Wondering just how to to speak ‘I love you’ in Dutch? you in the best place.Saying ‘I love you’ deserve to be both scary and also exciting and also even an ext so in a brand-new language!If you want to know exactly how to say ‘I love you’ and other romantic paragraph in Dutch, then check out on.

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How come Say ‘I Love You’ In Dutch

To phone call someone the you love lock in Dutch, say:EnglishDutchPronunciationI love youIk hou valve jeIck just how van yehI love youIk hou valve jouIck just how van yauw
Both of these phrases translate to ‘I love you’. The difference in between them is that they emphasize different aspects of love.‘Ik hou van jou’ – emphasizes the human being you’re talk to e.g. It’s favor saying ‘I love YOU’.‘Ik hou valve je’ – emphasizes the loving element of the phrase, e.g. It’s like saying ‘I LOVE you’. Check out the below video to hear the joint of ‘I love you’:

Romantic paragraph in Dutch

Try these various other romantic phrases and terms that endearment including just how to speak ‘I miss you’ in Dutch.EnglishDutchPronunciationI love friend so muchIk hou zoveel valve jeIck just how zooveel van yehI love you tooIk hou ook van jeIck just how owk van yehI miss out on youIk mis je Ick mish yehMy loveMijn liefsteMayn leef-steMy heartMijn hartMayn hartMy lifeMijn levenMayn lay-venYou room beautifulJe bend zo mooiYeh bend zo moh-iYou are handsomeJe bent zo knapYeh bending zo kuh-napDarlingSchatS-khatSweetheartSchatjeS-khat-juhI choose youIk vind je leukIck vind yeh lurkI’m in love v youIk ben verliefd op je Ick ben ver-leefd op yeh
These phrases need to come in handy whether you’ve got a love attention from the Netherlands or even if it is you’re simply visiting and also want to be prepared. Increase her vocabulary for special occasions through learning how to wish someone a happy birthday in Dutch or a happy mother’s work in Dutch.Related posts:
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