then the cabinet plates will certainly foul through calcium deposits, i m sorry will alleviate the present flow in the cell( which reduces the chlorine produced,) and also lead the unit come alarm low SALT once the present falls listed below a pre-set level. The best means to clean off the calcium store is v a mild mountain solution, ie. White vinegar, diluted Muriatic Acid, and I guess the CLR (Calcium Lime Rust) cleaner have to work, too.The VR1 resistor "fix" enables you come adjust/lower the low existing level that triggers the alarm, i beg your pardon will save the unit producing chlorine instead of alarming, - HOWEVER, through a reduced existing flow, the chlorine production is also reduced, and may it is in so reduced regarding be ineffective. That is why you have to take specific chlorine readings daily (test strips won"t do it.) keeping the cell clean by maintaining appropriate water balance will save chlorine manufacturing at a high level, and cleaning the cell when you notice the level dropping will aid it last longer. Together the cabinet fouls v calcium, girlfriend will have to run it longer to gain the exact same amount the chlorine, for this reason it will foul also more, so girlfriend will need to run it even longer.....A Taylor FAS-DPD chlorine check kit is thought about the ideal by countless people, together you deserve to test approximately 25ppm in ~ 0.2 ppm resolution quickly, accurately and also repeatedly using titration, which entails noting a adjust from a pink color to colorless, no trying to match shades the yellow or pink. One indication of combined Chlorine at the very same ppm resolution wake up if it returns to pink again together the last part of the test. A CC reading over 0.5 is one indication the something prefer algae is using up her chlorine, and also things can conveniently get the end of control, uneven you take it action! swimming pool User,I am not familiar with her model, yet I think that the eco-friendly LED only comes on as soon as the cabinet is powered (to display chlorine is gift produced.) The 8110 goes with a begin up program that checks for a programmed operation time (code 88 if no set,) water flow ( password 90,) Low/High salt codes 91/92. Password 93 means that it effectively completed a cycle and also will soon hibernate (blank display) until next start time comes.You might want to make certain that there is not a Reset button that needs to it is in pressed (or a tripped GFCI outlet), and also that the unit shows that it is obtaining power (amber LED.) I had a unit dice on me, it would seem to it is in OK and take a regime time set, however then the would start to flash all of the 7 segment LEDs and then walk dead, every time it passed away quicker, climate it wouldn"t come on at all. Intex replaced it for free, as I only had it because that a few weeks, ns think that they have a 2 year (probably pro-rated) warranty.Good Luck!, and also Best Wishes!

Intex 8110 Chlorine Generator Fix

Postby LT » Wed 07 Jul, 2010 19:57

I have #7 on my display screen i shot to reset the system yet wont let me . All i did was revolve it on from sitting end the winter and this point wont reset deserve to anyone aid me?

Intex 8110 Chlorine Generator Fix

Postby tammysteve » satellite 10 Jul, 2010 09:35

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Pool Hacker wrote:If you have an INTEX 8110 Chlorine Generator the continuously offers you salt level codes that stays clear of you from continuing to chlorinate (when you have actually verified that the salt ppm is OK) you may be interested in a "fix." It needs a tiny technical aptitude, however it functions great. I"ll never go back to chlorine tabs or granular. I"ll article the resolve based top top the positive responses.