Calling every microbiologists & bacteria enthusiasts: left out two cans the Phillips backfin crab meat last night, i m sorry are claimed to stay refrigerated. It is pasteurized meat, yet when we referred to as the 800 number come their opinion, they said if the cans gain to room temperature for numerous hours, you probably shouldn"t use it. But hey, this is expensive crab meat. I"m reasoning that if that is well-cooked, tonight, I will live to tell the tale. Opinions?
additional info: cans were left in mine bag from around 6:00 pm to 9:00 to be this morning. It"s warmth in Berkeley ideal now, for this reason temperature in the room was on average somewhere about 70 levels for the night.

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Yeah, you"ll most likely live. Or perhaps not. Or probably you"ll just get sick enough to wish you to be dead.It sound to me favor your waiting for someone to provide you permission to probably poison yourself. I"m no going to do that yet I"ll gladly give you the answer friend don"t want: throw it out and also go purchase some more -- heck, it"s only $50 dollars a pound.posted by cedar at 10:19 am on in march 11, 2004
Response by poster: Well, I"m no gimpppa.orging permission so lot as just wanting a 2nd opinion & perhaps some much more information about this sort of thing. Right currently I"m not certain if the 1-800 lady was just doing was standing CYA, or if I"ve yes, really truly transformed that beautiful crab meat into toxic poison. It appears to me one of those damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don"t deals. I"m a moron, it"s true. Mrs. Sirmissalot is no happy. I guess ns feel prefer if it"s pasteurized, then doesn"t that sterilize the stuff? but I"m no scientist, it"s true.posted by _sirmissalot_ at 10:29 am on march 11, 2004
Although that is unlikely you would certainly die from this meat, girlfriend could really will acquire quite sick, especially if you have actually other health and wellness issues. The trouble is that plenty of bacteria produce their symptom via toxins the (unlike the bacteria themselves) are not ruined by cooking. Also, to fully sterilize the crabmeat girlfriend would need to massively overcook it. If you space unsure what come do, look at the various species of food poisoning here and also decide for you yourself if the is worth the risk. And it is not choose you left the meat the end for a couple of minutes longer than suggested; 9 hours have the right to be a long time for bacteria with an exponential growth curve.posted through TedW at 10:35 am on march 11, 2004 <2 favorites>
Wait, if it"s in a can, why go it need to be refridgerated?posted through mkultra at 10:38 to be on in march 11, 2004
Response by poster: Unopened cans.Thanks for the link, TedW. Possibly I to be being as well cavalier around this. At part level I believed it was prefer raw eggs -- some people (usually American) say never ever eat them, others make hollandaise . . .posted by _sirmissalot_ at 10:42 am on march 11, 2004
I see that Phillips will certainly ship girlfriend crab meat by second-day air. I"d it is in interested come know exactly how they load it because that shipping.I mean, if it"s not refrigerated in shipment for 2 days, it must be yes sir on your counter for one, right?posted by mr_crash_davis at 10:46 am on march 11, 2004
If the human being who offer the product don"t think you have to eat it, then that would be all the opinion I would certainly need. Especially because now if you execute eat it--and get sick--who space you gonna sue? ;)Why am ns reminded the that episode of The Simpsons whereby Homer eats the 6" foot sub also after it has turned green? ;)posted by terrapin in ~ 10:55 am on march 11, 2004
I"m likewise curious around why canned food would need to be refrigerated.I wouldn"t eat it if it was an alleged to be maintained cold and also wasn"t - as well as the reality that i don"t eat seabugs shellfish, one bout of significant food poisoning will certainly make you wish you"d never ever even thought about it, and may do you never want come eat crab again. You"re weighing her health and also future enjoyment of miscellaneous you plainly enjoy against a great to eat other that might make you serious ill due to the fact that of just how much money you invested on it. Ns say, toss lock out and also consider it an expensive lesson learned.posted through biscotti at 10:58 am on march 11, 2004
Having recently obtained food poisoning, I"d advise you not to eat it. Body aren"t an alleged to leak like that and also vomiting the end ones nose is no a pleasant experience. Trust me.posted by dobbs at 11:00 to be on march 11, 2004
Look at it this way: The money"s gone, forever. Ideal now, though, you"re no three hours into a sweating, excruciating conference on your knees in prior of her toilet, cramping, heaving, and also shivering native fever. That you space not is a gift. Accept it with thanks, toss the crabmeat, and move on. If we each were to take away from this website one guidepost for living, you might do a many worse 보다 "Never eat questionable seafood." crash -- why room you assuming it"s unrefrigerated in shipment?posted by stupidsexyFlanders at 11:00 am on march 11, 2004 <1 favorite>
