i am a dog lover. Simply lost my two dogs. Steal by my ex, i can not qualify to ever before get them back.

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So for now I acquired a kitten (2-3 months old. Fits in the palm of my hand).

Is it feasible to train mine cat to walk on walks/hikes on mine shoulder? She will be ~ above a leash in instance she decides to take off, but will take trip on mine shoulder. I won"t walk she on a leash like a dog, I"ve seen civilization do that and also it"s simply painful to watch.


Yes friend can. Yet the hard part is no the cat sitting on your shoulder.

First you require your kitten to be perfect comfy sit on her shoulder / backpack. You deserve to do this indoors, wherein it go not issue when / whereby she jumps off.

The problem probably will be the new surroundings you take her cat into. Therefore socialise your kitten and bring her follow me as much as girlfriend can. Start doing that this day if you can. Her cat needs to know, in that bones, the it can trust you and be conserve on her shoulders. Else it will not work.

May I imply wearing something whereby your cat can gain a good grip but will not hurt you? animal leather vest of a think woollen sweater?

But in the end is it something your cat will certainly enjoy? some do, part don"t. Hope you space lucky with this one.

One that my cats likes to sit on my shoulders, well, drape himself, being completely grown and about 6 kg. However he gets really scared walking outside. The ends up being no pleasure for the both of us...

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answered may 22 "18 at 7:20

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