Fifty-one years ago, a huge show in a small bottle debuted ~ above NBC. The sitcomimmediately ended up being one the the many beloved collection in the network"s history – bringing a tiny bit of magic come the 1960’s airwaves. Check out this 74 secrets around “I Dream that Jeannie” you never knew. *Cue the wild blinking*.

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Barbara Eden also Played Jeannie’s evil Sister

This can come as a shock to some of you the end there in TV land, however Eden additionally played Jeannie’s evil pair sister, also named Jeannie. Believe it or not, Eden would get fan mail asking that the dark-haired actress was! She also played she own mother once ~ above the show, showing she yes, really was a talented actress.

Playing a dual character is daunting and during the time as soon as the show aired, special effects were minimal, therefore it to be extra challenging. Eden certainly stepped approximately the challenge, though and portrayed all personalities with same finesse. The impacts were well done, considering the actress had to movie scenes twice when both sister were in them.


Jeannie’s evil sister differed from the original in a few ways. She wore a environment-friendly outfit, for example, and chose a skirt rather of pantaloons. She was additionally dark haired, wherein the initial Jeannie was blonde. She additionally wore an ext jewelry 보다 her kinder sister.

Evil Jeannie was presented as who who had cunning and also tried to reason problems by pass past problems into Jeannie’s life in the form of the Blue Djinn. He to be the one attributed with locking Jeannie in she bottle right from the start once she refuse to marry him.

Eden had A infant Bump In Season One

One the the many notable things around the show was the reality that Jeannie wore very small clothing for the time. The was taken into consideration quite scandalous! However, the present didn"t start out that way . . . In fact, Eden was fully covered increase in the first 10 episodes, draped v scarves and assorted structure to look at exotic there is no revealing a huge an enig that might have ruined the show. She"d currently been cast and also had filmed the pilot for the present when something unanticipated happened.


For most of season one, Eden was very pregnant. Come cover increase Eden’s pregnancy, producers invited her up through layers upon layers that veils and also scarves. Barbara herself claims “I looked favor a walking tent!” Fortunately, the producers didn"t publication the show or find another actress. Instead, they made decision to obscure her infant belly, i beg your pardon was also something that was very rarely, if ever, displayed on television displays at the time.

The Storyline changed Mid-Series

At the start of the series, audiences were led to think that Jeannie was turned into, well, a genie and imprisoned in a party after refusing come marryBlue Djinn, played by her real-life husband at the time, Michael Ansara. (Ansara likewise played Kim Kamehameha and also Biff Jellico in later seasons.) In the original storyline, Jeannie’s family was a constant Persian family, through no other genies in the family. However, that didn’t last for long.


Mid-series, producers adjusted up the storyline, corresponding the very successful Bewitched, to say that Jeannie and also her household had always beengenies. This had her mother, who had actually been stated previously as most certainly not gift a genie. The change occurred in the third season and continued for the remainder of the show, though the TV movie that wrapped points up much later on mentioned her origin story from the first season again. It no made clear at that point if she’d been born magical or if she’d to be converted when she was trapped in her bottle.

There was No Theme track Until The second Season

The first season that “I Dream that Jeannie” to be shot completely in black and white and also had straightforward jazz waltz by Richard Wess together the opening credits song. The wasn’t till season 2 that producers determined to not only to switch to a color yet landed ~ above the catchy theme track we every know and also love. It was this track that collection the mood for the whole show, regardless of not having any lyrics, simply music.


The brand-new tune was dubbed “Jeannie” and also was written by Hugo Montenegro. The track originally had actually lyrics written by girlfriend Kaye, yet they were never played on the show. The exact same tune was readjusted slightly and also re-recorded to use in the closeup of the door credits on some episodes, too. In 1990, it to be sampled because that Dimples D.’s i know well hop single, “Sucker DJ.” also in new format, it brought earlier the wonder memories from back in the day.

Behind closeup of the door Doors

At a time when hefty restrictions were inserted on televised sexuality or any type of explicit referral to sex, censorship rules prohibited Eden from mirroring her ship button. All of Jeannie’s costumes had to sheathe her belly button, and her pants had actually to be thick enough not come show any kind of leg through the fabric, therefore sheer to be out. Once it came to being censored, there were part pretty strictly rules because that television.


What about cleavage girlfriend ask? Yup, the was completely fair game, as evidenced by the skimpy costumes the Eden had to wear. She to be actually very hard on her costumes, continuous tearing the fragile fabric and also catching the pantaloons on she heels. As result of this, her wardrobe was in continuous turnover and she always had new outfits being made for her. Fortunately, plenty of of her costumes were consisted of of scarves and loosened fabric, for this reason they were reasonably easy come replace.

