Ever uncover yourself through weed however no means to exhilaration it? probably you broke your pipe last week and you’re the end of papers. If you’re no mobile or its too late at night, you can not be able to get to any type of place the sells one of two people one. Not to worry, there are still several ways to blaze there is no a pipeline or papers. The following methods can all be done at home without ever having come step external or make a purchase.

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Homemade ways to Blaze without a pipe or Papers

Gravity Bong

If you’re really trying to acquire blazed, a heaviness bong will gain you greater than you would with a pipe or papers. We recommend do one once you’ve obtained a bunch of girlfriend over and want to acquire as high as have the right to be.

How To: Grab any 2-liter party or huge plastic jug. Cut a hole somewhere at the bottom. Carve a feet in the cap and also insert a key made the aluminum foil.

Fill the bowl through weed and also keep the lid aside. Keeping your finger over the hole at the bottom that the bottle, to fill it all with water.

Once the party is full, placed the cap back on. Stop the bong over a sink, bath tub or somewhere external you can let go of the hole and let the water spill.

Light the bowl as soon as girlfriend let go and also the water will gradually be replaced with thick clouds of weed smoke.

You can additionally make a gravity bong by cutting the 2-liter party in half and putting it into a bucket the water. Simply light the bowl as you press down right into the water and also the top fifty percent of the bottle will fill v smoke. Remove the cap and also there will be enough smoke in over there to share through some friends.


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