Unopened pasteurised cans?My poll -- and I AM not QUALIFIED IN ANY means TO carry out ADVICE -- is to open up them, offer "em a big ol" sniff, and make a decision based on the odour.posted by 5 fresh fish at 11:00 am on march 11, 2004
crash: shipping things choose seafood and, an ext to my experience, cheesecakes, often entails refrigerated van or chunks of dry ice.posted by whatzit in ~ 11:04 am on march 11, 2004
If _sirmissalot_ it s okay sick from eat the box crab meat, i vote five fresh fish changes their moniker ;)posted by terrapin in ~ 11:04 to be on march 11, 2004
I should cite that I"ve had actually salmonella and also barely live to call the tale. It to be the solitary most excruitingly painful endure ever, and I wouldn"t wish it ~ above the most evil human on earth. Ns literally wished to die, and also would have gladly slit my wrists were ns able to gain off the toilet.Throwing far fifty cans of crabmeat every day because that life would certainly be fine worth it, just to avoid a single bout of salmonella. I would likely pick to lose entire limbs than ever suffer that suffer again. No word of a lie, if i knew i would acquire salmonella from doing something, I"d death myself first.It was really the bad.(It didn"t help that I incorrectly ate a ton that yogurt, reasoning the great bacteria would certainly displace the bad. Instead, the milk grounding to mine gut lining, then peeled it turn off in long strips. Destructive pain and blood and also pain.)posted by 5 fresh fish at 11:05 am on march 11, 2004
i"d eat it. But i don"t prefer crab and also am in a nation where speak such things is no something i can be required to court for.maybe you could feed a little bit to the neighbour"s dog first?posted by andrew cooke in ~ 11:08 am on march 11, 2004
DON"T EAT IT.I spent eight work in a hospital through food poisoning once and that was as a otherwise healthy nineteen-year-old.Trust me, purchase two an ext cans that crabmeat is lot cheaper.posted through konolia at 11:08 to be on march 11, 2004
IANAD, however if it"s canned, and also unopened, ns wouldn"t worry around it.When girlfriend bought it, was it refrigerated or to be it simply on the shelf? What walk it say on the side of the can? walk it in reality say "keep refrigerated"?Alternatively, you can open one of them, feed part to a squirrel or something, and also see if that keels over.posted by bshort in ~ 11:10 am on march 11, 2004
I"d to speak don"t eat them, just due to the fact that they called you no to, yet I am not familiar with canned foods items that call for refrigeration, so ns don"t really know the process they used at the factory; which leader me to trust them more.There are bacteria the can prosper in a sealed have the right to though, favor Clostridium botulinum, which reasons botulism, i m sorry is horrible. However that seldom happens with commercial canning anymore. So, perform what friend want, however I wouldn"t eat it. Sorry.on preview: don"t feeding it come a dog, andrew is going to hell.posted by rhyax in ~ 11:12 to be on in march 11, 2004
"crash -- why space you presume it"s unrefrigerated in shipment?"I wasn"t assuming anything, that"s why I said "I"d it is in interested come know exactly how they pack it for shipping."Having neither the desire no one the cash to order seafood to be shipped to me, I"ve never ever seen how it would be packaged.posted through mr_crash_davis in ~ 11:12 to be on in march 11, 2004
...I vote 5 fresh fish alters their moniker...To, say, two Gushing Orifices?sirmissalot, walk look in ~ tubgirl. Really. Take a good, lengthy look at the horror. And also yourself, "Do I want that to it is in me for half a day, and with no"Throw the away and get on through your life.And eat arthropods is just wrong. The only difference in between a crab and a cockroach is gills and size.posted by ROU_Xenophobe at 11:14 to be on march 11, 2004
Let"s challenge it, girlfriend couldn"t really reap that crab after all this, can you? simply the cite of tubthing, and also I lost all appetite. Hmm, brand-new diet plan? Nahhh.posted by theora55 in ~ 11:18 am on in march 11, 2004
Response by poster: People, c"mon, I"m not going to sue anyone. Even if i die.Can girlfriend imagine the lawsuit? "I got poor advice from part anonymous dude ~ above a general discussion website, and so ns ate the stinky crabmeat anyway." the wouldn"t even hold increase in The People"s Court.There is a flash of genius in Andrew Cooke"s advice. However I think I would feel worse if i poisoned an unsuspecting pet than if i did it to myself.posted by _sirmissalot_ at 11:21 am on march 11, 2004
Speaking from gift a cafateria supervisor, as soon as meat is between roughly 140F and also 40F (we speak to it the "danger zone", there is rather a large risk because that bacteria to begin growing. If food is left the end in risk zone for an ext than 4 hours, that most most likely is infected v bacteria. Alas, i don"t recognize the effects of heating it up enough. Climate again you have water as soon as camping...sure, the water might be contaminated once you gain it out of a present or something, but boil it (or use iodine if I have any) and also you"re good to go. Dunno if food functions the very same way, I have to at work.ROU-> thats why I additionally eat cockroaches...cover them in chocolate and it taste like cacao covered raisins. Food preparation the bastards is optional.posted by jmd82 at 11:24 am on in march 11, 2004
