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Translation Spanish EnglishProofreadingMedical TranslationLegal TranslationTranslation English Spanish
Member of the American Translators Association: 270463Elizabeth works v her sister Stephanie devoted to providing high-quality certified translations. Our training has medical and also educational expertise.Stephanie has a Doctorate in vet Medicine, and Elizabeth is a certified teacher that holds a Masters level in Instructional Design. Through over eight year of Spanish translate in experience and also over 400 successful orders, we understand the prominence of quality and accuracy as soon as it pertains to translations. We space pleased to aid you v your professional and also medical translations.We can translate as much as 6,000 native in 24...


Spanish come English translator of typical legal, academic, business, and religious documents, subtitles, speeches, conference minutes, maternity/childcare blogs, and also general correspondence. 458,659 words come date. Most recent projects: TV episodes of Telemundo soap operas.


Translation Spanish EnglishCATS software CATSTechnical TranslationMedical TranslationLegal TranslationLanguage TutorTranslation English Spanish
Highly skilled and experienced translator with background ~ above medical and legal terminology. Present member of the ATA (American Translators Association). Gain a solid passion, dedication and responsibility to every task, task or assignment. Competent in assorted CAT software choose SDL Trados. Currently accessible to job-related remotely.


Translation Spanish EnglishSpanish - Latin AmericaTranslationMicrosoft WordTranscriptionSurveySQLCreativityArtsMap
Jack of all trades here for the oddball gigs. Provide me her best! Additionally, transcription in English and also Spanish and translation indigenous Spanish come English.


Translation Spanish EnglishEnglish GrammarMicrosoft OfficeLaTeXScientific WritingBusinessTranslation English Russian
I am a native-born English speaker from the united States. I committed in advanced English, Spanish and also marketing if in high school. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I concentrated on ecological science yet continued researching Spanish and Marketing. I got a boy in Marketing and spent 4 months researching abroad in Costa Rica to build my understanding of the Spanish language. After perfect my degree, I continued my language studies with 2 months overseas in Spain adhered to by learning Russian in Ukraine for 2 months.I have 3 years of suffer in revising and also proofreading academic papers and also business proposals. I have worked with...

Translation Spanish EnglishTranslationWritingTranslation English SpanishTranslation French SpanishTranslation French EnglishTranslation English FrenchIllustrationSpanish - Castilian (Spain)English Tutoring
Hi! My name is Michelle, and also I have a Bachelor"s degree with a significant in Spanish and a young in French. I likewise have a wide variety of certificates, such together a TEFL 120hr.+ certificate. I deserve to speak, write, read, listen, and also translate French, English, and also Spanish. Language isn"t a barrier- that is a means to connect and learn an ext about our world! i am good at editing and enhancing papers and also resumes, writing blog posts, reading/proofreading, and providing superb client service. The ideal part? I can do every one of these in all 3 languages!

I have actually a bachelor"s in Spanish language, and experience life in Chile, Spain, and Poland. I currently work v Guatemalan immigrant in my city, teaching English, connecting them through social services, and helping them combine into ours city. I have likewise worked as a certified pharmacy technician because 2006 in mail order and also hospital pharmacy.

Translation Spanish EnglishTime ManagementIntercultural CommunicationFrench - EuropeanSpanish - ArgentinaTeaching FrenchTeaching SpanishTranslation English SpanishTranslation English FrenchTranslation French English
Do you need aid translating records into multiple languages? room you worried about picking the ideal translator that is culturally aware and respectful? watch no further! There are many facets to translating the many human being don’t realize. For starters, each word have to be evaluated and compared to social references and customs. Who much better to execute this than someone who has actually lived abroad and has had actually firsthand experience and also knowledge in the culture? during my time overseas I likewise studied sociolinguistics, applied cultural anthropology and also intercultural communications. Therefore not only do I recognize the culture, yet I likewise have studied, professionally,...

I to be a expert worker that can get all kinds of jobs done. Ns do an extremely well translating files to plenty of different varieties of languages.

Translation Spanish EnglishTranslationTeaching SpanishSpanish EnglishSpanish ProofreadingSpanish - PanamaSpanish - Latin AmericaSpanish - Castilian (Spain)Spanish - Mexico
Experienced Spanish interpreter both written and also spoken. I have actually experience teaching Spanish to children in pre-school v 12th grade.