Costume Woes

However, in the episode I Dream the Jeannie: Mrs. Djinn Djinn (1970), you can capture a peek of Barbara Eden’s bellybutton, when it to be banned. The network executives and also censors to be unconcerneduntil who casually mentioned throughout the third season the it was occasionally visible once the waistband of she costume shifted. After that her belly buttonwas forced to be covered. Countless viewers were disappointed.

According come Eden, the costume was the genie’s uniform and she never ever saw it together revealing or excessively skimpy. She figured the the genie wasn’t human being anyway and also lived through Tony for four years in the very same house, so why should she need to abide by person rules. The network didn’t see points her method and prohibited any indications of a belly button or shapely legs for modesty’s sake, though her midriff remained bare for many scenes, through her pantaloons traction up high enough to hide the scandalous ship button.

Behind closeup of the door Doors -Or Not...

The rules of television continued on come the bedroom. Like most popular network shows of the 1950’s and also 60’s, strict bedroom rules were enforced.Jeannie and Tony were never permitted to be displayed going into the bedroom together, and also shutting the door behind them to be strictly the end of the question, also if they entered the room separately.

Not excessive enough? also when Jeannie turned right into pink smoke, she had to be displayed leaving the room alone. Remember that this to be a time when any kind of bedrooms shown on television proved separate beds and also couples were never displayed doing much more than very straightforward kissing.

Forever a Jeannie

Eden never completely gave increase her role as a beautiful genie. In might 2013, a significantly older Barbara Eden as soon as again slipped into her iconic Jeannie outfit at the Life Ball, a charity increasing money to promote HIV and also AIDs awareness. She to be 78, however she quiet looked amazing and also charmed everyone that saw her in the traditiona red and pink outfit v pantaloons and also bolero jacket.

Before an audience in Vienna, Austria, the actress performed her signature move of folding her arms and doing she head nod and also blink. Rather of major Nelson appearing, she conjured up invoice Clinton, impressing everyone.

The end Of The black color & White TV Era

The an initial season the Jeannie made background as the last network show to it is in filmed in black and white. Producer were minimal to black and also white since of special results restriction required for Jeannie’s magic and also because they no think the present would last. As soon as the show’s producer, Sidney Sheldon, readily available the extra $400 compelled to movie in color, the studio recommend him no to litter his money away.

By season two, things had become much more sophisticated, and also producers to be able to film in color. Through 1966, every American prime-time collection were produced in color, and the very first season of ns Dream that Jeannie to be remastered and also colorized.

A rough Beginning

Surprisingly, the display wasn’t an instant hit because that its network, NBC, just breaking Nielsen’s optimal 30 twice. The show uncovered its true faithful audience once it got in syndication whereby it would forever be immortalized as among the many beloved sitcoms in American history.

It was a difficult road in ~ the start and also even the studio didn’t believe the present would run much more than one season. As soon as things began to take it off, it quickly became noticeable that the present was going to it is in a hit. Prefer the sister-show, Bewitched, the magic winner the audience over and created a whole new following.

A tragic Ending

Unfortunately, no everything ended well for the actors of the show. When they had some pretty impressive successes onscreen, the didn"t move over into their lives.Hagman was among the people who endured the many in his off-screen life. He had actually led a fast life, yet it all captured up to him in 2011.

In June 2011, Hagman to be diagnosed withstage 2 throat cancer. The famed actor cynically comment that”As J. R. I could get away with anything — bribery, blackmail and also adultery. But I got recorded by cancer”. Hagman died on November 23, 2012; he to be 81 years old.

Not everyone Approved of The Union in between Jeannie & Tony

The romantic tensions in between Tony and his beautiful Jeannie, that she seductively described as ‘Master’, was among the greatest draws of the show. Back audiences constantly hoped the pair would certainly one day discover love together, not everyone to be so thrilled as soon as the duo ultimately wed in the critical season. And surprisingly, it no the pan base the was upset with the wedding scene.

Barbara Eden, the Jeannie herself, disapproved that the union stating “It damaged the show. Due to the fact that wasn’t human. She believed she was, and also knew she no … ns think it broke credibility”. Really, Eden,thatwas the unrealistic part?

Eden taken into consideration Herself A Lion Expert

In one episode, a lion was lugged to the set to costar through Eden. Having operated with lions in the past, Eden was thrilled once producers brought a lion ~ above set. The two actors instantly hit it off and she got along splendidly with the lion.

While Eden offered lion advice to the cast and also crew, not everyone feel the same fondness to your feline friend. Larry to be terrified that the animal and also every time it roared; the made a break for it. Together you deserve to imagine, it took them rather a while to film the scenes whereby Larry had to it is in in the same room as the lion.