Smell it, if the stinks don"t eat it. Or...return it ago to the keep after you have actually refrigerated it. Phillips food site: The result: virtually shell-free, sweet crab meat that has a shelf life the one year under ideal refrigeration.Well if the shelf life is long, think the meat would be ok if it had not to be opened and also was not based on high heats. Would not conserve it ~ above the shelf for much longer.posted by thomcatspike at 11:40 to be on march 11, 2004
If there"s also a chance the stuff isn"t good, don"t eat it. I will sign up with the chorus that those who"ve to be hospitalized with food poisoning and also now i can"t eat any kind of meat that hasn"t been virtually incinerated without getting queasy. Begging a nurse for some food due to the fact that hurling is preferable to countless dry-heaving is no position you ever want to it is in in.Do we require to collection up a paypal account because that _sirmissalot_"s crab instead of fund?posted by vraxoin at 11:42 to be on march 11, 2004
return it back to the store after you have refrigerated itnow that"s cheap. Go he obtain to walk to hell too?posted by andrew cooke at 11:46 am on in march 11, 2004
Go ahead, eat it. You"ll it is in fine. What room you, chicken? bock bock bock! tiny baby afraid of a small bacteria? CHICKEN! C"maaaan! I double DOG challenge YA to eat it!*disclaimer: i am no a nutritional anthropologist or, for the matter, anybody who knows anything at all around anything. Hear to my advice(?) at your own risk.posted by bondcliff in ~ 12:22 pm on march 11, 2004
Yes, yes may I chime in? I acquired food poisoning indigenous crab. I provided to love crab and also lobster and every one of God"s exorbitant sea creatures. Climate I acquired food poisoning (by really expensive crab meat and also a really expensive meal). Now everytime i eat seafood at all (except shrimp) I obtain this heaving allergic reaction. Reportedly allergies can be aquired prefer this according to mine doctor. So currently I have a mini-food poisoning illustration if I have anything close to seafood. The sucks.Oh and also if you obtain food poisoning and think that your friend through special tobacco can come over and aid you not throw up, since you"re reasoning anything is preferable to this. Don"t. You litter up from just inhaling. Climate you avoid throwing increase for about 2 hrs (an amazing size of time) however you feel together if other is boaring through your stomach. And also your imagine her insides as a huge hole. However at least you gain some sleep.posted by geoff. In ~ 12:26 afternoon on march 11, 2004
They have actually canned crab meat at the neighborhood grocers here sitting beside the tuna. And I"d guess it sits at room temp for much more than a year.BUT - Just due to the fact that this stuff comes in a can doesn"t mean it"s handle the same method canned tuna is. Lock may warm it only sufficient to chef it, however not sufficient to kill "bad things". But - Doing that that means would proactively promote botchulism also if girlfriend did refrigerate it. I"m dubious aboutthe have to refridgerate. Ns think they just want think your crab is unique somehow.posted by y6y6y6 at 12:28 afternoon on in march 11, 2004
Eat it.I leaving food sitting the end all the time, drink milk that"s gone past the day on the cap, eat pizza that satellite in a box on the floor all night, devour two-day-old hamburgers native cookouts, etc.Strangely, the just time I"ve contract food poisoning is from a catered reception.I also do a most canning at home, and also my guess: v is if this crab was canned, you"ll be fine - provided the can wasn"t opened.posted by rocketman in ~ 12:35 afternoon on march 11, 2004
If there"s botulism in the can, it would be over there whether you refrigerated the deserve to or not. Botulism"s prefer that, and also it"ll death you if friend ingest it. The question is not your storage procedures, however the factory"s canning procedures.posted by rocketman in ~ 12:38 pm on march 11, 2004
Dude, nothing is worth the risk. No way would i eat that.posted through agregoli in ~ 12:42 afternoon on in march 11, 2004
Sirmissalot: eat the crab, already! This is Captain Shellfish himself of the fishy heaven of Portugal laying ~ above the heat his reputation and your life, i m sorry is dear come me yet not as lot as mine cred, advising you come scoff the 2 tins without a second thought.How deserve to bacteria acquire into a have the right to from without? The possibility is the Philips aren"t following ideal sterilization steps for their canned crab as sterilization (and freezing!) space killers as much as flavour and also texture are concerned.Next time, purchase live crabs - far, far better - and you"ll not only enjoy eating something worth the money and also effort, you"ll likewise have two an excellent pets and also conversation-pieces scuttling around your kitchen floor until you tires of their toing-and-froing and also decide "Right, that"s sufficient scuttling - I"ll be having actually you both forthwith!"posted by MiguelCardoso at 12:55 afternoon on in march 11, 2004 <6 favorites>
