So right now im a non-member however after my exams ns going to purchase membership. Im training towards 60 strike at the moment (56 in ~ this second) for this reason I deserve to wield dragon weapons when I am a member. I want the dragon scimitar but I need to do Monkey madness i beg your pardon is above my league due to the fact that this personality is rather brand-new and I have actually barely done any kind of quests (did every the f2p ones back in favor 2008-2009). I understand that I have to do the lost city quest to be able to wield the longsword and dagger however from analysis guides it appears really easy and is probs the first quest ns will do after i buy membership. What need to I do? any kind of input is appreciated :)


Should i do lost city and get the longsword for the time being? I have 3.6mil therefore money is not a problem

Honestly Monkey madness is simply long, it's not hard. As long as you have some magic levels and prayer is 43 you're much more than fine.

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Monkey madness is actually pretty straightforward as long as you have 43 prayer.

If you desire to be effective then go kill hill giants and also bank their bones until you obtain 60 attack and also membership. And then once you ultimately buy membership just use your bones on an altar and also you're an excellent to go.

I gained to 70 str there is no the scimmy and used SS indigenous there. The wasn't fifty percent bad and I'd perform it again. Yet IMO ns love making use of d scim and dragon defender so it's worth acquiring eventually.

Just walk for that man. Perform one, then the other. Scim is absolutely better, but either of lock are steps up. Don't be fear of monkey madness, it's no too difficult at all.

Yes, together other articles have said MM is long, not very hard. (heh)

I began a not account not too lengthy ago, this guide helped me a ton if you yes, really wanna obtain some simple levels/questing done initially -

If you setup on rushing 70 strike the D scim has much less significance.

That claimed if you play on making use of dragon weapons for a lengthy time, d scim > d long over time.

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