A full Knockout

Although Jeannie was one hell of a looker, she was claimed to it is in 2000 years old! us must recognize what sort of anti-aging cream she was using! Barbara Eden had actually that timeless look in her face and also even years later, lengthy after the display had ended, she was still stunning together always.

When Eden donned her suit again as a senior citizen, she was still a an excellent looking woman. Probably some of the genie powers actually rubbed off on she while she was doing the show, who knows! either way, the actress definitely seemed to obtain some longevity from that all.

Entry v A Ladder ~ above Set

Throughout the show, there space scenes where Jeannie is inside her bottle, a comfy room with lots of pillows and shiny things. At first glance, it looks as though the bottle would be open to film, however that wasn’t quite the case. In fact, it to be a lot more complicated than you can expect.

It was in reality a bit more an overwhelming to obtain into the bottle, indigenous what viewers thought. The interior of Jeannie’s bottle is a collection built on a sound stage, and also Barbara Eden had to climb an eight foot ladder to obtain into her an intricate genie bottle.

Larry Hagman Turned to A Life of Alcoholism

Although you might think nothing can be dorn in life through a genie by her side, life on collection was not constantly so magical. Often unhappy through the means the show was written, Larry Hagman began to plot out. At the studios urging, Hagman began seeing a therapist who argued the actor start using LSD and marijuana come unwind, advice which Larry took.

“Henceforth, rather of being nervous, top top edge, and confrontational, he started every day in ~ the studio drinking vast quantities the champagne, and in between scenes, he sequestered self in his dressing room, smoking pot and downing yet an ext champagne, every in the understanding of preserving a calm serenity” recalled Eden. Hagman underwent a liver transplant in 1995.

Reunited as soon as Again

After the display was cancelled, few of the actors would later reunite in TV land as soon as again.When Larry was starring as J.R. Ewing on madness popular collection “Dallas, his ex-co-star, Eden, make a cameo on the show as Larry’s ex-lover.

There were 2 reunion movies made later on on, including I Dream the Jeannie: 15 Years later which came out in 1985, and I quiet Dream of Jeannie in 1991. Hagman didn’t appear in one of two people of this movies, since he to be trying to concentrate on dramatic work. However, that did later appear with Barbara Eden and Bill day-to-day on The Donny and Marie Show and also did another reunion ~ above Larry King Live in 2002.

A Total collection Up

Although the series was supposed to be collection in Cape Kennedy, Florida, the series was filmed entirely in Los Angeles. If friend look closely, you are also able to view Hollywood in the background of some scenes.

The exterior that the office structure was the NASA trip Research facility at Edwards Air force Base. Warner Ranch in Burbank was the exterior of major Nelson, yet all the inner scenes were done on a studio lot in Hollywood. However, the crew and cast did endeavor to Florida double in 1969, consisting of for a mock wedding that was done together a publicity stunt come coincide v the show’s wedding.

Not really Dreaming that Jeannie

Not anyone was that they seemed in the show. The course, the actors were play characters, for this reason it renders sense the the actual life situation would be a little different. For the time, however, Hayden Rorke, that played the high-strung, type-A Colonel Alfred E. Bellows, organized one of the biggest secrets that the show, despite it might not have actually been lot of a secret.

The actor was actually gay. In an interview provided years later, Barbara Eden referred to her friend saying“I knew but we never disputed it, I had actually dinner with he and his partner in their home. He to be a gentleman in every respect, and I miss out on him all the time.”

A Tied up Ending

When i Dream that Jeannie to be made, that was really unusual for characters to live together once they no married and that do a trouble for the show. The producers to be fine with making the present work this means because Jeannie no technically human, one of the only ways they could get far with showing this on television.

Uneasy about Jeannie and also her “master” living with each other without gift wed, network execs were incredibly satisfied once Jeannie and Larry tied the node in the final season. It collection things to rights and made the present a little an ext acceptable, despite the inexplicable clothing.

Too Close to Call

Originally, Jeannie was claimed to it is in a brunette. The producers wanted someone who looked substantially different 보다 the well-known Bewitched and also were proactively looking for someone who was dark haired. Due to the fact that the character to be Persian, it made feeling at the time to actors someone that was darker in tone, together well. It is not rather what occurred though, together we fine know.

Although producers were cynical to actors a blonde Jeannie due to a similarity to Elizabeth Montgomery’s blonde Samantha ~ above the networks competitor show, “Bewitched”, Eden obtained the component anyway. The actresses sexiness, humor, and warmth were simply unrivalled by any kind of other actress.