If there"s botulism in the can, it would be over there whether girlfriend refrigerated the have the right to or not. Botulism"s choose that, and it"ll death you if girlfriend ingest it.But damn, you"ll be the most beautiful, wrinkle-free attendee at her funeral. The viewing will be a pleasure for all!On the other hand, i will have to add my "don"t eat it" vote. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, but also everyone who might partake the TEH CRAB. We all understand what happened with the salmon mousse, right?posted through Danelope in ~ 1:09 afternoon on march 11, 2004
That said, sufficient bickering end the inevitable. May we have a moment of silence because that sirmissalot"s spoilt crab?.posted by Danelope in ~ 1:11 pm on march 11, 2004
Response through poster: Miguel, I evaluate your position and also cannot assist but consider the advice of anyone ready to speak to himself Captain Shellfish. But the whole reason I acquire the Phillips is because it is very delicious BLUE crab, which I uncover incredibly more delicious--yes, even canned, though of course I choose live--than the easily-obtainable-as-live but grotesquely huge DUNGENESS crab that habitates the Western coastline of the us (i.e. Whereby I find myself). I recognize there are people that prefer Dungeness better, however they simply don"t recognize no better (and didn"t eat your bodyweight in beautiful blue-crab crabcakes & bushels the Old Bay-seasoned steam crabs in Baltimore over number of fondly remembered years).posted by _sirmissalot_ at 1:14 afternoon on march 11, 2004 <1 favorite>
Fivefreshfish, the was also salmonella that provided me that hospital "vacation." If you reap your entrails feeling favor they are being stabbed consistently with very huge knives, eat the crab.If you reap pooping blood (and a the majority of it) from ulcerated intestines, eat the crab.If friend enjoy obtaining an endoscopy excellent while in major pain, eat the crab.If you enjoy not also being allowed to eat ice chips, then told you have to drink a tiny container of castor oil, eat the crab.If you enjoy running fevers end 103 degrees Farendheit, and having the headache native hell due to the fact that of it,and no being allowed any asprin or ibuprofin, eat the crab.Have I ruined your appetite yet?posted through konolia at 1:21 afternoon on in march 11, 2004
konolia, you know that it"s no guaranteed the he"ll be poisoned right?you understand that some human being are hurt in auto crashes - maimed and killed even. Perform you still use a car?posted by andrew cooke at 1:26 afternoon on march 11, 2004
All right, I"ll go through the decimal here, and also say eat it. If the have the right to is a) pasteurized, b) unopened, and c) undamaged (not dented or anything prefer that) it"s fairly safe.Yes, it"s remained in the "danger zone" wherein bacteria could grow rapidly--if there were any means for bacteria to get in there in the an initial place.The only real question here is even if it is it is, in fact, pasteurized--although that doesn"t seem to have been definitively answered, Phillips" claim that the crab has a shelf life of a year under refrigeration suggests to me the it is. (If the weren"t pasteurized, it wouldn"t last more than a mainly or two also if that were very closely refrigerated at every times.)My qualifications? an A in an upper-level microbiology food at a major university. (Admittedly, numerous years ago.) not a microbiologist by trade, though.posted by DevilsAdvocate at 1:33 pm on march 11, 2004
Response through poster: Update: us just got a call back from the Phillips human being (Mrs. Left a message prior to connecting to who live), who began the speak to by saying, "Please don"t eat that."Hmmmmm.Hmmm.All this is make me damn crab-hungry, I"m ashamed come say.posted through _sirmissalot_ at 1:37 afternoon on march 11, 2004
Besides gift evil beyond belief, experimentation on pets will no necessarily work. Pets are able come eat all kinds that wretched rotten stuff. My advice is no to eat it, although i was recognized to eat far dicier fare in mine youth.posted through anathema at 1:40 pm on march 11, 2004
Response through poster: bondcliff, you"re cracked me up.And ns love the "DevilsAdvocate" is speak to walk for it.posted through _sirmissalot_ at 1:40 afternoon on in march 11, 2004
PhillipsBluecrabThey have to send friend a pair free can be ~ for all this publicity.posted through anathema at 1:46 pm on march 11, 2004
What"s the saying?With salmonella, girlfriend feel prefer you"re walking to dice — however don"t... Through botulism girlfriend feel favor you"re going come live — yet don"t.Anyway, I"m going come go through the minority and also say that it"s a pretty for sure bet (but a bet every the same) to consume... Yet by every means, hear to her nose and also the small voice in her head.... Climate tell united state what you decided to do.posted by silusGROK in ~ 1:55 afternoon on in march 11, 2004
