The idiom two peas in a pod way that two world are really much alike; being similar to another person, one of two people in appearance or because both people like doing the same things.

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Example: ns met someone at the park and we quickly ended up being friends. A couple of weeks later and also we’re like two peas in a pod; we both reap dancing and also bicycling about the city.Note: This expression is generally used as a simile, as words ‘like’ often precedes it.

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1. Bird of a feather2. Favor father, like son3. One and the same4. The to apologize doesn’t fall far indigenous the tree

Origin of ‘Two Peas In a Pod’

This idiom most likely stems native the truth that two peas inside of a pod are almost identical in terms of how they watch (you have the right to see this shown in the snapshot above). Indeed, if girlfriend pulled out a pair of peas and placed them side by side, they would be virtually indistinguishable from one another. Although your size might differ slightly, both peas space both green, round, and also small. Thus, a comparison is drawn—two people who share similarities are prefer two peas in a pod. This expression has actually been offered for nearly 200 years now, despite it is probably much older. The more quickly I can find the in publish is indigenous the at an early stage 19th century, from a publication by Catherine G. Ward called The Widow’s Choice, or, One, Two, Three, 1823:“Nay, I have actually actually heard miss Liddy say that the eye of Lady Primose, which room of a charming bright black, girlfriend know, and the nose of Lady Primrose, i beg your pardon inclines quite to the aquiline, is as like yours, once you to be a young man, as 2 peas in a pod.”This expression is also in various newspapers from around that time. Because that example, there’s a component in The Sydney Gazette and brand-new South Wales Advertiser, April 1834, that reads:“There never were two peas in a pod more alike than Signor Joachim Fernando Pereira, and my so late servant, man Taylor the deserter.”Tip: This expression is an instance of an idiom expression, however what does the mean? inspect out these idiom instances to learn around them — the page explains what idioms are and provides sentence examples, do them easy to understand.

Example Sentences

My wife and I are like two peas in a pod, we reap doing every sorts of activities together.Both that you have a comparable style once it involves clothing; you’re two tiny peas in a pod.Similar Examples:Mary and Donna’s favorite place in the home is the kitchen. They have a enthusiasm for cooking and are birds the a feather through regard come food.I have actually a pair of cat that room so similar, if it wasn’t because that their different colored coats, I’d to speak they to be one and also the same.Sharing is caring!