I am BlessedI am blessed, i am blessed,Every work of mine life ns am blessedWhen ns wake increase in the morning, till i lay my head to restI am blessed, ns am blessed...* see words for the whole song in the comments ar below.

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Leon Estes

I am BLESSED(1980)Key: AbWords & Music through C. Jerry Goff

1.Thru sunshine and rain, also sorrow and also pain,He is still my comfort and also guide,And His blood comforts me and His grace set me free,And part day i shall was standing by His side.

ChorusI am blessed, ns am blessed, Every job that i live i am blessed;When i wake increase in the morning, Till i lay my head come rest,I am blessed, ns am blessed!

2. I have shoes on mine feet I have plenty to eat,And a house up in sky bye and also bye;Brothers and also sisters top top this earth,They space mine with my brand-new birth,We shall re-publishing in the home past the sky.

Alternate chorus: ns am saved, i am conserved , everyday that i live ns am saved; when I wake up in the morning , Til ns lay mine head to rest, ns am saved, i am saved.

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May 30, 2019 at 1:50 pm

Just heard the track last weekend and also it relocated me to say the God is an excellent all the time!

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Amy Cooper says:
Jul 31, 2020 at 6:31 pm

How deserve to I discover this tune in a soundtrack? or piano music?



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