The just real question right here is even if it is it is, in fact, pasteurized--although the doesn"t it seems ~ to have actually been definitively answered,Oops, _sirmissalot_ proclaimed right up front the is pasteurized. Mine bad. Every the much more reason come eat it.posted by DevilsAdvocate at 2:06 pm on in march 11, 2004
(maybe you could make posting right here one of the things the executor of your will has to do?)i"m puzzled by the refrigeration part. Room they pulling a clear delight?posted through andrew cooke at 2:07 afternoon on march 11, 2004
Botulism has no odor. Don"t listen to your nose -- hear to the wise MeFites that don"t want you come die!posted by acridrabbit at 2:10 afternoon on march 11, 2004 <1 favorite>
We just got a call ago from the Phillips people (Mrs. Left a message before connecting to who live), who began the contact by saying, "Please don"t eat that."Well, as long as they"re gift polite around it and everything.posted by mr_crash_davis at 2:18 pm on march 11, 2004
It"s true the botulism has no odor, however the only way the have the right to will have it is if Phillips canned the incorrectly. Unless you space doing house canning, it"s meaningless to worry around botulism - if it"s in the can, it"s nothing you have the right to detect, and you"ll ingest it and you"ll it is in dead in about twenty minutes.If you space canning in ~ home, it"s necessary to monitor the USDA canning indict to prevent botulism.posted by rocketman at 2:43 pm on march 11, 2004
Eat it.Or, eat a small bit. Wait half an hour. If girlfriend don"t feel choose you"re going to die, then eat the rest.It"ll be great.posted by bshort at 2:47 pm on march 11, 2004
You know, after every this, ns really want someone come eat it, simply to find out what happens....posted by anastasiav at 2:47 pm on march 11, 2004
Don"t it is in wuss, simply eat the damn crab! I dare you!Seriously, I would eat the if the cans room unopened and also undamaged. Girlfriend would probably be at much more risk buying a dented have the right to from the supermarket. Ns am not any type of kind that expert, therefore you have to make your very own decision in the end.Either way, one of two people let us know just how it walk or get one of her heirs come let united state know. Don"t forget to placed your MeFi login details in her will before you open up the can, though.posted by dg in ~ 3:01 pm on in march 11, 2004
Response through poster: give thanks to you every for your advice, ridicule, dares, and also pleading. ~ weighing all of the pros and also cons, i think it"s gonna come under to the wire: the sniff test.I"ll leaving my computer on and my MeFi account logged in so as to let girlfriend all know when/if the mouse strike.posted by _sirmissalot_ at 3:12 pm on march 11, 2004
Could us clarify something here? through "canned", execute you typical what I contact "tinned" (ie in a sealed metal canister), or do you just mean packed in a glass maintaining jar?If friend haven"t opened up the tin, i agree through the "eat it" crowd. If this was packed in some less than hermetically sealed way, i wouldn"t eat it.posted through i_am_joe"s_spleen at 3:16 pm on in march 11, 2004
ooh, this is exciting. I feel much more anticipation 보다 I did waiting for results from my middle school science experiments.Do you have actually a web-cam?posted by jazzkat11 in ~ 3:24 afternoon on in march 11, 2004
Make certain you leave created instructions on exactly how to post to AxMe next to your computer in instance we offered you negative advice.posted through bshort in ~ 3:28 pm on in march 11, 2004
Does the expression "I said u ns was hardcore" typical anything come you guys?posted by Danelope at 3:56 afternoon on march 11, 2004 <1 favorite>
Set increase a webcam first, so we deserve to watch!(or what Danelope said)posted through biscotti at 4:27 afternoon on in march 11, 2004
_sirmissalot_ is a gangster!!!Thirty minutes and counting... Dude, article something!posted by nicwolff at 4:27 pm on march 11, 2004
I wonder if you can kill few of that bacteria by freeze the cans because that a couple of hours, and then overcooking? and by the way:"return it earlier to the save after you have refrigerated it."Asshole. Mine mom could be the next human being who picks it up.posted by Keyser Soze at 4:34 pm on march 11, 2004
I really desire someone come eat itIs Quonsar back yet?posted through armoured-ant in ~ 4:51 pm on march 11, 2004
I"m tho left wonder why something which has been pasteurized and canned needs to be refrigerated prior to it is opened. Does anyone has any other examples of foodstuffs that fit that category?I"d more than likely eat it, provided it didn"t have actually a "smell" to it, yet then i eat just around anything with no ok effect. I would think the process of cooking it would destroy any kind of germs in it, however then ns would likewise think the the process of canning that should median that over there weren"t any serious germs in the deserve to in the very first place.posted by Orb at 4:54 pm on march 11, 2004
gimpppa.orgMeta, where a question around canned crab meat evolves right into a foodie-snuff-web cam experiment.posted by rdr at 4:57 afternoon on in march 11, 2004 <1 favorite>