Translation Spanish EnglishTranslationData EntryTransaction Data EntryTranslation English SpanishMicrosoft ExcelSAP ERP
Current greater Education professional, with a hard background in finance, client service, and also data entry. Expert in Spanish. Experience in both the private and public sectors.

Translation Spanish EnglishMicrosoft WordTranslationSpanish - Latin AmericaEnglish TutoringEditingSpanish - ColombiaSpanish - Mexico
I to be a indigenous English speaker the is likewise fluent in Spanish. Ns am able to listen, write, and also speak perfect in both languages and can execute a vast array of different things through this knowledge.

Translation Spanish EnglishTranslationEnglish TutoringEditingFrenchIllustrationGraphic DesignWordPress WebsiteWritingProofreading
I am currently a student of the CAWEB master"s regime for multilingual net developmentoffered by the university of Strasbourg in France. I deserve to create completely functional website with WordPress or Drupal, aid you interpret your contents from French or Spanish into English, write initial content on any type of topic in English (US), and proofread her English language content. In addition, ns can develop graphics, illustrations and logos for her website and also print files such together magazines, brochures, invitations and also posters.

Translation Spanish EnglishMicrosoft WordTranslationSpanish - Latin AmericaFrenchRussianDutchSpanish - MexicoSpanish - ColombiaEditing
Hi, ns am on in wishes to be rental for jobs in translation because I enjoy learning and also communicating in various other languages. I am an at an intermediate level.

Translation Spanish EnglishTranslationSpanish - Latin AmericaEnglish TutoringSpanish - MexicoDutchFilipinoFrenchUkrainianRussian
I love the English language and also would choose to aid share my knowledge. I"ve always been pretty wonderful on this subject, among my favourite in institution coming up.

Translation Spanish EnglishTranslationSpanish - Latin AmericaEditingEnglish - southern AmericanEnglish - AmericanFinanceAccountingMS ExcelMicrosoft indigenous
Ecuadorian Native, Bilingual: Spanish and English. Detail oriented and responsable through due day (always make sure its done prior to needed)

Translation Spanish EnglishSpanish - Latin AmericaEnglish TutoringSpanish - Castilian (Spain)Teaching EnglishTeaching Spanish
I to be a native English speaker supplying translation native Spanish come English or English to Spanish. I have actually a bachelors level in Spanish and also a masters in Bilingual Education. I resided in Spain for two years working as one English teacher.

Hello, my surname is Sydney and also I"m a third year student dual majoring in French and also Spanish at Wright State University. I right now work together a French and Spanish guardian for college students. I can tutor beginner, intermediate and advanced students. I"m the president of the Spanish club for the current scholastic year.

Translation Spanish EnglishMedical TerminologyContract TranslationsDocumentationTranslationProduct DocumentationSpanish - Latin AmericaUser Manuals For clinical DevicesMedicalAdobe Acrobat
Bilingual, extremely qualified, certified translator easily accessible for Medical, Legal, Educational, and other basic projects. Fast, accurate, reliable, and also dependable.

Translation Spanish EnglishSpanish - UruguayEnglish - AmericanSpanish - Latin AmericaEnglishMicrosoft WordEditingInterpretation
I to be a Spanish-English Translator and Interpreter who flourished up in the U.S. In a bilingual household. I additionally lived in Uruguay for four years. I speak and also write Spanish and English with aboriginal fluency.Significant endure to note:- 2018 - Present: in ~ my existing job together an EducationUSA Adviser, I have consistently translated scholastic transcripts, letter of recommendation, and also financial documents for students experience the college application process. - 2015 - 2017: together a interactions Intern for the Columbus Crew soccer Club, I taken for every Spanish-speaking players throughout live media interviews

Translation Spanish EnglishSpanish - Latin AmericaSpanish - MexicoSpanish - ColombiaMicrosoft WordEnglish TutoringTranslation
Being a indigenous Spanish speaker and fluent in the English language it"s valuable when you require to translate to a foreign language.

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I consisted of a Bachelores of art in Latin. This level gave me a deep knowledge of languages by studying the Latin base of the romance languages and partially English and also how the morphed into the numerous languages us hear today. I currently write in my totally free time to improve my skills. Also, usage my time to proofread composing assignments and also make correction in grammar, conjugation, and flow.

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