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Switching the windshield wipers on/off


Windshield wiper off

Intermittent wiping, normal

Intermittent wiping, frequent

Continuous wiping, slow

Continuous wiping, fast

Turn the mix switch to the correspondingposition 1 - 5.

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Single wipe/washing: press the button onthe mix switch in the direction ofarrow 1.

Single wipe

Wipes v washer fluid

Changing the windshield wiper blades

WARNING risk of ending up being trapped ifthe windshield wipers room switched onwhile wiper knives are gift replaced
If the windshield wipers start to relocate whileyou are an altering the wiper blades, friend canbe trapped by the wiper arm.Always switch off the windshield wipersand the ignition before an altering thewiper blades.

Moving the wiper eight to the change position

Switch the ignition on and switch off againimmediately.

Within around 15 seconds, press the switch on the combination switch because that approximatelythree seconds.

The wiper arms will move into the changeposition.

Removing the wiper blades

Fold the wiper arms far from the windshield.


Hold the wiper arm through one hand. V theother hand, revolve the wiper blade in the directionof arrow 1 away from the wiper arm asfar as it will certainly go.Slide record 2 in the direction of arrowhead 3until the engages in the removed position.Remove the wiper tongue from the wiper armin the direction of arrow 4.

Installing the wiper blades


Insert the brand-new wiper blade right into the wiperarm in the direction of arrowhead 1.Slide record 2 in the direction of arrow 3until it engages in the locking position.Make sure that the wiper blade sit correctly.Fold the wiper arms earlier onto the windshield.Switch the ignition on.Press the switch on the combinationswitch.

The wiper arms will move into the originalposition.

Maintenance display


Remove protective film 1 native the maintenancedisplay ~ above the reminder of the freshly installedwiper blades.

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If the shade of the maintenance screen changesfrom black to yellow, the wiper blades should bereplaced.