Keyzer, food poisoning is not resulted in by the bacteria, yet rather, by its toxicity byproduct (shit). Most of these toxins don"t provide a rip if girlfriend bake, boil, flambe, etc--they"re heading right for colon city. Together someone who had actually a nasty event with frozen chicken and a crockpot bring about an ungodly lot of cradle suffering, I have the right to assure you that thoroughly-cooked spoiled food will certainly still posesthe you increase hardcore.rdr, ns wouldn"t desire it any kind of other wayposted by LimePi in ~ 5:26 pm on in march 11, 2004
a few months ago we had this thread around the chatroom male who wanted advice re "should I kill myself or not". Some users dared that to execute it, and also he eliminated himself.just sayin"posted by matteo in ~ 5:51 afternoon on march 11, 2004
This is no a chatroom. Stop pissing in the pool.Love,stav.posted through stavrosthewonderchicken in ~ 6:09 pm on in march 11, 2004
click nicwolff"s attach above, matteo. Also Danelope"s reference.posted by gleuschk in ~ 6:10 afternoon on march 11, 2004
Don"t eat it.Instead the sniffing it, carry out the math:1) exactly how much is her time worth?2) exactly how much is your high quality of life worth?3) how much would a hospital visit (or stay) cost you?4) how much would shed wages cost you?If the total is a lot an ext than the amount spent on the crab meat, litter it far without a second thought.When gambling (with your health or otherwise) you must never think about the lot you have actually invested (lost) until currently - simply weigh future risks and also rewards. Also if it to be the most heavenly tasting crab in existence, is it worth the risk?P.S. Ns agree through Miguel - live crab is where it"s at. Uncover a location that will ship it to you directly by air in a chilled container. Live crabs taste much much better than canned ever will and can be fairly entertaining as soon as they return to room temperature. :)posted through cup at 6:16 pm on in march 11, 2004
fun depicted scientific info with animated graphic the foul meatin various other words, EAT it ! EAT that EAT that !posted by Peter H at 6:31 afternoon on march 11, 2004
I love everyone who"s noting how devastating food poisoning that is, without gimpppa.orging just how likely that is in this certain case.Q. I"ve heard that seeing The Return the the King can reason food poisoning. Have to I go check out it?A. Food poisoning have the right to kill you, and also even if the doesn"t it"s really very painful!! No matter just how unlikely, that"s no something you want to experience! so you"d far better avoid The Return of the King!!posted through DevilsAdvocate at 6:59 afternoon on march 11, 2004 <1 favorite>
you would most likely be at an ext risk buying a dented deserve to from the supermarket.NEVER purchase dented cans...its an extremely easy for the dent to cause rust ~ above the inside, also if girlfriend don"t think over there is any.posted by jmd82 at 7:09 pm on march 11, 2004
I don"t really understand how canned food requirements to be refrigerated. ~ above the various other hand, re: the sniff test, it doesn"t work. I might have gained food poisoning previously this week indigenous pasta (!) naught on it except olive oil and (very freshly bought) hard cheese. Didn"t odor funny. Simply smelled favor pasta. It (fp) doesn"t kill you, however it"s brutal. Carry out you have actually 24 hrs to give up to being miserable?posted through noether at 7:12 pm on march 11, 2004
I"d execute the odor test, and also eat it simply for the thrill, however cook or nuke it to death.(I additionally don"t obtain how if it"s vacuum-sealed in a can, it"s rotten--unless it"s rotten as soon as sealed in. Most foodstuffs say "refrigerate after ~ opening", no?)posted through amberglow at 7:28 pm on in march 11, 2004
Response by poster: Dear involved Friends,It"s over. Mrs. _sirmissalot_ do crab quiche. I got cold feet. I know, ns know. I am, apparently, not a gangster.So she politely make me a veggie burger, patted me ~ above the head, and also just ate a whole big steaming piece of beautiful crab pie. I feel foolish yet will be monitoring her favor A HAWK. She"s going because that drinks through her law school buddies and also we"re hoping booze will certainly take treatment of any kind of weirdness that might have been left in there. Hey, how"s the for scientific!I"ll write-up an upgrade tomorrow for anyone who is really truly fascinated.Best regards,Chicken-Boyposted by _sirmissalot_ at 7:38 pm on in march 11, 2004 <1 favorite>
Isn"t that the lawyer who"s supposed to be risk averse?posted by anathema in ~ 8:26 afternoon on march 11, 2004
Wow. What a beat line to this thread. It"s choose Hamlet going v the entirety play and saying, you know what, Horatio? i think I"d prefer to watch you death yourself an initial and climate I"ll have a better idea around things.posted through soyjoy at 8:59 pm on march 11, 2004 <2 favorites>
sirmissalot: i will never forgive your not believing me. If girlfriend don"t believe 100% Portagee Captain Shellfish, who"s life and livelihood is devoted to the correct intake of seafood, that will you trust?I demand one the those large Dungeness crabs by return that post. It have to be alive, mind, pincers all set to tear me come shreds. Your mam is my new hero(ine). If you can understand the subtleties the macho SouthernEuropeanSpeak you would probably challenge me come a duel. ;)posted through MiguelCardoso at 9:11 pm on in march 11, 2004 <4 favorites>