Anyone Feel prefer Some Yogurt

The display spawned a big number the funnily called businesses, food selection items in ~ restaurants and also more. World loved the show and wanted to combine it right into their daily lives. In fact, if you’re travel to Cocoa Beach, Florida there is a frozen yogurt shop based upon the show.

Brightly colored and also decorated with tv sets whereby they actuallyplay the present in the shop, that is called I Dream that Yogurt. Right here you can acquire frozen yogurt through fun toppings. The entire place is decorated through I Dream the Jeannie memorabilia, consisting of photos and items native the actual display to save customers interested.

The strength Was Not constantly In she Hands

Having a genie do wish granting wasn’t rather dramatic enough. The producers wanted something amazing that would indicate Jeannie was about to approve a wish. They messed around with a couple of ideas prior to one actually stuck.

Originally, Jeannie’s power was caused by folding her arms adhered to by a collection of eye flutters. That looked a little odd and the show eventually changed it to something a little more decisive and also less bizarre. This to be soon changed by nodding she head and also blinking once. The arm folding was still a component of it, yet Eden included the nod as her own personal touch.

The show Featured A convicted Murdered

Although that hadn’t committed any type of crime at the moment of his cameo, the well known music producer that the 60’s and also 70’s, Phil Spector, make appearances on the show supporting the plotline that Jeannie’s music aspirations. In 2003, Spector to be convicted of murdering actressLana Clarkson.

Originally, as soon as police came down on Spector’s home, he had actually to it is in tased prior to he would certainly take his hands out of his pockets. He then told police the he hadn’t meant to shoot the actress and also it was an accident. He later recanted and claimed Clarkson had actually committed suicide. Needless come say, he was convicted and sentenced come 19 years.

A famed Family

For many years, Larry’s genuine life mother, mar Martin, was taken into consideration the queen the Broadway certification in stop hits favor “South Pacific”, “Peter Pan”, and also “The Sound of Music”. Return Martin and Hagman were remote for many of their lives, they ended up being closer in Martin’s later on years.

Larry no the just one v a renowned family member. Barbara Eden’s husband at the moment was likewise known as an actor and he even appeared as the Blue Genie in the show. If they later on divorced, the 2 were the 2nd famous family members to show up on the show, except Hagman.

“The Monkees” Admired Jeannie

The Monkees were a made-for-TV young band, the very first of your kind. The 4 singers and also musicians to be featured ~ above a comedy show around a struggling rock tape from 1966-1968 and also they were filmed right next to Jeannie. Needless to say, the two reflects knew about each other and also the Monkees had fun through that.

Although “The Monkees” just lasted a few seasons, it had no shortages the nods to Jeannie. In one episode, a character finds a lamp with a Jeannie in it and proceeds to cracked a hoax saying“Imagine that—wrong show!” It no the last episode to refer to the genie!

The Cast and also The Apollo 11 Mission

Deciding to do Larry’s profession an astronaut seriously payment off! prior to the renowned Apollo 11 launch, the whole cast and crew ventured to Cape Canaveral, Florida, wherein a completely in character Barbara launched a weather rocket and gave Buzz Aldrin a kiss top top the cheek.

This to be the opportunity of a lifetime and also Eden take it full advantage of it. She was invited to Lee Caron’s Carnival Club v the full entourage and also received Florida’s Commodore award for impressive acting. She even received a large number the gifts. Over there was even a parade the took the cast to Cocoa coast City Hall.

A sheep Of truth TV

The present was cancelled after 5 seasons. It came as a little bit of a blow to the actors, yet it wasn’t totally unexpected. However, Larry found out the hard method that the display he had starred in for five seasons had been cancelled.

The actor had actually just reverted from a south American getaway and went to the studio to grab something native his dressing room. While in the building, Hagman was intercepted bya defense guard who notified the actor the there would be no sixth season come which Larry responded: ” Wow, that was genuine Hollywood.” Ouch. It wasn’t the many graceful way to discover out.

Paris Hilton Featured ~ above American Dreams

In among the final episodes the NBC’s 1960s nostalgia-fest American Dreams, Meg and also her ideal friend stumble throughout the i Dream of Jeannie set and satisfy Barbara Eden. In maintaining with the show’s call of using well-known stars, the then it-girl Paris Hilton was dressed up as Jeannie and makes the girl’s work by recognizing Meg.

Paris Hilton go well together the blonde Barbara Eden. Also fans of the original display were impressed and the episode sparked a renewed interest in the original show. The occasional revival of Jeannie themed shows and ideas usually gained people back into the show.

Larry Hagman Then and also Now

Hagman was Tony Nelson on the show. His character to be a NASA astronaut who worked with the us government, however came home at night to his genie, Jeannie. End time, his personality gradually emerged from being an uptight military man with one obsession through his job, to being a family man who married Jeannie.

