Timex Indiglo the town hall come equipped with a hourly chime function that operates together an alarm that beeps top top the hour, every hour. Periodically this attribute is activated immediately after battery replacement, and also it deserve to be annoying if girlfriend don"t know just how to go about turning it off. The an excellent news is the the process of preventing the hourly chime is a fairly easy one.

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Make sure your Timex Indiglo watch is in the normal time display. If her watch is displaying armed forces time or is in countdown timer mode, friend will need to reset to regular time. If it display screens normal time, skip to action 3.

Press the "Mode" switch on the side of the watch consistently until normal time is displayed on the clock face. For most Timex Indiglo models, the "Mode" switch is situated on the left next of the watch. However, on some models the is located on the bottom of the right side; it will certainly be plainly marked.

Press and also hold the "Start/Stop" switch on the top right edge of the watch. This button is located in the same ar on all Timex Indiglo models. However, on some models it is labeled together the "Alarm On" button.

Hold the switch down till the colon in in between the hour and also minutes ~ above the display screen screen continues to be solid. This way that the hourly chime is turned off. Conversely, if you host the "Start/Stop" button down until the colon flicker intermittently, this means that the chime is turned on.

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