Today observed my hare pulling the end alot of his fur and collecting that in his crate that i put for him to play. Yet its not simply the puling his fur he holds them in his mouth prefer alot of it and no matter what i shot he no spit it out and also tries to pull more hair even when he has actually so lot in his mouth .

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i don't recognize if it's relevant yet Yesterday i tried to organize my hare to trim his nails however it to be a failed effort he didn't let me and also he acquired scared for this reason i stopped trying to hold him in situation i ache or scare him

anyone deserve to tell me why is he doing this ? deserve to someone help?

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False pregnant is commonly a authorize of hare pulling fur out to build a nest. Space you sure your boy isn't a girl and were castle spayed/neutered?

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This sounds favor a false pregnancy and also you bunny is structure a nest... An initial of all you rabbit is a girl not a boy!

Secondly space you sure your bunny can not be pregnant? just how long have you had actually her and also where did you get her?

If she is pulling fur and is no pregnant that is an illustration of false pregnancy... See right here You have to let her end up this illustration of the false pregnancy and hopefully spaying she after will prevent others... One episode will not ache her, just be certain she the eating well still.

Don't throw away the fur the pulls, allow her to develop her nest, do not remove anything she makes as she will certainly look because that it, be emphasize and shot to work again, please again it i m sorry will reason issues. Just let her end up it and also monitor she appetite and also everything else. She will certainly be ok.

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Now you need to take she to a hare SAAVVY vet after to obtain her spayed... Unsayed bunnies have a very high danger of uterine cancer, you have to prevent this by spaying her. I recognize you stated a vet is hard to discover where girlfriend are, so you should work on it - this should be you height priority - uncover a an excellent vet with experience in bunnies!


As far as cutting she nails, ns think we offered some advice yesterday.. You must take the time with bond through her... Did friend look at the web links that I mutual for nail trimming below


It sounds choose you room a very new bunny parent. Please review carefully the overview on treatment I keep right here - that is a the long but quite thorough and may save you a the majority of time looking the web. Ns really do the efforts to incorporate all the information a brand-new bunny parent could want right into this guide...