Here"s the quick review. JOA is "like." AHNJOA is "not like." AHN literally way "not." SHIRUH also means "not like" and "hate."

You have the right to use JOA every by itself as a inquiry or answer.

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If someone asks you: 좋아? Joa? (Do you like this/it?)

Then you can answer earlier with the same word: 좋아. Joa. (I like this/it.)

If you desire to to speak you like something or someone, to fill in the blank: ______ 좋아. ______ joa. (I prefer _____.)

For example: 효리 좋아. Hyori joa. (I choose Hyori.)

Note 1: when speaking to adults, always remember to make your phrases official by adding YO (요) at the end.

Note 2: The H consonant is quiet in JOA (좋아). So instead of JOHA, it"s JOA.

Think you have the right to spot JOA and also SHIRUH in their context? take it this week"s KWOW quiz! answer are located at the bottom. No peeking!

Question #1: wherein is the first JOA sung in Girls" Generation TTS "Twinkle"?

Question #2: How many JOAs show up in IU"s "You and also I"?

GRAND FINALE dispute QUESTION #3: How many SHIRUHs and SHILTAs can you discover in 4Minute’s “Volume Up”? (“Shilta” is the raw, unconjugated verb the “shiruh”)


Answer #1: The an initial JOA is sung in ~ 1:11. 딴 사람들도 다 빛나는 나를 좋아해 Ddan saramdeuldo da beetnaneun nareul JOA hae (Other civilization like the twinkle in me)

Answer #2: JOA shows up five time at 1:58, 2:01, 3:12, 3:15 and also 8:37.

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Answer #3: Think you uncovered them all? compose your price in the comment ar with a inquiry to Taekwon Do. The an initial *TEN* people to obtain the exactly answer wins a answer from this week"s KWOW host Taekwon Do. No questions, no reply. Have actually fun! :)

ANSWER #3 REVEALED! (Updated June 13)SHILTA is sung double at 0:47 and 1:04.SHIRUH is sung 3 times at 1:28, 2:42, and 3:41.

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