Four digit security codes protect Kenwood automobile stereos indigenous theft. If a thief steals a Kenwood vehicle stereo, he/she will certainly not have the ability to use the stereo till the an enig four digit security code is entered.

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Unfortunately, numerous legitimate owners are likewise locked the end of their Kenwood car stereos because of these protection codes. This commonly happens to human being who buy supplied cars from civilization who forget to share the security code. However, it additionally happens to world who merely forget their security codes after number of years.

Common Kenwood security Codes

Many Kenwood radios are configured v the same protection codes:

KCAR – This appears to be a “backdoor” to part Kenwood models.3051 – This is the protection code the is published in countless Kenwood version manuals.1234 – This is a security code that Kenwood owners typically choose.


Entering the Kenwood protection Code

If the automobile battery fails or is disconnected, the Kenwood will certainly ask for the defense code.

The procedure because that entering the protection code differs on various models of Kenwood vehicle stereos. Right here are 3 of the more common procedures:

Type 1

During the password request mode, while pressing the DISP key, press and hold the Volume increase or DOWN an essential for 3 secs until the “…” screen disappears.Enter the security code v the Kenwood remote.

Type 2

Press the “Auto” button and also “Track up” on the challenge of radio in ~ the very same time till the four dash lines disappear.Enter the protection code with the Kenwood remote.

Type 3: Model# DPX-4020 and also DPX-4030

Press and also hold the 1 climate the 6 preset keys until the display shows the letter C.Enter the protection code v the Kenwood remote.

Entering Letters with a Kenwood Remote

To enter a letter with a Kenwood remote, push a button once for the very first letter, double for the second letter, and also three times because that the 3rd letter. Push the track Up or next Track crucial to send the letter.

To send the letter A, push the 2 key once then press the monitor Up key. Come send the letter B, press the 2 key twice then press the monitor up key.

Finally, when every one of the letters space entered, press and also hold the monitor Up button for 3 seconds.

The vital sequence to get in the protection code KCAR is:

55Track Up222Track Up2Track Up77Track Up

The Kenwood need to then enter tuner mode.

A security Code bug in part Kenwoods

There is a reported pest in the protection code managing of part Kenwood stereos. In models with the bug, the defense code is stored incorrectly. The workaround is to go into the wrong defense code.

In models v this bug, decrement the third character of the protection code through one. For example, if the defense code is 1111, enter it together 1101. If the defense code is 9999, enter 9989.

Finding the Kenwood defense Code

There are backdoor codes because that each Kenwood automobile stereo, based upon the model and serial numbers.

Find out how to reset the code or what the common backdoor password are below (among solutions).

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Sending the RadioBack come Kenwood

If every else fails, send the stereo ago to Kenwood to have the security code reset.