Hagman walk on to act in a range of shows and even movies after “I Dream the Jeannie” was cancelled. He operated throughout the 1970’s and then landing a duty as J.R. Ewing in “Dallas” throughout the 1980’s, i beg your pardon would come to be his best-known role. In this role, Hagman to be nominated double for an Emmy and also received an additional four nominations for the gold Globe awards. Later, he showed up in reflects such together “Nip/Tuck” and also “The Simpsons.” In 1995, his heavy drinking captured up v him and also he had a liver transplant. In 2012, that died.

Bill everyday Then and Now

Bill day-to-day played the role of i get it Healey. His personality was among Tony"s best friends and also appeared typically during the series. He had actually a near friendship with Tony and was another astronaut. That was normal for the storyline to monitor Tony"s desperate and also often hilarious do the efforts to save Healey from discovering the truth about Jeannie.

Bill everyday would later on go ~ above to take a duty on “The Bob Newhart Show” together the Hartleys’ neighbor Howard Borden. He also played Larry the psychiatrist on the oddball sitcom “Alf,” which is a duty many remain particularly fond the today. He likewise returned to his i get it Healey role in both of the TV movies for “I Dream of Jeannie.” Unfortunately, everyday passed far in September of 2018. His family members announced the news number of days later.

William (Hayden) Rorke Then and Now

For most of the show, the cast was reasonably tiny. Jeannie, was, of course, a continuous character, together were Tony and Roger. Dr. Bellows also showed increase on a consistent basis, play by wilhelm Rorke, billed together Hayden Rorke. His function was a NASA psychiatrist who helped edge the series on, little bit by bit.

Rorke suffered from cancer in his later years and also finally passed in ~ 76 in 1987. He did reprise his function as Dr. Bellows one last time in the 1985 "I Dream of Jeannie" reunion movie. That was rather known prior to this role, thanks to the theater, yet he additionally took component in a grasp of movies as a bit actory, consisting of "Pillow Talk" which was quite famous in that is day.

The public Stunt no one Wanted

Just a week prior to Jeannie and Tony wed top top the show, the genuine life gibbs staged a fake wedding in Florida. It was organized in the officers Club at the Patrick Air force Base and also television writers were invited to attend. If it to be a bizarre attempt to draw more attention to a now dying show, producers were met through criticism.

The wedding ~ above air was the fatality of the show. No one observed a an excellent reason for the genie and her master to gain married, not also the actors. Eden was recognized to be very against the idea, however the episode went ahead and also received destructive reviews from fans. Shortly after this illustration aired, the present was canceled.

The marital relationship Mistake

Barbara Eden make no bones around her dislike that the wedding episode. She was against it native the beginning, yet no one seemed to care and also the illustration went ahead.

The actress feeling that since Jeannie wasn"t a human, she shouldn"t be organized to usual standards. She likewise understood the value of sex-related tension in the show and also realized the it was an important part the the appeal. Through a wedding, the credibility show was lost. Jeannie being a genie, she couldn"t be photographed in the episode, which make it simply a little more entertaining.

No are afraid Of Lions

When the lion appeared on the set, world were understandably nervous around the substantial predator. In ~ one point, the let the end a ferocious roar and also when it had finished, not a single man remained on set.

Eden to be the just one that stuck around and walked end to calm the lion down. She petted the creature till he calmed and was able to continue filming . . . After ~ the terrified crew came crawling back.

Freezing Conditions

Jeannie"s skimpy (for the time) clothes was a little bit of a curse in ~ times. Because that example, in the very first episode, the genie supposedly appears on a south Pacific beach, but the scene to be filmed in Malibu on Zuma beach, in the dead of winter.

The set was freeze cold and also Eden"s costume did small to save her warm. Regardless of the temperature, the actors preserved their composure and also acted like they to be on a tropical coast in the sun. In the end, Eden declared it together her favourite episode, though she said, “I was freezing” the whole time.

Actors Opinions on Characters

Each actor had their very own opinions about their characters, whether those were common by the basic public or not. Because that example, Barbara Eden stated she thought of Jeannie as a tomboy, but she seemed to it is in the only one v that thought!

Hagman felt that Tony to be career focused and also being pulled earlier into romantic all the moment by the daring genie. She turned his life upside down and the actor felt this was a huge part of the factor the characters never should have married. In fact, no one of the actors were in agreement with the wedding.

Jeannie’s damaged Costumes

The costumes the Barbara Eden wore to be a bit of a pain. Castle constantly recorded on she heels and ripped, making she wardrobe alters frequent.