Damn. Halfway with this thread, I changed my vote to feeding it to wozzname"s squirrels. 2 birds, one stone sorta thing.I am sort of curious regarding how konolia gained to the hospital. When I had salmonella, over there wasn"t any method to obtain me out of the bathroom. As soon as I wasn"t dice on the toilet, ns was curled increase on the floor dying next to the toilet. That would have actually required large burly paramedics and also a lifetime supply of depends to gain me out of there.In all this aftermath, I can say this with a fair little bit of confidence: if it was in an undamaged can and also said "pasteurized" on it, I"d have actually chowed the down. The cannery isn"t walk to lot be right into killing your customers, for this reason I"m sure it"s been appropriately processed; and also once that sealed, it"s good for eons.Yes, botulism and salmonella and all the jive is nasty. But is the likely? In this case, ns think not.posted by five fresh fish at 9:36 afternoon on march 11, 2004
Pasteurized as soon as it pertains to things prefer crab and also ham is only semi-preserved; it"s processed in a way to kill contagious organisms however not
sterilized, which means bacteria such together e.Coli, Salmonella, and Campylobacter can grow without suitable refrigeration. (USDA Cite; Definition, Cite; bacterial Growth.) Um, that said, I"m cross my fingers for your wife; just since she can get sick, doesn"t insurance it. However next time, dude, refrigerate the crab!posted by headspace in ~ 10:12 pm on in march 11, 2004
But the whole reason I obtain the Phillips is since it is very delicious BLUE crab, i m sorry I uncover incredibly an ext delicious--yes, even canned, despite of course I choose live--than the easily-obtainable-as-live however grotesquely large DUNGENESS crab the habitates the Western coast of the united state (i.e. Wherein I discover myself).Insanity! Dungeness crab is among the finest foods over there is, and also one that the two reasons I have not however been may be to give up seafood. (OK, three, actually. The other two being good northwest wild salmon, and just about any sashimi.) plainly you execute not have the discerning tastes the a aboriginal Westerner. ;)I am kind of curious as to how konolia gained to the hospital. Once I had actually salmonella, there wasn"t any way to obtain me the end of the bathroom. When I wasn"t dice on the toilet, ns was curled increase on the floor dying alongside the toilet. The would have required huge burly paramedics and a life time supply of depends to gain me out of there.I"m not konolia, yet I have had salmonella. Occasionally it"s worse than various other times, ns guess. Ns was feeling severe pain but not prefer you were. I left occupational early, walked into the doctor"s office and was able to walk ago out without visiting the hospital. And was much better after 3 or 4 days, though those days to be not specifically pleasant. By the time the test came ago that stated it was really salmonella, i was currently better. We never did number out the resource for sure, either, though I have actually my ideas.Since then ns have had to spend a night in the hospital through food-poisoning symptoms that mimicked appendicitis, though. Not fun at all and also nothing ns really desire to risk again.posted by litlnemo at 11:04 pm on in march 11, 2004
By the time I was hospitalized there was no food or excrement in my system. Ns didn"t dare eat due to the fact that the pain was excruciating if I even tried.posted by konolia in ~ 4:01 to be on march 12, 2004
(Actually what I had actually was paratyphoid heat which is resulted in by a details salmonella germ. However it was absolutely something i ate.)posted by konolia in ~ 4:07 to be on march 12, 2004
Ha! girlfriend fed it to the wife. That"s priceless.An apartment, daytime. MRS. _SIRMISSALOT_ arrives residence looking beleaguered and tired. She is lugging a tow-along comprise many instance files. MR. _SIRMISSALOT_, having actually anticipated her arrival, is put on a smile and holding a details quiche pie eagerly in his hands. His emphasis nervously shifts from the pie to Mrs. _sirmissalot_ and back. She is too exhausted to notice.Mrs:
(tiredly)Hi dear.Mr:Hi honey. Ns made friend dinner, my little pookie-bottums. Mrs. Looks perplexed as she unloads her occupational files.Mrs:Dinner? Oh, dinner. Oh just how sweet of you. Such a lengthy day, I.. That"s simply perfect. This is the perfect ending to together a lengthy day. I"m starving.Mr. Holds out the fork, virtually dropping it in the process. Mrs. Doesn"t notice. As she drops she coat and wool scarf top top the kitchen table, that shoves the quiche and also fork right into her hands. Mrs:What"s in this? looks delicious.Mr: Oh, just a tiny something i picked up at the store. Seafood. Cra- It"s crab. Mrs: oh crab! i love crab. Dear, girlfriend shouldn"t have. This, this is why ns married you. Mmm, this yes, really is good.

