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Hi everyone,

I just love this clip indigenous the movie anger management. Actually, based on my experience, if us feel nervous, tense and also emotionally almost everywhere the place, come take few deep breaths, patience down and sing a song have the right to work prefer magic, precise :-))) Enjoy. P.

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TranscriptWhat precisely was that all about, Dave?What?You simply ran v a red light.Are you trying to get us both killed?I’m a little flustered best now. I have to be at job-related in 8 minutes.Flustered?What you space doing?I require you come unfluster.My ceo is gonna walk nuts top top me if we’re late. So, please..We will certainly proceed when you room centered.I am centered, centered…Common, there room 10 000 world behind us. Stop go, stunner man. Those that? Is the good?We room going to sing a song.No, ns don’t want to sing a song. I want to.. I gotta go.Here we goThe magic of Leonard Bernstein and also Stephen Sondheim’s West next Story… ns Feel PrettyLets acquire this thing moving. What the hell is her problem?Shut her pie hole. We are working here.Oh, sorry.Move your ass, dipshit. Burn in hell.

flustered - nervózní, vynervovanýunfluster - uklidnit seproceed - pokračovatto be centered - soustřeďěný, zkoncentrovanýShut your pie feet - zavři klapačku/"chlebárnu"Burn in hell - usmaž se v pekle.

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I feel PRETTY- LYRICSI feel prettyOh for this reason prettyI feeling pretty and also witty and gayAnd I pityAny girl that isn’t me todayI feeling charmingOh for this reason charmingIt’s alarming how charming i feelAnd so prettyThat i hardly can think I’m realSee the quite girl in that mirror there?What mirror where?Who have the right to that attractive girl be?Such a pretty faceSuch a pretty dressSuch a quite smileSuch a quite me!I feeling stunningAnd entrancingFeel favor runningAnd dancing because that joyFor I’m lovedBy a pretty exorbitant boy

Such a pretty challenge - taková pěkná tvářwitty - vtipný, mající vtipgay - veselý, žívý (osoba), rozjásanýhardly - ztěží ns pity - litujiWhat a pity - Jaká škoda. Come je škoda.stunnin- g úžasně (vypadat), ohromujícíentrancing - strhujícícharming - okouzlující, půvabný


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