Each time a costume was ripped, it had to be replaced. The costume designers were kept quite busy creating new costumes ~ above a continuous basis. Because so countless were destroyed, there were very few costumes left when the display was cancelled.

The very Protected initial Jeannie party (That Wasn’t precisely A High-Tech Prop)

Often, props are conserved by actors and also crew long after the show is cancelled and also this was the situation with the genie bottle that Jeannie lived in. Eden maintained the original bottle in her financial institution vault for countless years and finally donated ti come the Smithsonian institution in Washington, D.C. It’s still a highly renowned exhibit.

The original bottle to be designed native a Jim Beam decanter that came out in 1964. Several hundred dollars entered painting and also decorating the bottle, which expected everyone was super cautious of it. No one wanted to break the bottle and also have to change it, so the initial still exists.

Since the very first season to be filmed in black and white, people heard the bottle described as green, but no one really noticed as soon as it proved up violet in the following season, shooting in color. The original bottle had actually been green with gold-leaf designs, however the brand-new color stuck with the bottle for the remainder of the show and also very couple of people even noticed.

The Entire collection Was shed Down

A small known fact around the set of “I Dream that Jeannie” is that it no much longer exists in any kind of form. The entire collection was burned up ~ the display was cancelled.

The main reason because that the fire? To save on storage prices for any type of props the they didn’t need elsewhere. At the time, the most typical solution to this problem was come torch everything.

A Loosely-Based Cartoon

Hanna-Barbera choose up the idea that the show and also recreated the in cartoon format. The new show to be simply recognized as “Jeannie” and it supplied the idea, yet didn’t really follow the storyline at all.

Designed because that kids, Jeannie is uncovered by a teenager surfer instead of an astronaut and helps protect him indigenous the girls at his school. The voiceovers were excellent by mark Hamill, Julie McWhirter, Bob Hastings, and other famous vocals.

The TV present Was influenced By A Movie

Since “Bewitched” to be so famous at the time, many human being figured that “I Dream that Jeannie” was a rip-off that the contending show. The idea had nothing to perform with the nose-twitching witch, however.

Sidney Sheldon, the show’s producer, had determined to base his show off his favourite movie, “The Brass Bottle.” even though he made this clear because that years, many civilization still case the present was a copycat.

California Landmarks

While the show was an alleged to be collection in Cape Kennedy, Florida, the was in reality filmed in Los Angeles. Tony’s attend to was readily available up in the present as 1020 Palm Drive, Cocoa Beach, even though it was far away from the location.

The actual house was shoot in Hollywood and also you deserve to see the Hollywood Hills in the background, where there need to be just level land. The sets were in a studio, while the exteriors were shot at locations roughly L.A. And at the Dryden flight Research facility at Edwards Air force Base.

Eden spoke For an are Days

Eden changed to an are Days at the Kennedy space Center in 1996, 27 years after the show. She speak at the event and was fine received.

During her speech, mayor Joe Morgan presented Eden v a street authorize that review “I Dream that Jeannie Lane.” The sign was actually installed near Lori Wilson Park a if later.

The present Was Most popular In Re-Runs

While the display was relatively popular during its run, it never ever reached the optimal of the tv ratings. It simply wasn’t taken into consideration top ranking material.

All that readjusted when brand-new York WPIX reruns. Here, the display received excellent ratings and did far better than any type of other off-network series in the ratings. Because that years after ~ that, it ongoing to draw viewers.

Stretching The Truth about NASA Astronauts

Despite being collection in Florida, wherein the astronauts saw work, the fact was drastically different. Not just was the display not filmed in Florida, NASA had currently moved away from the state.

At the time the present was filmed, genuine life astronauts to be in Houston, Texas, training in ~ the Manned Spacecraft Center. Today, it’s recognized as the lindon B. Johnson an are Center. The fiction that the series took full liberty with scale and location.

A Charmed ns Dream of Jeannie Reference

“I Dream the Jeannie” referrals popped up in various other shows over the years, consisting of a specific episode of “Charmed.” The illustration was called “I Dream that Phoebe” and also the namesake role showed Phoebe being turned right into a genie.

The actress wore a costume comparable to those worn by Eden once she played Jeannie, in a pale blue color. The present was so famous that it continues to be discussed in assorted programs.

An 1854 Parlor Ballad

One can be fooled right into thinking the Jeannie was indicate a beat on words, but there was actually an 1852 parlor ballad referred to as “I Dream that Jeannie.” originally the track was “Jeanie through the irradiate Brown Hair,” but the name was later on changed.

In keeping with its long reaching history, the present incorporated a location from initial music. Walk you recognize that the whole display was based around music and also movies that currently existed? It renders the totality thing a little an ext interesting.

