Would your students be ready to march for something they thought in? On respectable 28, 1963, much more than 250,000 people pertained to the reflecting Pool and also the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., because that the march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. This march has come to be famous because that the “I have a Dream” decided presented through Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And also for the layout of ensuring the economic and civil legal rights of african Americans.

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Primary sources from the Library of conference can aid students learn more about the March, consisting of the fact that that was likewise a job protest  for a greater minimum wage, job training for the unemployed, and broadening the fair Labor requirements act.


A. Philip Randolph come NAACP Secretary Walter White, march 18, 1941

Students might not know that there were discussions around a in march on Washington in 1941. Job leader A. Philip Randolph wrote to  NAACP manager Walter White arguing a fixed protest versus discrimination in defense industries and the equipped forces. To effort to prevent the march, Franklin D. Roosevelt booked a meeting through White, Randolph, and also several other government officials. After the meeting, Roosevelt signed executive, management Order 8802, which banned discrimination in defense industries receiving federal government contracts. In addition, the same Employment techniques Committee was collection up come monitor hiring practices.

Ask students to read Randolph’s letter. Do they think that a march in 1941 would have helped ensure fair hiring for African Americans? would certainly there have actually been a march in 1963 if Randolph’s march had taken ar in 1941?


March top top Washington for Jobs and Freedom – Lincoln Memorial Program, respectable 28, 1963

Students can likewise review the list of speaker for the 1963 March. Encourage gimpppa.orgk to uncover biographical information on every of the speakers. Keep in mind when young name Luther King, Jr. Was booked to speak. Would his speech have actually received together acclaim if he had actually been reserved to speak in ~ a various time throughout the march? Encourage students come speculate on why the worries relating to civil civil liberties for afri Americans became a larger emphasis than the legal rights of every workers.

Celebrate this milestone in American background by making use of the Library’s primary source collection on the NAACP, the presentation From slavery to polite Rights: A Timeline of african American background and images from the U.S. News and also World Report photo collection. College student can likewise use the Library’s Primary resource Analysis tool to respond to these main sources.

Will you and your students research the in march on Washington? What approaches will friend use? Share her answers in our comments section.

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thatguyinthelibraryAugust 28, 2013 in ~ 2:14 pm

Does the library of conference still refuse come lend things to middle schools and high colleges via ILL? I’m no referring to the high-profile points that deserve to be digitized and also make a statement, choose some of the items referred to here. Ns mean regular books, own by LC and also sometimes no widely organized by various other institutions.

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If you won’t lend things out come students (through their college libraries), why not?

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