There space several ways to administer and abuse prescription drugs. Some civilization swallow them, others crush and also snort them, and some inject drugs straight into your veins. IV drug use, both right into the muscle or a vein, it is provided substances directly to the bloodstream. This to produce a near-instant high and a “rush” that countless drug individuals crave.

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Many opioid drugs favor OxyContin (oxycodone) are meant to it is in swallowed and slowly soaked up into the system, permitting the impacts to critical a long period of time. Shoot up Oxycontin, however, reasons a faster and an ext intense high without forcing individuals to wait because that the medicine to absorb right into their bloodstream. However, injecting any type of drug, including those the contain oxycodone, is extremely dangerous and also comes with destructive consequences.

Just a few dangers the injecting OxyContin include:

Bacterial buildup on cardiac valvesDamaged veinsCardiovascular infectionSkin infectionsTrack point out on arms, legs, and also other injection sitesSwelling due to bad blood flowIncreased overdose risk

IV drug use additionally places individuals on a sure-fire course towards drug dependence and also addiction.

What is OxyContin (Oxycodone)?

OxyContin is a brand-name prescription drug containing oxycodone. Oxycodone is one opioid pains reliever that can also be discovered in Roxicodone, Oxydose, and Endocet (oxycodone and also acetaminophen). Medicines that save oxycodone are provided to law moderate to serious pain, however, they have a threat for abuse, dependence, and overdose.

OxyContin, in particular, is one extended-release opioid the is to plan to it is in swallowed.<1> Today, this extended-release formula has adjusted to contain tamper-proof fillers that rotate the drug into a gel-like substance once crushed, discouraging users from snorting or shoot OxyContin. However, part crafty drug individuals have discovered ways come get about these tamper-resistant features, permitting them to inject the drug.<2>

Oxycodone additionally comes in immediate-release tablets. These are most generally injected today due to the extended-release functions of brand-name OxyContin.

Why Do world Inject OxyContin/Oxycodone?

Even despite the extended-release formulation the OxyContin is tamper-proof, some people still inject it and other oxycodone-containing substances. If the majority of medicine users begin using medicine by swallowing, smoking, or snorting them, these methods of management take a couple of minutes to an hour to develop effects. This means drug users need to wait some size of time before they gain high.

Over time, human being who abuse opioid medications develop a tolerance. Tolerance occurs when the human body gets supplied to having actually a problem in the system. End time, oxycodone users will have to increase your dose to feeling the same impacts as before. One method individuals store up v their yongin is by graduating indigenous snorting or smoking drugs to shooting them. This is because IV medicine use often tends to produce a faster, an ext intense high.


Dangers of shoot OxyContin (Oxycodone)

People that inject oxycodone put themselves at extr risks that are otherwise not existing when acquisition a medicine by various other methods. Right here are the top dangers of injecting oxycodone.

Abscesses and Other Skin Infections

IV drug usage substantially rises the danger for abscesses top top the skin and other bacterial skin infections. This deserve to be the result of using a dirty needle, share needles v someone else, or wrong injection techniques.<3> While clean needles every time or constantly using a brand-new needle can reduce the hazard of skin infections, medications like OxyContin are reduced with filler that have the right to be toxicity to her bloodstream and cause adverse next effects. As a result, it is impossible to inject medicine safely without any type of risk of skin infection.

Collapsed Veins, Inflammation, and Reduced Blood Flow

Repeatedly injecting Oxycodone right into the same vein or similar area can lead to broke down veins, vein inflammation, and also even diminished blood flow.<4> This deserve to make it difficult to uncover a vein in medical settings, rise the danger for infection, and also even cause severe ede in the feet, legs, and arms early out to bad blood flow.

Increased Overdose Risk

OxyContin (oxycodone) is supposed to be swallowed in pill form. This enables the body to gradually absorb the drug over time. Once injected, however, the pill is dissolved and placed straight into the bloodstream, hopping end the blood-brain barrier. People feel the results of the drug within 15-30 secs after injecting it contrasted to 30-60 minutes as soon as swallowed.

Shooting oxycodone to produce a powerful and prompt high that people with small or no tolerance space not all set for. This have the right to easily an outcome in one opioid overdose which, left untreated, have the right to be fatal. Overdose is more likely among people who use IV opioids than those that snort or gulp down them.

Cardiovascular Problems

Opioid drugs favor oxycodone slow down the heart rate and also other bodily functions. This can reason long-term damage. Continual use the IV oxycodone deserve to lead to range of cardiovascular problems, including:<4>

Endocarditis – inflammation of the heart’s inner liningChronic venous insufficiency (CVI) – foot veins nothing sufficiently pump blood increase from the foot to the heartThrombosis – blood gerean in a vein the can cause damage or blockageSeptic pulmonary emboli – a rare form of pulmonary embolism the is common in IV drug users

Transmission that Bloodborne Illness

Many IV drug individuals share needles with various other drug users. This considerably increases the threat of bloodborne disease transmissions, such as hepatitis C and HIV. Research studies estimate that almost 50% that IV medicine users have hepatitis C and also 90% of hepatitis C infections occur in human being who inject drugs.

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Get help and avoid Shooting OxyContin (Oxycodone) Today

If girlfriend or someone you know has actually been injecting OxyContin or any type of other oxycodone medication, the time to placed down the needle and ask because that help. While acquiring sober no easy, ours team in ~ Carolina center for recovery dedicates their stays to help others stay safe, comfortable, and successful in their road to recovery. Nothing wait any type of longer. Speak to now to see exactly how we can assist you or a love one conquer opioid addiction.