Jeannie was On Brady Bunch

Yet one more show where Jeannie showed up was the Brady Bunch. She no in the present itself, yet was in the television movie special, “A very Brady Sequel.”

Barbara Eden went back for a short duty as Jeannie whereby she introduce herself together Mike Brady’s mam at the couple’s 2nd wedding. It to be a short role, yet one that preserved Jeannie at the head of everyone"s mind.

Fact Checking no A Priority

These days, we have actually continuity task forces to watch because that potential issues in programs and also movies. It’s whole industry designed come ensure the there room minimal errors in the programs and it typically works quite well.

Unfortunately, once “I Dream of Jeannie” aired, no one appeared to be checking for the issues. An instance is the Jeannie is told the Rome, Italy is probably far better known come her as Gaul. That would certainly not it is in true, though, since Romans called France that.

Jeannie and also Tony Reunited

The stars of the display were reunited in 1990, top top the set of “Dallas.” There, Hagman was play the role of J.R. Ewing and also Eden was carried on as a unique guest for five episodes.

Her character to be Lee Ann de la Vega, however she told audiences that her maiden surname was Nelson. For fans that Eden’s original show, that’s a hoax based off the marriage that she did not agree with.

Barbara Eden Then and also Now

In her duty as Jeannie, Barbara Eden excelled. She to be a famous actress, thansk come the display where fans and also critics were constantly impressed. She was nominated double for gold Globe awards and everyone admited that the sex-related tension between the significant and the genie was really what human being really tuned in to watch.

Just since the really television display ended, didn"t average Eden was finished with Jeannie. She starred in two an ext movies, 1985"s“I Dream that Jeannie: 15 year Later” and 1991"s “I tho Dream the Jeannie.” She was likewise in a variety of other television shows and also even showed up with Hagman top top "Dallas" and also doing tourism together as soon as "I Dream the Jeannie" was being released on DVD.

‘The foolish Monk of Malibu’

Hagman became known as “The mad Monk that Malibu” due to his bizarre behavior. He chosen to carry out random, unforeseen things and surprise people.

One such also was when he showed up in ~ a grocery store on his Harley-Davidson in a chicken suit. The disappeared after ~ the present finished, but made a comeback in “Dallas” in 1978. Follow to onlookers, that was an ext stable by that point.

Jeannie’s beginning Story Is A Muddled Mess

Jeannie’s origin story changed at the very least once over the food of the show. In the initial pilot, she to be a mortal that was cursed to be a genie by the Blue Djinn as soon as she refuse to marry him.

Later on, the story was readjusted to encompass the very same curse of being banished come a bottle once she refused to get married the Blue Djinn. However, she and her whole family to be genies native the beginning in later episodes of the show.

Larry Hagman’s an initial Success

Hagman originally got his kudos top top the phase in brand-new York. He gradually moved into television before landing the huge role on "I Dream that Jeannie."

Born toBroadway actress mary Martin andlawyer Benjamin Hagman, Hagman trained in timeless theater and went ~ above to usage that in a wide selection of shows favor "Dallas" ~ the genie show was cancelled.

No mrs Competition

The main characters on the show were male, so Eden was quite alone because that the 5 seasons. Also when various other women appeared, they were usually depicted by Eden herself. Only little bit parts existed because that mean, except Emmaline Henry getting here as Amanda Bellows.

The producers wanted all the focus on Eden. Considering she wasn"t an alleged to also be ~ above the show, together a blonde, the shows how much value they put on the character.

Barton MacLane

One gibbs abruptly disappeared indigenous the present when he died of pneumonia in 1969. His surname was Barton MacLane and he had been just one of the very few regular gibbs on the show.

He was finest known for his many tiny parts top top assorted tv shows and films long before he passed away his disastrous death. The was very missed.

I Dream of Jeannie and also Bewitched Connection

"Bewitched" was thought about to it is in a competitor show, yet Uncle Arthur, played by Paul Lynde, on that show additionally showed up on the collection of "I Dream that Jeannie." the didn"t come as the exact same character, though.

Paul Lynde additionally appeared as Harry Huggins and a few other characters, consisting of a Hollywood manager in one episode. In another episode, he to be a fitness instructor that wore out the astronauts.

Sidney Sheldon knew what it take it to produce hit shows in the 1960s, 1970s, and also 1980s. He developed “The Patty duke Show” which ran native 1963-1966 and also “Hart to Hart” (1979-1984). He also authored some best-selling novels including “The various other Side that Midnight” (1973) and “Rage of Angels” (1980). Sadly, he died in 2007, but his tradition lives on in syndication and paperback.

