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One an essential truth around the language that sex is that part words and expressions are immediately, viscerally hot, while others are really not.

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There’s one details expression the never stops working to do my knees buckle, and that’s in ~ the heart of what I desire to talk about today.

What is it? ‘I want to sit on her face.’

Women that tell me this or, much better yet, that they’re going to sit on my face – can do pretty much anything they prefer to me after ~ that, because I’m already sold.

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I’m eating the end of their… well, no their hands, i guess. Together an expression, one act, and a gimpppa.orgncept, it is just hot.

Why though? just how does facesitting differ from ‘regular’ cunnilingus? and what renders it such an prompt turn-on? Let’s break it down.

1. Gimpppa.orgnfidence and enthusiasm

Let’s be clear, gimpppa.orgnfidence and enthusiasm in tandem represent the gold standard once it gimpppa.orgmes to sex.

There is naught hotter than a woman that knows precisely what she desires in bed and also is vocal about how lot she wants it.

When friend grab mine head and also push it between your legs, it’s like you’re speak ‘yes, ns love the means you eat me out, so obtain down there and also do that now’ – sitting on my confront is a turbo-charged extension of that.

It’s the plot of someone so horny, for this reason gimpppa.orgmfortable in her very own skin, the nothing matters to her past the moment.

2. That full-on

Yes, I can support her weight v my hands however even then I’m walk to it is in breathing, smelling, tasting and also experiencing girlfriend in all your glory.

Gravity alone way I deserve to feel whatever – there’s no getting away from it. It’s almost overwhelming.

(Picture: Ella Byworth for gimpppa.org)

3. The view

Looking up at you prefer that is incredible. Ns can’t tension that enough – it’s one of the finest things around any position where mine partner’s ~ above top.

When my whole field the vision is complete of the person I’m f***ing, it provides me want to beat the air through joy.

Chuck in the look on your face and I’m usually in heaven.

4. Your orgasm(s)

Again, every little thing is amplified by the grind of your hips under onto me, and also the weight of your body pinning mine come the bed.

When ns eat someone out, I want to feel afterwards like I’ve simply stuck mine head out of the car home window in a thunderstorm.

So if girlfriend gimpppa.orgme like that – hard, urgent and also gushing – ns can’t be held responsible because that my own response.

If you lucky sufficient to be a woman that squirts, that’s just a ridiculously warm bonus.

(Picture: Ella Byworth because that gimpppa.org)

5. The tease

My challenge isn’t the just thing friend have full gimpppa.orgntrol over as soon as you ride me.

With my hand under your arse or jammed in ~ my side, and also my body stretched out behind you, my dick is frustratingly out of reach – come me, at least.

When I acquire hard (and you’d better believe that’s going come happen), i can’t execute anything. It’s torture.

There’s no shortage of amazing things 2 (or more) civilization can execute in bed together, yet in the pantheon booked for those moments that make you tingle when you think about them weeks, months or years later – facesitting will always be worthy that its spot.

That’s why the word itself has actually power, and also why, when it’s turned right into a declare of intent, every I’m yes, really hoping in ~ that point is the you do it through wild abandon.

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