See more: How Is Cousin Eddie Related To Clark Griswold Related To Eddie?

Mr: (now looking very pleased)Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes.Mrs: (now shoveling the quiche)hmm? Aren"t you going to have any.Mr: (moving towards the backroom include the computer)Oh no, I"ve already had a veggie burger. I"m complete - I simply need to upgrade some people.. Mrs: (absently)Mmm, this really is good. And also people said me he wasn"t a winner.posted by jazzkat11 in ~ 8:32 am on march 12, 2004 <2 favorites>
Response by poster: come those that warned of hospitalization and/or imminent death: 0 points. Actually, -10 points because you totally scared me turn off of dinner and I ate a man veggie burger rather of enjoy it my wife"s legendarily well cooking. In short, ns was wussified.To those who motivated me to disregard the Chicken Littles and also eat the damn crab: my many sincere apology. You were right! Captain Shellfish, please forgive me together you did without doubt put your rep ~ above the line which i promptly and also brazenly disregarded. Mrs. _sirmissalot_ is 1) alive, 2) feeling fairly well, and also 3) had leftover crab quiche for breakfast.posted by _sirmissalot_ in ~ 9:50 to be on march 12, 2004
No updates also at this late morning hour.Gosh, i hope castle aren"t at the hospital.Q re: semi-sterilized canning -- wouldn"t bacterial growth an outcome in a bulging can? Outgassing as soon as punctured? Noxious smells?I"m pretty certain that if the canned crab could kill you fully stealthily, the wouldn"t be sold. There"s just no payoff in having your customers absent the bucket, uneven you"re a cgimpppa.orget-maker.posted by five fresh fish in ~ 9:50 to be on march 12, 2004
Jazzkat11: it is in careful. The walls have ears. One word: Quonsar.posted by zaelic in ~ 10:04 am on march 12, 2004
Response through poster: educational addendum: because I started this thread, I have actually actually excellent a many reading about pathogenic bacteria, and also it does seem that the mam was gambling a bit. Ns don"t understand what her odds were, yet she is certainly lucky.Pathogens (as opposed to spoilage bacteria) most regularly do not readjust the taste/smell/appearance the food. Spoilage bacteria, which do make points smell bad and also go slimy yet don"t necessarily do you ill, act as a warning flag that the really bad guys (salmonella, e.coli, etc.) might have relocated in.Headspace to be correct: pasteurization go not mean sterilization. Simply as pasteurized milk will go bad eventually, even if unopened, for this reason does pasteurized crab the is refrigerated--warming it increase simply accelerates the process. Tinned meat the you check out on the shelves, such together tuna and also the cheaper brands of crabmeat, have been sterilized and thus do not have to be refrigerated.In short: once it comes to pasteurized meat products, friend really, truly need to keep cold cans cold.posted by _sirmissalot_ at 10:06 to be on march 12, 2004
Q re: semi-sterilized canning -- wouldn"t bacterial growth an outcome in a bulging can? Outgassing when punctured? Noxious smells?According to the USDA site, it wouldn"t necessarily result in any kind of smell, taste, or change in appearance come the meat, and the bulging/outgassing take away a while to happen. Bacteria have the right to start to flourish in as tiny as 2 hours; bulging doesn"t occur until several of the bacteria start to expire and the meat starts to decompose.Mmmmmmm, crab quiche anyone?posted by headspace in ~ 10:07 am on march 12, 2004
Amen, sirmissalot - happy you revised your smugness. It"s a gamble. I"m glad she didn"t obtain sick though.posted by agregoli in ~ 10:09 am on march 12, 2004
It took me number of days prior to I got sick. She ain"t out of the woods yet. Sorry.posted by konolia at 11:44 am on march 12, 2004
Konolia"s right. Incubation times space as lot as ten days.posted by gleuschk in ~ 12:51 afternoon on march 12, 2004
/me bookmarks this thread v a reminder to examine in 1-10 daysposted by terrapin at 1:36 pm on march 12, 2004
Spoiled milk. Ugh. Is there any kind of food smell more vile?posted by 5 fresh fish at 2:10 afternoon on march 12, 2004
You"ve never ever smelled a rotten potato, ns take it. Naassssty!posted through konolia in ~ 2:59 pm on in march 12, 2004
Er, Matt, can we have a sidebar attach to this thread so we can follow this during the incubation time (as much as ten days! the suspense!)?posted by NekulturnY in ~ 4:45 to be on march 13, 2004
Response by poster: If you"re morbid and you know it, clap her hands!If you"re morbid and you recognize it, clap your hands!If you"re morbid and also you understand it, climate your face will surely show it, If you"re morbid and you know it, clap her hands!she"s fine, people. Posted by _sirmissalot_ at 8:39 to be on march 13, 2004
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