Barbara Eden’s tragic Loss

Michael Ansara was Barbara Eden"s real life husband, and the Blue Djinn in the show. They to be married between 1958 and also 1974 and had a beautiful son named Matthew.

In 2001, the estranged couple announced with each other that their son had died of a medicine overdose. No details to be given and also no one really pried right into the case, allowing the parental to grieve in peace.

Jeannie’s Magic

Everyone knows that Jeannie summoned her powers with a nod and a solitary blink, yet it wasn"t always taht way.

The signature move was one the wasn"t emerged until a bit later in the an initial season. She began out folding her arms and then fluttering she eyes, i beg your pardon looked really different indigenous what it ended up being.

A Fired Bewitched Writer

James S. Henderson was originally working as a writer both on "Bewitched" and "I Dream that Jeannie." It to be he that came up v Jeannie II, the angry sister of the original Jeannie.

When the was found that the writer was working both shows, he to be fired indigenous "Bewitched" and continued to write for the other show.

The Nelson Home

The residence that was used as the exterior of the Nelson house is still helpful on the Warner Brother"s Ranch. It"s being supplied as a Ranch operations Office in ~ this point.

Despite a couple of signs of wear and also tear, the house is almost identical come what it to be 50 years ago. You deserve to drive by and also see that it is tho standing.

Real Life armed forces Service

Certain elements of the TV show mirrored real life. Because that example, Anthony Nelson offered in the wait Force, while i get it Healy had actually served the Army.

The actual life gibbs had precisely those experiences and had combated in the korean War. Speak about an approach acting . . .these two were may be to fully immerse themselves in their new world.

A Messed up Ranking

In one episode, you"ll notification that Tony is advocated from Captain come Major, yet his rank is incorrectly presented on his uniform. His ranking is shown as a lieutenant Colonel.

There space plenty of continuity worries in the show, but the major"s medals are also a problem. His location clusters change colors from silver- to gold to show the ideal ranking.

Two Reunion Movies to be Filmed

"I Dream of Jeannie: Fifteen years Later" was filmed, you guessed it, 15 year after the initial program had finished. And also six year after that, "I quiet Dream of Jeannie" was premiered.

Both movie were created television and also showcased the happily ever before after life that a cute genie and her astronaut husband, together with their teen son. Ond reunion film to be premiered.

“I Dream of Jeannie… Fifteen years Later”

In this comedy film, aired in 1985, Barbara Eden and also Bill Daly return, together with Haydne Rorke. Larry Hagman didn"t join the crew, due to the fact that he was busy on the collection of "Dallas" and also couldn"t get away. Instead Wayne Rogers became Tony Nelson. It to be a change, but a an excellent one in the end. The movie concentrated on significant Nelson getting a promo that brought about a problem in between his beautiful wife and himself.

Her angry sister takes over and also endangers Tony"s life when he"s in space. Jeannie, trapped in a bottle, is can not to aid her dying husband, however her boy T.J. Manages come magically extract his mother. When he walk this, the pair strikes a transaction to get Tony earlier home safe and sound.

Later, the actors need to protect against a meteor around to fight the earth. Jeannie is compelled to leaving Tony and also he will forget she ever existed. Come combat this, she magically start a brand-new life with her husband and changes the world once more.

Taking A Stroll under Memory Lane

The beach step in "I Dream that Jeannie: Fifteen year Later" is filmed top top the an extremely same location that the pilot to be filmed on, 15 year on.

While the actor to be different, the personalities were the same and also they managed to make the coast reunion a beautiful, emotional one that will certainly live ~ above in fans" storage forever.

“I still Dream of Jeannie”

Another reunion movie to be made in 1991. This time, just two actors members to be able come return, bill Daily and also Barbara Eden. It was the critical movie come be made for the franchise.

Filmed in brother Columbia, Canada, the setting is a much sight various from Hollywood. The gibbs were brand-new for the many part, for this reason the old camraderie was lacking from this film. That was never released come DVD.

If Jeannie to be A single Lady

In the new show, lock didn't bother replacing Tony Nelson, that was play by Larry Hagman in the show. This time, Jeannie's husband is permanently top top mission and also never returns. This type of ruins the whole premise that the story, though.

Since Jeannie has actually no understand in the aircraft of reality, she needs to seek the end a brand-new master therefore she have the right to stay put. She heads to singles bars to discover the following master, despite she has no idea if this is a permanent solution or not.

Celebrating The 50th Anniversary

2015 marked the 50th anniversary that "I Dream that Jeannie." Eden appeared on NBC come celebrate it and talked around her experiences.

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She to be an iconic character for numerous years and also it is a function that shaped Eden"s destiny. She seems to have actually done fine after that.