For details on one Islamic view on dreams, allow me point out here one of my earlier answers:

“Dreams, together we can safely infer from the Islamic sources, room of 3 types:

The first of this is termedmubashshiraat, which are sound dreams that are indicative of glad tidings. They result from angelic inspirations or suggestions actors by Allah in ours consciousness. Introduce to such dreams, the Prophet (peace it is in on him) said:“Nothing of the prophecy remains now (i.e. ~ his own contact to prophethood) except sound visions, which space bestowed ~ above a righteous believer, and it constitutes one thirtieth of prophecy.”

This form of dream can encompass premonitions or intimations of points that can happen in the future. Because that instance, a believer may experience a vision around his own brewing death, or some future events to occur, or get some confirmation of his spiritual states, or also reminders/admonitions around his omissions or commissions. These may encompass visions of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) or various other prophets and also communications through them, or visions of symbols of Islam such as the Ka`bah or the Prophet’s mosque, etc.

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A second form of dream is the an outcome of Satanic whisperings or inspirations. Satan, the avowed enemy of man, is ever-present with us and he sees us in means that we execute not watch him. Unless we take ideal safeguards versus him and such inspirations, he might trap us in his nets. He inspires in united state all kinds of thoughts and suggestions, both in conscious and unconscious states. A human being may it is in predisposed to such Satanic visions and inspirations if the is continually exposed to sights, sounds and thoughts that space obscene or filthy.

A third type of dream have the right to be termed together ‘idle dreams’, and also they are because of the impact of unpalatable foods, or the over-exercise that one’s imaginations, or experiences in life i beg your pardon might likewise be reflect in one’s dreams.

A human being experiencing a an excellent vision is encouraged to re-publishing it with others—especially through those who are trustworthy and God-fearing; but if he/she experiences a negative dream, he/she is advised against disclosing it to anyone. In the last case, instantly after enduring such a dream, he/she is recommended to readjust the resting position, and seek refuge and also protection in Allah by saying the adhering to supplication:

Bismillahi alladhi laa yadurru ma` ismihi shay’un fi al-ardi wa laa fi as-samaa’i wahuwa as-sami`ul `alim(In the surname of Allah; v His name nothing whatsoever on earth or heaven can do any kind of harm; the is the all-Hearing, and also the all-Knowing).”

Referring to this, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Thus he/she will certainly be forgive of any possible harm.”

While the very first type that dream (i.e.mubashshiraat) is what every believer have to seek and also strive for, he/she need to surely guard against the second kind of dream.

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The surest way to block Satanic inspirations and whisperings is by acquisition refuge in Allah and also through cultivating the habit that consistency indhikr, right thinking, ideal living and also right conduct. That is, therefore, very recommended to go to bed in a state the purity, after having actually recited portions of the Qur’an (such together surahs al-Fatihah, al-Ikhlaas, al-Falaq and also al-Nas and also Aayat al-Kursi), and to immerse oneself indhikrandsalah(i.e. Speak blessings and also sending salutations) on the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) before one lapses into a state of sound sleep.